1) You need money to get money

Im not talking about MLM or investment. I’m referring to the money needed during your job hunting process. You will need some money to attend interviews sometimes as far as in other states. Printing your resume, phone bills, stamps and not to forget those photograph will definitely burn a hole in your pocket.

What to do

  • Do part time job, preferrably with shift so that you can schedule your work and go to interviews
  • Start saving money from your part time job. Don’t start your shopping spree just yet. I know all those years eating only maggi mee are haunting you. yes, you deserve to be pampered after all that. But just not yet.
  • Only after you secured a well paid job and stabilised, you can start on those dream to-do and to-have list.

2) You need to speak English to get a job

Regardless of what people say, as a graduate you are expected to have at least good spoken english. You don’t need to know exactly the difference of past present tense etc. You just need to be able to listen, understand and respond comfortably. You don’t even need to sound convincing to secure a job. 🙂

What to do

  • Believe it or not, i learnt most of my english from tv shows. I love to watch sitcoms especially those without the subtitles. I guess subconciously the funny scene wil be replayed in my mind over and over again and the phrase become very familiar to be used.
  • Read books
  • Speak to your friends. Try to use proper sentence. There’s no shame in doing so.

3) You don’t need a credit card to show you are working

Simply put, credit card has no use except to be used for emergency. By emergency, I mean “you don’t have the money, you die.”

Credit card is being boast as the sign of stability and class. May be this is true at some level. But in my opinion, you are just borrowing money from your future self 
and in doing so, you pay the bank for letting you do this. 

Avoid credit card application at all cost. If you really need to have one, be sure you are ready to take the responsibility.

p.s. What other things do you guys think graduates should be told before they finish their study? At least they will not repeat the same mistake we did.

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  1. pocket
    09 May 07 3:07 pm

    For me … it would be …
    1)get a job… any job… it may
    give u the money u needed to find
    another betterjob!!:)
    2)English is the answer..
    but what about
    japanese heheh…:D
    Hindi 🙂
    Mandarin 🙂 heh heh..
    3)Hutang is a ghost… it will suck
    your blood when u are in need.
    It will bite u when u are down.
    It will bind u to the floor …
    never let u go up..

  2. .
    09 May 07 4:23 pm

    I guess mandarin is fast becoming the more demanded language in job requirement. An added advantage you may say.

    Hindi? this we can learn every week on saturday class. maybe shed a few tears in the process. 🙂

    yerp… i cant describe “hutang” in a better way. It may sound like an easy job paying the debt in the first place, but that’s all just desire (nafsu) taking over.

  3. helena
    29 Feb 08 6:53 pm

    hai there…. banji i like dis articles may b bcos im student now. but base on my previous experience… u oso know i xperienced working b4 furthering my study rite??

    ya… u r rite. need money to get money. of course we earn money wen we hav d job but not in d immediately pay. we hav to gone through lot of task, ppl, complaints n many more b4 we dpat our hasil. (dono how to explain). however, drg dat moment it will b most happies ever. i dono why.. it feel like more appreciate towards tat earning.

    oh… bck to need money to get money. yup u have to prepare urself b4 d interiview, ur attire mayb u wanna buy new cloth 4 ur interview, yup resume as well, how bout transportation?? all dis things also need to be considered. rite??
    yes.. of course d best solution is ur parents.. u can ask for help from dem, but untill when we have to depend on them??
    ms independence.. try to stand on own feet!! i mention it to myself, actually.. haha..

    n wanna 8 comment bout d language, as for me it s not necessarily to know how to speak in other language but to able to converse in it is an added advantages… dont have to feel die even we jst know to speak in several of languages but not mandarin.. dats my opinion la… c now.. previous oso we still have lots of successful leaders who never know how to speak in mandarin. like Tun Dr. Mahthir? i think he doesnt know… i nvr heard…

    okay chau…

  4. banji
    01 Mar 08 10:06 pm

    helena – yes, we will need decent attire for the interview, also some of the interview may require us to travel. That travelling will also require some money.

    To ask help from parents is not wrong. But isn’t it time to work on our feet now 🙂

    Thanx for the experience shared

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