Do you know the feeling you had after you return from a 5-days vacation and when you want to start work, you feel exhausted as if the vacation doesn’t do anything for you. The vacation is superb and you do spend all your time relaxing. But still there’s exhaustion the morning you are going to start work. Why?

I have this theory that it is because of our “niat” (intention) in the first place. If we take the day off just to get away from the burden of working, obviously we will be so enjoying the vacation that when we know we have to work, we just hate it. I guess, subconciously we know we were back at square one (working).

Reality is we have to work, so not working is not an option.

My point is to change the “niat” when we took the day off, or even during our weekend. Not to get away from working.. but to energize back the worn off body and mind. For it to become subconciously implanted in our mind, we need to say it out loud

“Tomorrow I’m going to rest so that my mind will be clearer and more focus to do my job the day after. Hopefully then I can do a much much better job and satisfy with it”

Niat is a very powerful tool for us to utilise our subconcious mind. I’ll elaborate on that later.

p.s. : Of course first you need to love doing your job. 🙂

————— Personal Note ————————–
I actually try this theory when the mrs and I went to Langkawi last March. My first time there even though I’m from Kedah. Everything is heavenly. One of my most memorable moment would be when we do snorkelling at Pulau Payar. I saw Nemo hehe. Worth every cents :). Of course we don’t want the vacation to end. Now being a bit more adventurous, we are planning to travel the 14 states of Malaysia every now and then. Can’t wait.

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  1. Cik Kema
    25 May 07 12:33 am

    salam banji.

    this is kunjungan balas from cik kema.

    herm… baru balik dr vacation yer… enjoy the work load kat ofis ek! hehe.

  2. banji
    25 May 07 3:23 am

    thank you sudi singgah… work load takde org yg suka. termasuk yours truly. hehe tapi apa nak buat, kena paksa suka le kekadang tu 🙂

  3. iEn
    25 May 07 4:59 am

    aku dah lama tak gi bercuti.. windunyee kat laut.. main toing2 percikan air.. peeh..

  4. Banji
    26 May 07 5:19 am

    hehe… tetiba rasa nak pegi laut 🙂

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