Last wednesday was my wife’s birthday and I have to admit I am clueless about choosing a gift for woman. I just can’t make up head or tails on what they (in this specific case, my wife) like or dislike. So here what I did, last week, one week earlier from her birthday, I told her I cannot make it to her birthday, and brought her shopping. Knowing her, she just window shopping with me not buying anything. But the main purpose for me to bring her is just to know what she likes and dislikes. So the other day when I was planning for her surprise party, I went back to the shopping mall, and bought the handbag which I noticed she like so much, but don’t want to tell me. I am telling you, if I buy the handbag by my own preference, the handbag will so ugly she may cry on the spot.

Anybody else agree on this, that man will not be able to comprehend what woman would prefer and not prefer in term of shoes and handbag? Or do you guys know any man who did understand exactly how to buy those sacred items. 🙂 Is man’s mind and woman’s were really just that different?

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  1. tic
    09 Jun 07 4:49 am

    banji..u know somethng ade org kate…b4 kawen…mmg org pompuan yang beli hndbag./..but after…org laki yang beli..mean husband die lah…coz yang akan bawa handbag tuh husband die pas kawen kos si istri dah kene dokong baby…so lelaki akan beli handab untuk istria tas dasar keselesaan die lah..cos die yang akan pakai handbag tuh…

    ehh ape aku ckp nih..banji hang pahamm ke..hehe…ayat mmg x tersusun nih.. :))

  2. Rockafella Gurl
    09 Jun 07 5:18 am

    to tic –> u ckp tu pusing2 laa.. hihi tak paham i, but mebi banji paham kot??

  3. banji
    09 Jun 07 5:38 am

    eheh dia masa mula2 tu mcm nak faham,ujung2 lost,tp basically lelaki beli handbag ni utk appreciate woman, tp kan, kalau lelaki tu yg dukung baby tu? erk fenin, 🙂 kita tunggu tic datang menjelaskan segalanya

  4. gina marna
    10 Jun 07 4:09 am

    my hubby pun fail about my taste…dok kirelah handbag ker kasut ker tudung ker…huhu

  5. banji
    10 Jun 07 5:04 am

    my wife siap bgtau lagi, ciri2 yg die suke, nampak pejal, kaler gelap2, bleh sangkut kat bahu, tp tak panjang sgt. but still i dont dare to buy her 🙂 hm takleh nak bayangkan

    kalau barang yg ciri2 dia fixed takpe. tapi ni ade nilai2 seni lak, tu yg susah huhu

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