Craziness Around Us

Summary – Defining craziness
Thinking back, luckily the incident in the previous post involved drunk. It would be a different case altogether if it involved crazy people.

Today’s post is dedicated to define the word “crazy”. I’m not referring to the people who talks to himself, or those in the Hospital Bahagia. I am actually more interested in the crazy things we, normal people, do everyday.

The best definition of “crazy” in my opinion is “To do the same thing but expecting different results from it“.

One good example to illustrate is hoping to wake up at 6 am when we sleep very late in the morning, obviously we will be late to work, waking up at 7am. Tomorrow.. we do it again, going to bed very late, and we expect to wake up at 6am? That is just crazy.

I guess, we always hope that luck will be on our side once in a while. Doing the same thing, and maybe with luck.. we get up at 6am.

The thing is, depending on luck is a very inefficient way of doing things. When you want to wake up at 6am, you must try sleeping a bit earlier. If that still doesn’t work, maybe you can get a louder alarm clock. or ask someone who do wake up at 6am and wake you up.

The same goes to other things in life

  • Relationship – you irritate your girlfriend when you smoke, and you don’t want to. just quit smoking.. don’t expect your girlfriend by luck will change and accept it
  • Health – you gain weight and you want to lose some. you must then control your diet and exercise. There is no way you can lose weight if you doesn’t change anything in your lifestyle.
  • Material – your computer always hang when you swith it on and you wish this wouldn’t happen. Send the computer for repair. The problem will always be there if you didn’t do anything.

Imagine those who gamble at Genting with no particular strategy to win, spending hundreds on their luck. Repeating the same methods of throwing dice, expecting to win. Don’t you think that’s crazy? Or maybe you can share other craziness happening everyday in front of you?

————— Personal Note ————————–
I have had the opportunity to go inside the Genting Casino one time I went there for a seminar. No I dont gamble. I will never bank in my hard-earned money there. I just went there to see what’s it like. And from the way I see it, psychologist will make a fortune there 🙂

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  1. Noushy Syah
    21 Jun 07 10:07 pm

    I believe imagination cannot instantly change things in the physical world around us, yet it can do something even more powerful.

    It can change our attitude, energy level, focus and the way we feel.Same like when we imagine that we are feeling tired, weary, heavy and drained, we will soon start to feel exactly that way…rite?..and vice versa–>feeling enthusiastic, energetic, joyful and confident, we will quickly start to truly feel all those positive things…so does with this crazy thingy!!..the satisfaction that counts…cam naik roller coaster tuh,wahh the jeritan tu yg buat rasa puas..

  2. filantera
    22 Jun 07 1:27 am

    crazy: if by ur definition, what will it be if we see from this angle :i am crazy about u…. hehehhe than i am doing something at the same way yet hoping different result about u…..mmmmm it does make sense.

    for me, no one is crazy… haha shoot me… those who are crazy is those are not doing normal people do….who is normal by the way?

    again: i think hang tuah will say we are all crazy, typing in front of this shiny box, smiling sometime, cry because of this shiny box(monitor connected to pc) laugh alone,

    maybe, just maybe, those who are crazy is just somebody who have found the fourth dimension?

    anybody would like to interview the infamous prof miskin from sp?(he is said to be the father of jehan miskin, meet him several times in the mosque)

  3. Banji
    22 Jun 07 3:26 am

    noushy – I understand your point there. If the people who gamble actually aimed to have fun, and they did have fun, then they did not count as crazy by the definition. Simply because they got what they want which is the fun.

    If however, the people who gamble just aim to make profit, Then they really need to change their strategy since gambling is all about luck only.

    About imagination, yes.. very agree with you. it all starts in the mind, that is why, I think, when we are supposed to do something exciting tomorrow, maybe a date.. We usually had already imagine the whole event already. And that’s why, tomorrow we will wake up very early, and full of energy. Unless of course we are imagining dreadful things :p

  4. Banji
    22 Jun 07 3:43 am

    filantera – Thanx for the comment. I believe what you’re referring to is other types of craziness.

    Crazy about you – is just another words for love, which is in my opinion, doesn’t fall into the definition stated. But, if you like someone, and you flirt with her, maybe whistling to her. Obviously she doesn’t like the way you flirt, and you notice that. But keep doing the same thing, hoping by luck she will return the love. Then only it falls within the definition.

    However, I do agree that craziness will vary with person.I may find polan is crazy, but you may find him normal. And most of the time, we just call it crazy simply because we don’t understand it, and doesn’t care to understand it, just like your Hang Tuah example.

    You lost me here with Prof Miskin. Do elaborate please, what’s with him?

  5. filantera
    22 Jun 07 10:06 am

    the infamous prof miskin

    he is a wonderer in this SP town where i work i n. the title prof is actually given to him, yet i dont from what univ.

    he used to be a lecturer, in chemist i think, but somehow go far beyond the knowledge. or simply, isim…

    used to hear that if we ask him math question also he can explain, yet to some level we didnt understand anymore. maybe not yet.

    now he is a wonderer, heard also that he used to be charge of killing, because the victim used to ‘pow’ his pension money.

    he is said to be the father of jehan miskin and some famous swimmer, nurul apa ntah miskin back then.

    i know the daughter of the victim, which i used to date heheheh
    interesting huh!

  6. Banji
    22 Jun 07 6:43 pm

    hm so many rumors. i wonder whether it’s true or not, you know how news tends to change from mouth to mouth. anyway you said you know the victim’s daughter?

    the daughter of the person this prof killed is it? in our next session ym, do tell me all about it ya 🙂

  7. intankamaruddin
    23 Jun 07 7:43 am


    That’s why we call them ‘human’kan.
    Human do crazy things. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken kan.
    Tapi berpada-pada la. Cuba bayangkan this world without the craziness. It wud be dull. :-D~

  8. Banji
    23 Jun 07 1:29 pm

    yes.. definitely will be dull. kebanyakkan movie and tv series pun starts with crazy ideas kan? 🙂

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