First of all, let me welcome you to my blog. Credit given to the original designer enirtep. Believe it or not, it took me 7 straight hours to change the skin. I know that for you guys, it may only take minutes to do it, but for a complete beginner to the whole web programming and photoshop. believe me 7 hours went by so fast. So today, again I apologize since I’m now too tired to write a new entry. Let me just introduce you to my new house instead πŸ™‚

The main objective is basically to widen my chat box since that is the major problem with the previous skin. So hopefully all my friends visitting me can say hi without the need to find their spectacle in the process πŸ™‚

I also moved my menu to the right handside to make the loading of the content way much faster. Well for me, It IS relatively faster since I’m just a 5KB/s user. This is because I noticed that previous skin had force the browser to load all the script before the content.

Learning from previous mistakes, I also took the liberty of downloading Firefox to check the compatibility. So far, I think it’s acceptable. Firefox sure is fast ya?

All being said, I really appreciate if fellow friends can give me feedback on the new design, any bug or compatibility issues.

It’s true what people said – The more you learned, the more you don’t know. (i.e. There are so much things we found out that we don’t know)

Hey.. there’s a lesson in this post after alll. πŸ™‚ So it’s now an official entry to my blog thenΒ hehe.

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  1. Rockafella Gurl
    26 Jun 07 12:46 am

    7 hours? haha.. it same happen to me last time when i tried to learn it by myself, coz last time my fren yg give a hand to help.. skrg, blog bella & mama irdina pon dah dh dpt tolong buat kn last time..

    the best part, both of them now can do it by them self… wahhhh sound great huh?

  2. banji
    26 Jun 07 2:59 am

    the part which took the longest time is actually the color customization and bug tracing. you know la how art and colors usually the strangest things to us man. Not all, just a few of us la.

    Give me mathematical equation anytime of the day πŸ™‚

    Bug tracing, I enjoyed. It’s so satisfying making sense of things

  3. filantera
    26 Jun 07 3:06 am

    wah ingatkan salah masuk umah tadi
    lebih muda laaa u mah ni

    ingat tadi nak post english tapi terpost malay lak….heheh ukm ukm

    nice ly done…
    anyway punca kuasa bagi 84611756161
    is apa ek?tak aci pakai calculator…atau pc….atau handphone hahahahha

  4. Banji
    26 Jun 07 3:50 am

    huhu filantera.. blog warming bukannye bawak hadiah, bawak soklan matematik, ooo sbb suruh bg mathematical equation tu ye.. hm ill try to solve it anyway

    – 846,1175,6161 – antara 100000^2 & 1000000^2

    kalau 500000^2 = 250,0000,0000 besar sgt so 100000 < x < 500000 kalau 250000^2 = 625,0000,0000 kecik sgt so 250000 < x < 500000 kalau 300000^2 = 900,0000,0000 besar sgt so 250000 < x < 300000 kalau 290000^2 = 841,0000,0000 kecik sgt so 290000 < x < 300000 (dah dlm 10 000 lagi kena adjust, tp sebab cabaran.. kena terima gak heheh) (841 dan 846 dah dekat.. so kita start ngan nombor rendah) kalau 291000^2 = 84681000000.. dekat dah, tp besar sgt so 290000 < x < 291000 (tinggal lagi seribu) kalau 290500^2 (erk dah 4 lapis dah kali2.. sabar2) = 84390250000.. kecik sgt, so 290500 < x < 291000 (lagi 500) (kuatkanlah semangat ku!!!) kalau 290750^2 = 84535562500.. kecik sgt, so 290750 < x < 291000 (lagi 250) kalau 290900^2 = 84622810000 besar sgt, so 290750 < x < 290900 (lagi 150) kalau 290800^2 = 84564640000 kecik sgt, so 290800 < x < 290900 (yey lagi 100) 8456 ngan 8462.. mana lagi dekat ngan 8461, of course 8462, so kite start dari atas ke bawah 290890^2 = 84616992100 (yey dah jupe 8461, maknanya dekat dah) besar sgt, so 290800 < x < 290890 290880^2 = 84611174400 (haha lagi sepuluh) 290880 < x < 290890 obviously last digit tu nombor 1 sebab 84611756161 tu ending dia 1, tapi dah alang2 kire, kite kire one last time 290881^2 = 84611756161 πŸ™‚ job satisfaction betol, dekat setengah jam buat benda ni. :p

  5. filantera
    26 Jun 07 4:41 am

    HAHAHAHHA I dont believe u really did that!!!

    guess how calculatore come in handy kan…..

    sooooooooo nak soklan lagi tak?:P

    congrats congrats…..heheheheh

  6. Banji
    26 Jun 07 9:59 am

    hehe.. dicabar benda yg tahu jawab ok la, kalau benda xtau, kena buat2 tak tau le πŸ™‚

  7. k o r o m y s t
    26 Jun 07 12:17 pm

    Hey, nice added touch to the look and feel (^-^) Ingat tadi dah malam. terpaksa bukak tingkap tengok kat luar. Laa… cerah lagi rupanya πŸ˜›

    Haha… gurau jer. Anyway, the current layout is way cool. Cute little moon thingy. Kira that dude is super arr. Dapat duduk main buai-buai kat bulan.

    Hahaha xD

  8. Banji
    26 Jun 07 1:15 pm

    hehe… budak tu konon2nya membaca blog ni le jugak, anyway i really did like the moon thingy jugak. utk org yg bukan artistic… i feel connected to the drawing instantly

  9. pocket
    26 Jun 07 3:12 pm

    ok … u just freaked me out bro…
    u really did dat equation? huhuu…
    i would left it lay open till the
    next full moon kut hahhah…

    nice new skin anyway…
    luv the black background and
    bright font… just something nice
    to see yeh…

  10. Banji
    26 Jun 07 3:34 pm

    hehe why not, cuma masalah rajin tak rajin je. tapi cukup setakat tu la. buat kali2 sampai 5 baris mmg penat :p

    glad u like the new skin, buah cempedak diluar pagar lagi πŸ™‚

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