HEROES - Why No Power Is Better

Just now I watched “Heroes” the tv series in Star World. For the benefit of those not watching, “Heroes” is a new series very much like X-man where human were said to evolve to the point that they have super power.

Don’t worry, even though I’m a big fan, I’m not going to detail the story for you. In fact, I’m going to attempt giving reasons as to why it is always better not to have super power.

1) Immortality

  • The character Claire just simply cannot die as long her brain is attached. She will just heal whenever sustain injury, minor or fatal.
  • My reason – Do you think if we are immortal we will value our life. Sooner or later, we will see other human’s life is just as meaningless. “People die.. so what? I cannot die”

2) Ability to walk through wall

  • The character DL, is able to make any part of his body pass through objects. He can even take someone else with him
  • My reason – If he can go through object. I think during his first attempt, he will sunk straight to the earth core. There’s no ladder to climb up. Died at first attempt hehe

3) Invisibility

  • There is this British guy, I forget his name. who is invisible.
  • My reason – Master Peeping Tom. No argument there

4) Hearing other people’s thought

  • The ex-policeman can actually hear people’s thought.
  • My reason – People usually not so nice inside. He or she may be smiling, but inside they cursed and wildly annoying if heard. The ex-policeman will only end up not having any friends and hate mankind as a whole if craziness didn’t get to him first

5) Ability to manipulate nuclear energy

  • The character Ted, produce nuclear energy
  • My reason – Self explanatory…

6) Super Strength

  • The character Jessica, is super strong. She was seen tearing people apart like they were paper.
  • My reason – Will be permanently work as low level worker. There’s not much work in the management level that require super strength

7) Ability to talk to machine

  • The character Micah, sons of DL and Jessica has the ability to control and manipulate machine. He once rigged the poll and also taking out money from ATM just by touching.
  • My reason – In the end, He will find it super boring to have conversation with them machine and end up still using IRC to chat with people hehe

8) Ability to absorb other’s super power

  • Both the character Peter and Sylar is able to absorb. One naturally, another by killing others and studied them.
  • My reason – All the above ehehe

There’s a reason for everything. Reason as to why we have limits. By having limits, we actually know what to aim for, and the happiness that come with the satisfaction once the aim achieved will keep us going. Imagine.. those who cannot die, What will be the purpose of his life? work? no need as he doesn’t need food. family? he will only see them dying one by one. In time.. he will give it up entirely. knowledge? praying? nah!

However.. no harm wishing for the super power. But I think what we have right now is so much better and satisfying

  • Self healing – consume more Vitamin K
  • Walk through wall – use door
  • Invisibility – People are so self absorbed they hardly notice other people anyway
  • Hearing people thought – wait until he “ngigau” hehe
  • Manipulate nuclear energy – use tnb and pay up end of the month. we are not using that much also
  • Super strength – use machine
  • Ability to talk to machine – take up programming course
  • Absorb other super power – study hard.. be the top management .. boss people around (it’s technically like you own their skill also right)

————— Personal Note ————————–
Dear friends, today the mrs and I will be going back to Kedah. I’ll be back only Tuesday next week. I however will continue posting daily if the my DIGI line is available there. Hehe I have to admit, I’m already a bit addicted to posting an entry a day. So if you guys have extra time, do visit me here and drop some “hi” in my chat box. It’s always the high of my day replying to comments and chat so I’d really appreciate that. Till then.. pray for my safe journey ya

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  1. Noushy Syah
    28 Jun 07 12:17 pm

    wowoow balik kampung? Have a safe and pleasant journey then, regards to your Mrs too..back in one piece ok? ngehhh…

    p/s I love my HERO!! But this one is really not my cup of tea….:p

  2. pocket
    28 Jun 07 2:39 pm

    am waitin for u ere bro…
    nice piece of writin there wit
    heroes 😀
    Luv Hiro Nakamura

  3. banji
    28 Jun 07 5:21 pm

    noushy – my bus stop at rawang, hopefully safe journey, ur hero? are u referring to the series or ur real life hero? eheh

    pocket – cant wait to reach there too, as for me – i love the immortal, i guess that would explain immortalw rite eheh

  4. Noushy Syah
    28 Jun 07 6:42 pm

    AIyooo…of coz my real ‘life’ hero! hehhehe…told ya, that series –>not my cup of tea!

    p/s ETA 5am? wahhh lamanya! ALmost half of the journey to UK:)

  5. banji
    28 Jun 07 8:01 pm

    just to be sure 🙂 by the way u should know that kedah is part of UK….. no la, the bus is just that slow

  6. k o r o m y s t
    04 Jul 07 1:14 am

    Yea… where’s Hiro’s piece? O_o I mean, you totally left him out! xD

    Anyway, menarik gak kupasan lain daripada yang lain tentang cerita tuh ^_^

  7. banji
    04 Jul 07 4:37 am

    for the record, sy ni peminat siri heroes tu, cuma memujuk hati apsal le xde power eheh

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