Assalamualaikum guys.. As you may be aware, I just returned from my “Balik Kampung” trip to Kedah. My bus was scheduled to arrive at 12.00 am. So, as always the mrs and I came a bit earlier at around 11.45pm. When I approached the counter, the attendant told me that there may be a bit delay to the bus arrival as the bus just arrived in Alor Setar. I fully understand that. It’s very hard to organize such dynamic arrangements. So I asked her when would the bus arrived here. She told me very convincingly that by 12.45am, the bus will arrive. “That’s fair” I thought to myself, so both of us help ourself with late supper and chat to kill the time.

By 1am, the bus was still no where to be seen. I again approached the counter and asked the whereabout. To my surprise, the girl just smile and said “Biasalah, janji melayu.. katanya tak jalan lagi dari alor setar” I was really shocked. My wife was so furious she claim want to kick the poor flower vase at the place. (which I doubt will break and will only hurt her leg heheh)

So what is this “Janji Melayu”? Yes, I’m familiar with the term. It is when we promise to do something at a specific time but almost very sure will not follow the time.

Why do “Melayu” associated with this type of attitude? Are we proud having this attitude? Where nobody will take our words seriously..Where our words actually is worthless.

For those who read this, Malay or Non-Malay, can I assume that you are at least have some interest in improving yourself? We need to change this term “Janji Melayu”. Forget about everyone else. We are the one who must first change. When we promise something… Let us make sure that the promise is well kept.

If we say, tomorrow at 7am, we will wait at someplace, let the other person know that, that WILL SURELY HAPPEN. To change a culture is not an easy thing to do. But we can surely change our attitude. Once that changed, show other people the importance of that change. Don’t aim to change the attitude of the whole company or university just yet. Aim small. Maybe with your friends.

It is my believe that we are given “akal” to guide the rest of our organs (~hands, leg, eye, and especially mouth) to do good. If our mouth utter words that is worthless. What’s the difference between us and those without “akal”

————— Personal Note ————————–
Do excuse today’s entry which is a bit personal and emotional. Can you blame me? I fully understand that sometime the unexpected happens. And sometime, we can plan all we want but it is always up to Him in the end. I’m just very frustrated when promise now doesn’t carry any value at all and they expect me to accept that. Oh ya, the bus arrived at 2.00 am

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  1. Rockafella Gurl
    03 Jul 07 2:54 am

    who said only ‘janji melayu’ only? i juz ask my fren with diff. races.. dey said.. ‘janji keling’ & ‘janji apek’ pon ada ropenya!! hahahha… wat a malaysian.. 😛

  2. banji
    03 Jul 07 3:44 am

    hehe ye ke? jarang dgr bangsa2 lain, tp apa pun my focus is on the attitude, it shouldnt be there in the first place.
    yg sy dgr lak, kalau janji cina – right on time. tp betul la race lain pun banyak x tepati masa

  3. iEn
    03 Jul 07 3:45 am

    tomeinye bas tu.. bg ien bleh? geram!

  4. banji
    03 Jul 07 4:34 am

    ien – 🙂 ambil la ien, hadiah beday

  5. filantera
    03 Jul 07 4:39 am

    this post is related to the customer service post hehehe

    kalau laaa akak kaunter tu amik inisiatif, call AS suh cepat sikit, if tak bleh then pegi jumpa each passengger apologize sbb lambat, offer mineral water ker, then buat buat kalut tanya bus…call call ker, then bila bus sampai pretend to talk to the driver…bleh jer kan…..then there will be no post like this heheh

  6. banji
    03 Jul 07 5:22 am

    filantera – ye la filantera, cuba le buat2 kalut. mineral water tu dia bagi, tapi dah pi tanya banyak kali baru dapat. tu pun drinking water je.

    lakonan sket… at least terubat le jugak hati, tunggu dah mmg kena tunggu


  7. xenowork
    03 Jul 07 9:17 am

    Ia juga dikenali sebagai “Malaysian Time”.. try pegi

  8. Noushy Syah
    03 Jul 07 2:07 pm

    ngehhh…I’m not familiar with this term of melayu berjanji but agaian Banji..I guess no wonder it was late!!! Imagine they’d to wait for that “special red double decker bus”……no wonder! muahahhaa…(you know what I mean!!)

    p/s..but heyy, I do agree with you about changing lil by lil own attitude towards being sharp on time regardless melayu, omputih or wat so ever…we ourselves who actually make it happns..the attitude first…

  9. pocket
    03 Jul 07 2:28 pm

    i’ve once ride a bus from
    fukui to nagoya (japan)
    the bus depart at 1152am…
    ‘how funny… as if they really gonna wait till 1152 am n then depart’
    There was a big clock at the bus
    station. u wont miss it since its so big… heheh…
    guess what…
    it was 1151min 30sec when the bus driver start his confirmation check.
    1151 31 ‘left side mirror..check!’
    1151 40 ‘rite side mirror.. check!’
    1151 48 ‘light OK?…OK Check!’
    1151 57 ‘Time OK? …OK Check!’
    1151 59 ‘Depaaaaaarting!’ 1152

    ofcourse the sec part 31,40,48…
    was not that accurate as how it
    had happened… cause i didnt
    have any record of it …but the
    1152 was true. i was so shocked
    with the scenery. smiled all the
    way to nagoya.
    Talk about punctuality huh…

    why cant we be like dat?

  10. banji
    03 Jul 07 4:05 pm

    xeno – dah pegi site tu.. 🙂 siap ada website lagi, tapi tu la xtau dia promote malaysian time ke against it

    noushy – hehe i know exactly what u mean. just look at the diameter of the tyre. anyway as u said, the changes must be little by little. starting from oneself. if nobody else follow, at least we know that we did

    pocket – that’s exactly what i need. a prove that it is possible to be done.

  11. Noushy Syah
    03 Jul 07 9:28 pm

    ngeh3x…not only the diameter of the tyres..but heyy that’s London’s double decker!! I don’t recalled any red double decker like that!!tehehehe…

  12. banji
    04 Jul 07 4:16 am

    noushy – i guess i dont exactly know what u mean eheh, why? such double decker no more in existence?

  13. Noushy Syah
    06 Jul 07 3:35 pm

    banji…what I’m saying eh dimsia ada ke double decker merah bas camtuh? hiksss..sbb red double decker tu kan TM London transport ..hehehhe…sbb tu ur bus that day lewat sbb kena tggu dari LOndon! tehehhee..

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