Hi guys… One of my good friend Pawana Malam had raised one question I find interesting. First I thank her for the comment, as it will help me to further improve the blog. Thanks a million.

If you don’t mind, please advise me on your preference between the two, which one you prefer?

Quoting the conversation – Pawana Malam :

hello banji,
eemmm, if u write less, to me, the excitement will deteriorate too…

Banji :

Pawana Malam – Finally someone asked. Thank you for that… 🙂 I understand what you trying to highlight. It concern me too. But I did it actually intentionally. As you can see, the topic here sometimes are quite heavy. So I am actually giving some space to maybe digest or at least review some topics.

So my question to fellow friends… which would you prefer? Everyday with one discussable topic or my current style of posting (which is giving some space to breath, review and maybe come up with a few brilliant ideas to share).

/end quote

Seriously I have no problem with either one as I love writing very much.. 🙂 please advise.

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Appreciated action :

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  1. Noushy Syah
    06 Jul 07 12:01 pm

    wowoo I just realized this…quoting what beib said”from my 10p,the way you write in your entries now mmg cool..keep it up Banji…

  2. Banji
    06 Jul 07 1:18 pm

    🙂 thanx… as I said in the chatbox in reply to beib, this blog is very young, and thus need further improvement, So I REALLY appreciate your feedback.

    So unless the poll shifted to the other side, I will stick with my current style 🙂

  3. Noushy Syah
    06 Jul 07 3:32 pm

    yezzaa..gotcha Banji.

  4. zai
    09 Jul 07 2:51 am

    hye bro..

    put it this way.. no matter how young ur blog is.. it doesnt matter.. coz u will learn as time goes by..

    as for me.. just write whatever u want.. just express what ever u think of.. dont hold back.. 🙂 this is just my one cent.. just keep on posting.. i’ll be reading it even if u post a sentence..

  5. banji
    09 Jul 07 7:42 am

    zai – thanx for the moral support, really appreciate it. your words alone will keep me blogging for a few more years, thanx again sis

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