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Yesterday, with the help of my fellow readers, I have successfully run an experiment to illustrate how our mind is more opened to a suggestion when it is personalized. If you are interested, you can read about the experiment here.

First of all, I would like to thank all my good friends who assisted me in this humble research of mine. Some even send me messages via friendster :). Appreciate all the help and only Allah can repay your kindness.

A question was asked, whether or not the letter I wrote describe you perfectly and this is to be answered in term of percentage. 15 friends participated and the average percentage of all of their answer is 74.67%

A better way to describe it is that out of 4 person asked, 3 would say it describe them 100%.

I obviously don’t know you. so how come some of you totally connect with the letter? Here’s why

1) The letter was written FOR you

  • Firstly, it is because you believed that the letter was totally written for you. And that I am your best friend in real life and know you by heart. Once you have establish this in your mind, it is always easier for the mind to associate what I wrote with yourself.
  • This had been widely used in the whole world. The best example would be the horoscope. People are categorized according to their DOB with mythical creature as a symbol. This subconciously had opened our mind that everything said about that particular group (capricorn, sagitarius etc) is very true. People sometimes follow the advice given by the horoscope religiously.
  • Do try yourself, read ALL the horoscope, with an open mind… don’t you think all advice and description do seem true at one point?

2) We are never alone

  • Most importantly, I would like to stress that everyone and I mean everyone is given the same package of emotion. Everyone at one point in his life will experience anger, frustration, loneliness, boredom, happy, hypocrite. What ever feeling exist in the dictionary (good or bad) is already included in the package. The difference are just maybe the experience associated and the intensity of the feeling.
  • Some live their life with the feeling anger buried deep down in their heart, some shows them once a while, some was walking with the word “anger” written in the forehead. So everybody can be described as angry.
  • “So? what’s your point?”, you may asked… My point is this – We can be seen as a very social kind of person with friends around anytime of the day, but deep down we SUFFER / ENJOY our feeling alone. The truth is, we are never alone. and don’t ever think that nobody will understand you. You must understand yourself first.
  • Let say, you want to share and describe the sweet taste of a banana to your African friend, you must first taste the banana before you describe it. Otherwise you will think that nobody really know a banana.
  • Do you know that almost all suicide case in the whole world began with the thought of being completely alone and that nobody will understand him/her.

This is basically my own thought and I am no psychologist. So feel free to disagree with me. Hopefully together we will better understand ourselves. Or maybe you guys can draw any other conclusion from the research. Please share it here.

————— Personal Note ————————–
I suddenly remember the movie “Buli” played by my favorite actor Afdlin Shauki. In the movie, the doctor (Nasha Aziz) said “being a psychologist in Malaysia is very hard. People here don’t like to admit that they have a problem psychologically.” So it’s not a surprise, children for no apparent reason was killed and charred remains were thrown away to four places (check the news for more info) nowadays. I pray the person who did this be caught and cut into 4 pieces.On a happier note, one scene in the movie did bring back the smile on me.
Patient : (dibalut seluruh badannya) Tapi doktor saya demam je
Doctor : Takpe kite balut dulu


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  1. Noushy Syah
    09 Jul 07 8:08 pm

    ERRRR Banji, Sorry I think it’s gonna be long..hehehe

    When you make us feel that the letter is meant for us than it triggers our’s all in the mind!

    Watch your thoughts, they become words.
    Watch your words, they become actions.
    Watch your actions, they become habits.
    Watch your habits, they become character.
    Watch your character, they become destiny…

    If you wanna be happy, think and behave like a happy person…We are unhappy because we think we are. Unhappy people are attached to their unhappiness. They refuse to change. When one thinks negatively, then he attracts negative thoughts.

    If you think that a tragedy will fall on you, somehow you fulfill it.So think of the good times for the future, visualized your happiness with the loved one, create the love life that you wanna have…and be happy!!Unconsciously, you make it happen…and it’s vice versa.

    LIfe is like a merry go round,will meets up and downs… makes the ride worthwhile!! The experiences may differ from one another but majority all of us encountered all the emotions…so it makes sense really that we actually are not alone…when I’m happy, there’re pple out there who are happy either for me or not, so does when sad,there’re so many pple with heart broken and frustrated…and most of all remember our faith!! That God is alwayz watching us…never leave us alone…

    p/s cam motto Anfield pulak..You’ll never walk alone! hehehhe…

  2. k o r o m y s t
    10 Jul 07 1:36 am

    Hey hey, I like reading horoscopes for fun (^-^) even though I don’t believe any of the crap listed. But it’s fun to read those so-called personality guesses that tallies with your so-called horoscope xDDD

    Whatcha doing actually? I mean, regarding the psychology test thingy in your previous post. Something significant to print out or something? O_o You’re gonna do a book or research? o_O

    Or it’s just for self-intrigue-ness? xDD

  3. filantera
    10 Jul 07 1:46 am

    wahahaha as a horoscopist, i want to disagree but in the same time ihave to admit hehehe. we did write the thing that person like to read so that there feel like home (shhhhhhhh tau)

    well no more comment…yet

  4. azuwachan
    10 Jul 07 2:51 am

    sbnrnye sume org hipokrit, cuma kite jek yg taknak ngaku.
    tp the good part is, it protects our own weakness. just as same as the feeling of anger.
    kite marah sbb tu cara kite protect our own ego. yala, muka sendiri pon kena jaga dpn org, cuma cara je yg lain2.
    rasa lonely? that’s the time where we need to muasabah diri. ask our own selves what’s wrong with this self, and moreover, getting closer to Yg Maha Esa.
    Kalu character2 ni takde dlm setiap seseorang, maknanya dia malaikat, huhu~

    p/s: one of my favourite subject kat sini ialah Psychology, so I’m just uisng what I’d learned here =)

  5. zai
    10 Jul 07 3:05 am

    ermm saja nak bidas comment from noushy syah.. 😀 sorry yek.. just my 1 cent

    i think we should carry out ourselves like what we expect from others.. i’m sure none of us like to see ppl feeling down.. depressed n etc.. so just act n behave like what we expect from others.. like a fren of mine always quoted “what u give u get back” 🙂 i think it does come to sense.. 🙂

    u guys were right.. “we are never alone”.. sedangkan Allah ciptakan Hawa untuk Adam.. inikan pulak kita manusia yang serba kekurangan ni.. i think its just the matter of who u choose to be with.. all i can say here is.. CHOOSE WISELY.. find n choose the right companion (husband, wife, fren n whatever u call it)

    lastly.. noushy syah said.. ‘GOD is watching us.. never leave is alone’ 🙂 pada i pulak Allah is Great.. He is always there.. cuma kita je yang tak nampak n sometimes terlupa.. He is our best companion.. THE BEST EVER.. 🙂

    again this is just my 1 cent.. 🙂 till then 🙂

  6. banji
    10 Jul 07 4:54 am

    noushy – like i said in the chatbox, i don’t mind long comment, as long as we are explaining things, it is better we make it as clear as possible, to minimize misinterpretation (do note I used the word minimize as misinterpretation will surely happen, so please forgive those who do)

    in a way, positive thinking will attract positive result. Of course when we are thinking positive, even if the whole world go against you, you will think of it as a challenge to rise above it. when you think negatively, and you found RM10 lying on the road, you will feel like you are such a loser that God only give you RM10 for your time.

    koromyst – hm about my research, it is to give me some proof that people will feel connected to the letter I wrote, simply because they allow the letter to do so. Just like what this blog is all about, it is a platform for me to share my thought, which is exactly what the entry is dedicated for. No, I’m not writing a book, and definitely not for self-intrigueness. I have a thought, and I want to share it.. as simple as that. (even though writing a book is a good idea to aim now that you’ve mentioned it.. hmm :p)

  7. banji
    10 Jul 07 4:55 am

    filantera – hehe.. i know you are a big fan of horoscope. And please know that this has nothing to do with trying to persuade you to ditch your hobby. First of all, horoscope is just an example of the lesser important reason in my entry. Everybody is entitled to his/her opinion, and that is my opinion. being an opinion, it can never be declared as the only truth in the universe. So there’s no right or wrong. So for all horoscopist out there, please accept my apology, but that is what I believe 🙂

    azuwachan – hipokrit is a very strong word in my opinion. It is more negative in our culture. Maybe we can use the word “layered” just like Shrek in Shrek 1. That aside, you do make a good point there. If we follow our heart, saying everything that comes to mind. So many people will get hurt. and most of the time they definitely don’t deserve that. That is why in Islam also, it was repeatedly mentioned that the most dangerous organs in a human body is the tounge

    zai – choose wisely is a very wise advice. You are what you’re surronded with. in a way, I think your point and noushy’s do support each other despite you’re saying want to “bidas” her point.

    Fellow friends – All of you does bring out some of the more important conclusion from the research… keep them coming. My rule is very simple, as long as the opinion doesn’t go against the Holy Islam’s. everything is as good as others.

  8. sharzefarish
    10 Jul 07 5:01 am

    You have been tagged! Check out my blog to find out..

  9. zai
    10 Jul 07 5:09 am

    huahuahua.. ha’ah yek.. kata nak bidas.. huahuahua..

    **me bengong 😀 😛

  10. banji
    10 Jul 07 8:12 am

    sharze – noted

    zai – isk manade bengong, yg paling penting is the additional ideas u introduced. which is nicely presented if i may add 🙂

  11. Noushy Syah
    10 Jul 07 8:43 am

    “when I happy or sad there are many pple out there are also happy or sad either for me or not..”..this is just the METHAPORE….meaning, everyone has at some point experiences those emotions!

    …..not necessarily mean that when I sad for some reason, you are also sad of the same reason instead your sadness might be because of something else…nevertheless,we both came under the same situation of sadness.

    Last but not least,get in the habit of being a positive influence on the people you encounter.And bit by bit, your world will become a more beautiful, loving place…and that’s how we get connected to one another in this world…

  12. moon
    10 Jul 07 5:34 pm

    kalo horoscope tu, usually bila nampk kat mane2 inside magazine ke paper ke, ill always baca n look tru it. tp, just bace utk suke2. 50% correct for me. pasal being alone, sometime i do got the feeling. slalu pike mcm2, like apela agaknye yg berlaku d angkasa lepas. kalu saye jatuh dr angkasa lepas, apela tempat yg saye akan landing nnt. n ill always want to be like peter pan. haha. flying around around at nite. life the live mcm lotr, harry porter. kira2 mcm kehidupan fantasy. tp bile saye have someone to talk with, trus blk ke dunia reality. every person has diff. personality. so mcm saye, awk rase saye ni pelik x? =D

  13. banji
    11 Jul 07 1:12 am

    noushy – meaning try to always positive thought, it will positive feedback on us n ppl around us

    moon – itu bukan pelik, itu high level of imagination eheh, selalunya if channeled properly, banyak benda baru didunia ni bleh dicipta 🙂

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