I have an idea and in order to present it to you, I will need your help with an experiment. Can you please help me with this one thing?

First of all, I want you to believe that what I’m writing / typing right now is meant for you. No one else but you. Just imagine that I am writing a letter to be sent to you. Close your eyes for 5 seconds and convince yourself that we are actually best friends in real life and that the following paragraph is written to you. Ready? Open your eyes (which is a pretty weird request since your eyes were closed heheh)

/letter starts

Hi! This is banji and I’ve been asked to describe something about you. Hm where should I start? You may not be aware but people around you DO care about you. They sometime seem to be occupied with other things but seriously they think about you all the time.

You sometimes were left at the end of the day confused. So many things to do and so many things to decide. Life can be not fair for you sometime when other people seem to live their life exactly the way you dream yours. You are so confused that sometimes you feel both strong and weak at the same time, so happy and yet nobody actually know the screaming inside. It feels like you will always wonder whether anybody else out there is feeling the same thing, or are you just alone here.

/end letter

So my question is, do you think what I said about you is correct?

For those who participate, kindly tell me how much percentage do you think is correct? 100% for absolutely describing you and 0% for dead wrong. You can provide the answer to me at the comment section, shoutbox or even email. Anonymous answer will also be appreciated.

I will explain the experiment tomorrow based on the feedback I received. By all means, if you can come up with a conclusion to this experiment, please share it here kay.

Update – You can view the result and the analysis here.

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  1. xenowork
    08 Jul 07 5:34 pm

    To tell you the truth it’s 100% describing what i feel sometimes..

  2. iEn
    08 Jul 07 5:46 pm

    100%. pelik lah.. cam tau2 jeek hehehe!

  3. Noushy Syah
    08 Jul 07 8:09 pm

    wowowoowo when MD turning to Psychologist, hehehhe…

    I do have that feelings at times perhaps a lil bit(20%) especially when I miss my loved one’s…wishing that I should be there with him rite now instead of being here…;)

  4. Ninonoi
    08 Jul 07 10:53 pm

    for me..it’s 100% true about what i really feels sometimes..

  5. azuwachan
    09 Jul 07 12:18 am

    80% kut, because people think different way everyday.
    hari ni dia pikir camni, pastu esok dia pikir mcm lain plak.
    so it depends on the person him/herself la.

  6. banji
    09 Jul 07 12:49 am

    xeno,ien,ninonoi,noushy n azuwachan – thanx guys for helping me, still gathering data, will present the result tomorrow 🙂

  7. gina marna
    09 Jul 07 2:34 am

    rsnye untuk gina mcm 80% yes… huhu

  8. zai
    09 Jul 07 2:43 am

    hmm.. i’ll say 90% true..

  9. filantera
    09 Jul 07 2:54 am

    first para:100% yayayyaya

    2nd para :0%

    so puratanyer is 50% hahah

    but i am feeling down, even mp3 cannot heal…

    nak balik!!!!!!!!

  10. AiRynnz
    09 Jul 07 3:51 am

    emmm….hampir 80% adalah benar 🙂

  11. Akak Pok Pek
    09 Jul 07 4:20 am

    sometimes words can’t describe how we really feel inside. At times, our surrounding effects our true feelings. At times, our feelings/energy effect our surroundings.

  12. kakLuna
    09 Jul 07 5:02 am

    for me, 70% is true and agreed also with akak pok pek.

  13. banji
    09 Jul 07 5:24 am

    thanx for all your sincere answer. keep them coming… lebih banyak org yg sudi share percentage tu lebih accurate the final assesment will be.

    just saya harap semua ikhlas menjawab, kalau mmg rasa semua tepat, declare it as 100%, kalau mmg rasa langsung x tepat, let it be 0%. kalau ada yg betul ada yg salah.. just agak2 berapa percentage die, mcm my fellow friends – noushy, azuwachan,gina marna, zai, filantera, ayrinz

    comments like akak pok pek pun dialu2kan.

  14. k o r o m y s t
    09 Jul 07 5:47 am

    Hmm hard to say, actually. I don’t think it’s 100% for me. Probably 30%. Maybe coz saya cam amalkan konsep “ignorance is bliss” xD Cam ada shell yang isolate myself from others. Waktu kerja, kerja gegila. Langsung tak try carik tumpuan lain. Pastu kalau ada yang kacau, rasa cam nak fire kuasa otromen kat dia tapi nasib baik tahan.

    So basically apa yang saya nak kata, I’m not really interested to find out if people care for me or not 😀 I don’t mind if no one does.

    If I received such note from someone I know, it’s like “cool! i caught your attention enough for you to care about me” and kalau stranger, it’ll be like “creepy…” O_O

    So I guess my response is an example of a negative feedback? Anti-response or something? Something out of the norm? xDDD

  15. banji
    09 Jul 07 6:52 am

    koromyst – sy pun akan pelik kalau stranger yg antar note tu, tp experimen ni bukan pasal stranger, akan diexplainkan esok. for now just anggap mmg ur bestfren yg antar, does it describe u? so it’s 30 pc from u

  16. adieha
    09 Jul 07 7:19 am

    hmm. if u ask me to read this 3 years ago (2004) which was my ‘zaman kejatuhan’, i will eventually cry my heart out and say it’s 100 true. but now seeing myself a changed person, not expecting anything from anyone anymore, i’d say it’s only 10% true.

  17. lover
    09 Jul 07 8:04 am

    i feel 40% true…
    sometimes good time
    sometimes bad time
    sometimes just time..

  18. Banji
    09 Jul 07 10:45 am

    adieha & lover – thanx for the input. Anybody else care to contribute to this humble research of mine 🙂

  19. Belladonna
    09 Jul 07 2:27 pm

    1st paragraph, i think its 100% true. I can relate to it coz most of the time I think abt others, but i prefer to keep it to myself and ‘watch’ those whom I care from afar je..

    Second paragraph, truly agreed with -> Life can be not fair for you sometime when other people seem to live their life exactly the way you dream yours. But that’s life? Kan?

    The rest of paragraph 2 cuma dirasain when I was having some difficult time a year ago. Strangely, nowadays I just feel happy after I moved on with my life.

    p/s: tatawlah menjawab soalan ke idak. But hope this will help 🙂

  20. pocket
    09 Jul 07 3:36 pm

    for me i would feel that its
    80percent kna atas batang idung
    but then again…
    the wordings is too general…
    generally for people who are
    feeling down. so ..
    since i’m feeling down…
    like br jatuh tangga…
    n lagu avril lavigne – when u’re gone
    peneman diri skrg….
    kena lah kat batang idung sndiri …

  21. banji
    09 Jul 07 3:46 pm

    belladona & pocket – thanx.. will close the research by 12.00 am and finish up tomorrow’s entry

    to all – thanx a million

  22. sharzefarish
    10 Jul 07 3:48 am

    sorry, terlambat respon pada topik.. been buusy.. 🙂

    i agree with what you wrote,..because each and every day we wished there’s someone out there who would understand our feelings… without realizing that everyone else also feels like us.. we are humans, walaupun banyak perbezaan, sebenarnya kita tetap punya satu harapan dan tujuan yang sama.. 🙂

    kudos anyway

  23. moon
    10 Jul 07 5:27 pm

    i think it is 60% correct for me. yes, it is true that im still confused of my self. being alone, sometimes but it will gone whenever i have my family n friends around. but guess what banji, the another 40% is actually the part that i dunno the innerself of mine. simple to say, i always confuse all the time to know myself better. dats why i used to do on psychology test or something else yg mcm test2 ni.

  24. banji
    11 Jul 07 1:25 am

    sharze n moon – kan? mmg susah nak cari the one person who truly understand u. most of the time kita sendiri x fhm diri kita

  25. moon
    11 Jul 07 2:45 pm

    aa, diri sendiri xphm diri sendiri so mcmane org laen nak kate yg dorg betul2 phm kite. mmg mabe 50% dorg phm kite, and kite sendiri xsedar kite cm tu.. tp it is what we call human kan. seorg insan biasa. =)

  26. banji
    11 Jul 07 3:59 pm

    moon – yup.. hanya insan biasa, selalunya sy mmg pikir mcm tu, kalau lah umur kite ni 25 tahun (perasan muda kejap), dah 25 tahun kita cuba kenal diri sendiri.. pun tak boleh, lojik ke kawan yg baru kenal kite 5 6 tahun, nak faham. so kena le bagi can sket utk org lain kalau diorg tak faham 🙂

  27. alfattah
    12 Jul 07 2:38 am

    i’d say 40% banji…

  28. banji
    12 Jul 07 3:45 am

    alfattah – thanx 🙂

  29. from peedee with love....
    12 Jul 07 12:36 pm

    i think….

    100%..kekadang tuh bende camni buat kite…

    terlalu rendah diri….

    pernah juga alami situasi macam ni..

    hingga lah sekarang…..

  30. banji
    12 Jul 07 12:54 pm

    pd – terlalu rendah diri? care to elaborate

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