Referring to yesterday’s post, I was telling you a piece of my childhood memory. Today, I’m going to tell you the whole story. I’m not sure what year was it, but I was definitely either 14 or 15 years old. It was Ramadhan and my brothers, a friend and myself went to the mosque to pray Solat Terawih. Maybe it’s more proper if I introduce them to you. Both my brothers are pocket and filantera. That’s was of course their blogger name. The friend is Zulkifli Zainon or better known as Bob.


One night, when we were returning home from the mosque, Bob’s sister – Netty and her friends were walking far in front of us but still within visible distance. So that night, when the girls reached a cemetery area, suddenly, a few boys jump on them from the nearby trees. The girls were so frightened and scream. Since we are quite far at the back, we can only shouted at the boys and they just ran away. We cannot chase them of course, with our stomache full of the “more” feast we just had hehe. (“More” pronunce as More+Ray). We thought that was it, but apparently we thought wrong, the boys were planning to seek revenge on us the next day.


as always, we returned home, all four of us. The girls was now closer to our group. Suddenly we realized we had been followed by the boys from yesterday. There were about 7 to 8 of them. From the back, we can hear they tried to start a fight by saying nasty words (which I’m not going into details here).

I can still remember, our mood that night had changed and it seemed that even our walking style from the lazily sliding, changed to the warrior like walking from Hang Tuah movies hahah. We kept quiet the whole time. In our mind, we know for certain that the fight will surely take place. We were really outnumbered so it will be worse if we fight in the dark. We need some light.


The only light available is in front of the cemetary. We reached there and instead of confronting them, we somewhat wait for them just beneath the light. My youngest brother, filantera was only in primary school then so we sent him off with the girls to the girls’ house. Hoping very hard that my beloved filantera would know what to do, maybe asked some adults to come and sort our fight. So off he went.

The nasty words uttered were still thrown at us continuously. But the funny thing is they didn’t take any move to start the fight themselves, We can hear the sound of iron clinging to each other what we then assume are weapons such as screw driver and chain. Imagine us waiting there, heads down just waiting for the fight to start or the help arrived from Filantera’s quest.


suddenly, my second brother – pocket, fall down and start screaming like mad. And I mean really screaming.. as if he was possessed. It is the cemetary. Both of us, Bob and I was shocked and had to hold him as strong as we can because my brother had seriously gone crazy, screaming and trying to go to the boys.

And the boys who had been following us from the start… was either shocked with my brother’s screaming or just plain shocked, they ran away to all direction… believe me, even running into us. ahhahaha.
After about 30 seconds of hysteria, my brother calms down and guess what, he said that it is all just an act to scare the boys away. We were laughing so hard that night. seriously amazed with his idea.


We then went to Bob’s house, and guess what, my youngest brother – filantera, was actually drinking hot milo served by the girls. He totally forgot his mission. hahaha…..


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  1. banji
    12 Jul 07 4:56 pm

    the entry was posted using hp as i am now in bangi (father in law’s house), any typo or allignment prob will be sorted out on saturday.

    i am so lucky to have both filantera n pocket as my brother, so today’s entry is actually my appreciation to both of u.

  2. Noushy Syah
    12 Jul 07 5:33 pm

    wowowoo…I bet your brother had forgotten totally the mission after sipping the hot milo made by the gurls, hehehhe..

    Well sometimes trick do works! I recalled abt your previous entry on the customer-service at MAS counter tu..

  3. banji
    12 Jul 07 10:44 pm

    noushy – well we cant blame him as we didnt actually tell him what to do, and like u said being served hot milo by girls does have that forgetting effect eheh

  4. filantera
    13 Jul 07 12:50 am


    seriusly i am laughing out loud!!!

    note from my side of story:
    the night was dark. and people are following us. i said to myself “diorg sajer jer balik sekali tu….”

    then my brother stop at kubur,
    “diorg nak sembang2 kut….perlu ker berenti kat kubur? baik laa balik ngan this gurls….lagi best hahaha” and there are no direct orders! like

    “go, call 911!!!”
    “or u are soldiers now, go run to that white building and wait for the choppers!!”(mind me for some influences from transformers movie”

    so when i reached there, netty is serving air milo o, nobody can resist that bro hahahah

    but i can still remember the histerical shout hehehhe

    nicely put though. and dont forget how kita kena marah sbb balik lambat!!

  5. k o r o m y s t
    13 Jul 07 12:52 am

    quite a place to start a showdown, eh? (^-^)

  6. banji
    13 Jul 07 1:38 am

    filantera – hahaha ye la kita kena marah lepas tu, good ol time

    koromyst – dah itu je yg ada lampu 🙂

  7. azuwachan
    13 Jul 07 6:31 am

    hey! nice story!
    I don’t have that kind of experience, and I thought your brother was quite smart thinking that strategy at that point x)
    kalu saye, dah lama lari lintang-pukang, heheh..

  8. banji
    13 Jul 07 6:58 am

    yerp, it may sound biase but i think that action is smart too, or he might just get bored n want to get it over with eheh

  9. Merakemas
    13 Jul 07 1:37 pm

    Hehehehe……..what’s a wonderful childhoods history! Your brother pocket, was a good actor…..hehehehe

  10. pocket
    13 Jul 07 2:15 pm

    From my own memory…
    i do think that banji is actually
    thinkin of givin a few good blow
    of the fist and the ‘tumit’
    to those boys… so the screamin
    and shoutin was just the intro
    ‘lets get it movin’
    ‘lets dance’
    dan yang sewaktu dengannya heheh…

    but its a good thing those boys
    didnt trash us first… it would
    be a masacre.. hahah…
    was quite surprised everybody
    was shocked and ran away 😀
    hahaha.. nice memory…

    Filantera… hows the milo ? heheh

  11. banji
    13 Jul 07 2:52 pm

    merakemas – yup, berbakat eheh

    pocket – luckily they didnt right? anyway i always smile when i think of it

  12. alfattah
    13 Jul 07 11:21 pm

    hahaha..good one.
    hampeh tol filantera.

  13. banji
    14 Jul 07 12:22 am

    alfattah – eheh filantera tu berfikiran positif sebenarnya, tu yg rilek tu

  14. filantera
    16 Jul 07 12:34 am

    one great thing banji did:

    on that aidilfitri, he go and meet the ‘chief gangster’ and say sorry for all the ‘wrongs’ we have done, while pocket and bob were walking straight ahead without even salam to that poor guy-who-dont-have-any-girls-coming-back-from-terawikh-together….

    me?as always laaaa, walks with the girls hahahhahah

  15. banji
    16 Jul 07 1:33 am

    hm the truth is nobody knows what the ‘fight’ is all about

    tiba2 terngiang2 lagu raya dlm kepala – anuar n elina eheh

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