So do you guys know any Zulkifli Zainon (Bob)? Last time I heard he used to work in a restaurant near to The Mines. It sucks when friends were separated, isn’t it?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I’m not mistaken that there is one hadith which generally means as follow :

“If two muslims get into a fight with each other and they end up didn’t speak to each other, they will have to break the silence on the third day or face the wrath of Allah”

Now I’m not going to analyze the hidden meaning of the hadith because that will require special knowledge like “Sanat” etc. I’m only interested in highlighting the beauty of Islam clearly embedded in it.

Can we all agree that for us to get into a fight or argument, it must be because of something we truly believe in? Obviously once we believe in something, we will defend it to the end. Islam apparently had anticipated this and lay down the ground rule that by the third day, both must say hi to each other irregardless of the different opinion. Both then will put aside their difference and reconcile solely for the greater purpose which is “Keredhaan Allah”.

Now isn’t that just beautiful?

What fascinates me most is not the fact those two be friends again. But the way Islam teaches us that greater purpose MUST always be “Keredhaan Allah”. We will always have different opinion on things. And if we are going to fight any person who oppose our stand, it will be “World of Warcraft” all day long. Very tiring.

So what if the other person didn’t know about the hadith, YOU DO and you’ve done your part. Congratulation!! That is not an easy thing to do and you’ve done it.

Hm.. listen, listen, the world is more peaceful now, don’t you think?One day of peace after two days of war is not so bad right? right? 🙂

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  1. Noushy Syah
    14 Jul 07 12:05 pm

    Emm…..Banji, it’s a good insight of lesson here,but;

    Egoistic make human feel superior than other that refused to adhere to certain Islamic faith of teaching…

    “why should I? she’s the one starting it…”sounds familiar?

    To some pple it’s about dignity too…

  2. pocket
    14 Jul 07 1:51 pm

    i havent talked to the girl who
    i’ve thrown the staepler to her yet.
    she did came around at my office but
    i just ignored her…
    she deserve it…
    she’s the one started it …

    two days ago…
    i was unwrapping my chocolate …
    that was my first food for the day
    and it was 3pm…
    ‘hummm tuu laaa yg gemok tu…
    makan coklat…tak sdor diri lg’

    i just kept on chewing the
    vanhouten while my hands were busy
    throwing things at her…
    the staepler hit her left eyebrow
    i think … heheheh….

  3. banji
    14 Jul 07 2:48 pm

    noushy – that’s the thing right? there’s always a guideline, but when it comes to ego, everything goes out the window. Even when he knows he’s wrong. he will not admit.

    But.. that is why there is guideline. to help us know what’s the limit.

    another frightening fact is that nowadays, people just don’t give a shit as to what Allah like and dislike. it’s not at individual level anymore but cultural.

    pocket – ouch that must have hurt. i understand the situation. some people just straight away said something hurtful, but if we did the same thing to them, they will not be able to take it. that is what irritates the most. so are u not going to talk to her at all?

  4. moon
    14 Jul 07 10:19 pm

    the higher the level of ego, than it will take more than 3 days. coz relationship tu akan baik gak someday, but it takes time. kan it is better than x betegor sape langsung for the rest of life?

  5. banji
    15 Jul 07 1:13 am

    moon – yup, kalau hati dah niat nak tego sapa, x kira lah berapa lama, dah kira ok dah, janji ada niat nak berbaik

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