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Caller : Hello, can I speak to Annie Wan?

Operator : Yes, you can speak to me.

Caller : No, I want to speak to Annie Wan!

Operator : You are talking to someone! Who is this?

Caller : I’m Sam Wan. And I need to talk to Annie Wan! It’s urgent.

Operator : I know you are someone and you want to talk to anyone! But what’s this urgent matter about?

Caller : Well… just tell my sister Annie Wan that our brother Noel Wan has involved in an accident. Noel Wan got injured and now Noel Wan is being sent to the hospital. Right now, Avery Wan is on his way to the hospital.

Operator : Look if no one was injured and no one was sent to the hospital, then the accident isn’t an urgent matter! You may find this hilarious but I don’t have time for this!

Caller : You are so rude! Who are you?

Operator : I’m Saw Lee.

Caller : Yes! You should be sorry. Now give me your name!!


Just some joke, I received. Actually My wife received it and read it to me. figuratively speaking, I roll on the floor laughing.

It strucked me then, misunderstanding is a very common things when it comes to communication. People have it all the time, So will us. So hopefully if I misunderstood any comments or remarks you make while presenting additional ideas to the entries, please excuse me ye… and maybe patiently explained them for the benefit of us all.

Hmm better yet, let us all give each other a break if misunderstanding occur.

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  1. Noushy Syah
    18 Jul 07 8:39 pm

    THis is absolutely hillarious!!

    A lesson to be learnt, yes..

    I do agree that misunderstanding could happen anytime, but perhaps should be more sensitive and extra careful when saying something..

    …coz you just can’t afford to say ohh sorry I misunderstood you all the time,can you?

  2. Fifi
    18 Jul 07 11:31 pm

    Har har har har!!!! Let’s laugh together!! Hik hik hik!!!

  3. banji
    19 Jul 07 12:46 am

    noushy – i thought it is funny too, point noted n highlighted

    fifi – 🙂 u must be a pirate of the carribean fan, arent u?

  4. filantera
    19 Jul 07 4:14 am

    huhuhuh nice story

    quotes ” 60% of all human communication is nonverbal, body language; 30% is your tone, so that means 90% of what you’re saying ain’t coming out of your mouth. “—-hitch,2005 🙂

    sekali tu ada satu engineer from china came to install satu mesin ni kat my dept. so i asked my technician (indian) to assist. masalahnyer, this china man, dia tak tau english langsung…basic cam drink and eat pun tak tau.

    sooooo mmg laaaaa my technician jadi blur, nak upah translator mahal, so reserve utk hari operation training…si india tu cakap tamil, enggineer tu balas cakap mandarin/hokkien… masing masing tak paham then gelak ramai2 hahaha

    after 2hari, tgk tgk si technician tu bukan setakat dah berjaya pasang mesin dgn jayanya, tp siap tanya nama, dah kawin ke belum, anak berapa, ajak gi makan roti canai, sembang pasal bola,ajak bowling,mlawat plant…but still in ayam dan itik mode hahah

  5. banji
    19 Jul 07 5:17 am

    hahaha mesti lawak tgk ayam itik bercakap tp boleh jugak faham kan, moral of the story – janji ada usaha nak memahami, mesti bleh faham jugak akhirnya

  6. k o r o m y s t
    19 Jul 07 6:21 am

    Had the same email sent to me a few months back. Or was it years? Hehehe…

    Misunderstanding can sometimes be funny. Sometimes exasperating. Many examples can be found in manganimes *grin*

  7. banji
    19 Jul 07 7:39 am

    kalau salah faham tu diterima sebagai funny ok lah kan, tp kalau sampai jadi tragedi tu yg x sedap didengar..

  8. sharzefarish
    19 Jul 07 3:00 pm

    adehh… told with a chinese accent…hahaha…

  9. banji
    19 Jul 07 3:43 pm

    hehe yerp lagi pekat slang tu, lagi make sense… minggu depan slang lain lak

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