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Hey it’s Sunday! These are some pictures showing rare things you would see on the road. So word of advice.. Be careful when you’re out there, the weirdest things can happen

Fifth Place – Our very own Malaysian’s

Fourth Place – This parking method is beyond my comprehension

Third Place – Beat that..

Second Place – Must.. Get.. Home.. Now..

First Place – As long as I’m wearing one..

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  1. sharzefarish
    22 Jul 07 7:26 am

    kereta takde pintu tu yang takleh tahan daaa..

  2. Zul
    22 Jul 07 8:03 am

    That helmet girl was din beramboi’s long lost girlfriend

  3. Banji
    22 Jul 07 8:29 am

    sharze – mungkin nak jimat aircond tu 🙂

    zul – eheh ye x ye, din beramboi pakai mcm tu

  4. k o r o m y s t
    23 Jul 07 5:20 am

    Some photos on the net aren’t for real xP Probably you can do a photo hunt or something and ask your readers which photos are true and which are fake? xP

  5. Banji
    23 Jul 07 9:35 am

    koromyst – yerp.. rule no 1 on the internet, screen yourself.

    Thanx for the suggestion. Maybe I’ll try that sometime but as for now, this is all just for fun only. Only on Sunday! 🙂

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