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Yesterday I visitted one of my friend’s blog. He thinks that his blog is not as good as everyone else’s. And that everyone else’s had either good writing skill or good information in each entry while his is about his daily life and thoughts.

As for me, the whole blogging community is like a buffet restaurant. You can eat anything from the wide variety of food served. I personally will avoid the fish, some may stuff everything in and some will only have that “bubur kacang”.`There’s just something for everyone. And if the restaurant only serve water (simply because everyone need water), then it wouldn’t be a great buffet restaurant now would it? 🙂

There’s really a fan for each category. Whether you write about movies review, your feelings, Islam or politic. There will always be someone out there who like to read it. To find them is totally another story.

However in my opinion, personal blogging is not meant for others to read. Most importantly, it is for you to write. The blog will be a place to let out our feeling. A sanctuary for us to say anything we want about anything. Some bloggers I knew even confess that they are cranky and babbling only in their blog. In real life, they were as cheerful as a cheerleader. This proved that blogging itself is a therapy session.. minus the fees

Conclusion – Never look down on your blog. It is the only corner you have in this world that belong to you. You might not notice, but you are so much livelier and happier with it.

————— Personal Note ————————–
I truly believe that there are a lot of mentally disturbed people out there. 12 years old killing an 11 years old by stabbing her 20 odds time, and when asked he said that he didn’t know why he did that. 12 years old for crying out loud. And this happened 5 years ago, in our beloved Malaysia.. If 12 years old is capable of such things… who can say the adults will be any better.The problem is too many emotion is kept inside. Too many things in the mind. With no way out… Hopefully blogging will help

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  1. Noushy Syah
    26 Jul 07 7:58 pm

    Kita semua manusia, SAMA tapi TAK SERUPA…so with blog and blogging..we are Unique in our very own way…

    That’s what blogging interesting bcoz of the differences of one another…it would be damn boring if all the same…

    p/s kalau nak luahkan perasaan also, be’s yours..

  2. filantera
    27 Jul 07 1:02 am

    when i start my blog….hehehehe…the first objektif is tu let ‘her'(the 8 years one banji) read it.

    but after several months of post, she tell me that she didnt even visited the blog, she forget whether she deleted my mail about the blog, but still she remember that i have a blog.

    so now as she is moving on. so the blog has stop then.

    lagipun, nak tulis nanti ada somebody tu baca cam hehehhe

    maybe i ll start new blog

    p.s: tu pun ada org kata i am a helplessly romantic….do i?

  3. Puteri Ezza
    27 Jul 07 1:46 am

    I agree with you Bang Ji. Hikhik. Blogging ibarat satu terapi emosi. Ada antara kita yang tidak punya tempat untuk meluahkan apa yang terbuku di hati. Akhirnya tertekan kerana memendam rasa. So, cara yang terbaik adalah meluah. Kalau bukan meluah pada manusia directly, luahkan pada kertas atau luahkan pada blog atau luahkan pada apa saja.

    Meluahkan perasaan ini adalah salah satu kaedah rawatan psikologi/psikiatri yang basic dan efektif.

  4. banji
    27 Jul 07 2:13 am

    noushy – as uve mentioned.. it would be damn boring if all the same,

    mcm paris hilton masuk jail.. tup2 semua blog tulih pasal ni. mmg akan membosankan. tak semua org nak tahu.. (-contoh)

    filantera – I highly recommend you start a new one. it’s only fair to the current “her” 🙂 but hopefully the new blog is about u.. and not for somebody else. I know I will want to read that

    puteriezza – tu la.. selalunya bende2 kecik yg kite rasa x penting tu la yg akan corrupt everything. ari ni kecik hati sket ngan siDia.. ah lupekan je la, esok kecik hati lagi, lupekan lagi..tiba2 je dah break.

    kdg2 x luahkan pun, tp kite tau ada tempat utk diluahkan dah cukup baik 🙂

  5. azuwachan
    27 Jul 07 7:00 am

    yeah, i agree.
    many of the contents of my blog are mostly about my personal life, especially in the earlier year where I just started blogging. and my blog help me dealing with my emotions.
    plus, I don’t really care who would come and read my blog. it’s like my home; you can visit if you like or you can just ignore, as long as you and I happy. full stop.

  6. Sharm
    27 Jul 07 12:17 pm

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  7. iEn
    27 Jul 07 2:28 pm

    Blog tu pada aku sebagai diary kedua ku selepas menconteng diari yg pertama kat dlm buku latihan sekolah ku hehehe!

  8. Banji
    27 Jul 07 4:40 pm

    azuwachan – that’s exactly my point.. thanx

    personal blog mmg ada advantage tu, tulis apa yg nak ditulis. tapi of course… takde salahnya kalau kite pantau sendiri penulisan kite.

    sharm – erk.. thanx, a million thanx to ms noushy for the nomination, and the confidence in this blog. hopefully it will be a good addition to the whole blogging community

    ien – diari pertama dlm buku latihan sekolah? hehe bukan ke nipis ke diari tu 🙂 kire summary kut hehe. good for u ien

  9. pocket
    27 Jul 07 10:23 pm

    kira nya cam gi jumpa shrink…
    thanks banji…

  10. Banji
    28 Jul 07 1:06 am

    just my 2 cents, no problem bro, always a pleasure 🙂

  11. Jim
    05 Aug 07 2:45 am

    the whole blogging community is like a buffet restaurant.

    nice observation
    have u visited Dirty Panties ?

  12. Banji
    05 Aug 07 3:45 am

    jim – somehow the name itself is repelling eheh

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