Hey, It’s Sunday!! sorry, it’s Monday…

I was surfing yesterday.. and I found this picture on lowyat.net. It is generally about the difference of exposure when using camera with and without flash. Hope it helps fellow friends interested in cameras.

I just can’t stop laughing…… :))

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  1. aku
    29 Jul 07 6:28 pm


  2. Noushy Syah
    29 Jul 07 10:24 pm

    ERRRR…I dont get it!!?

  3. nurazzah8
    29 Jul 07 11:38 pm

    banji, nanti akak buat falafel banyak2, kasi itu fullfil your stomach!! hehehe… lawak jek..
    waa…nanti bila akak ambik gambar , nak pakai flash lah…kot-kot boleh menjelma lah superman, batman ke, cicakman ke, kat sebelah…hehehe…

  4. banji
    30 Jul 07 12:50 am

    aku – 🙂

    noushy – explaning the joke-the man in the red mask is a superhero called ‘flash’

    nurazzah8 – saya tuntut tu nanti 🙂

  5. filantera
    30 Jul 07 12:50 am


  6. Rockafella Gurl
    30 Jul 07 12:59 am

    flash gordon tu! bro buat yanz gelak pepagi ni..

  7. moon
    30 Jul 07 1:20 am

    the red guy is funny! huhu

  8. nor ash burn
    30 Jul 07 10:06 am

    banji.. nasib baik ‘flash’ yg appeared.. klu pompan berambut panjang dn bertaring.. mcm mana?

  9. Banji
    30 Jul 07 10:39 am

    filantera, rockafella and moon – 🙂

    nor ash burn – huhu kalau pompuan bertaring, budak pompuan tu akan tetap senyum macam tu, tapi perasaan yg jauh berbeza hehe

  10. drNO
    30 Jul 07 11:42 am

    hahhaha—sooo funny, jadi flashman.

  11. syahidatul
    30 Jul 07 11:59 am

    very funny!!

  12. Ninonoi
    30 Jul 07 12:08 pm

    haha..that’s just so funny..flash !!

  13. alfattah
    30 Jul 07 12:26 pm

    hahaha very funny! =))
    minat gak ngan photo editting
    use to took up basic photography back in uni, they thaught us pics editting too besides the art of capturing photos itself…
    Loads of fun!!
    One day nk bukak kdai gmbr… hahah dream in dream in.

  14. DORKISTIC!design
    30 Jul 07 12:46 pm


    lucky it’s FLASH..not ‘someone’ else =p

  15. pocket
    30 Jul 07 1:34 pm

    lawak lawak…
    flash gordon…
    i’m known as the Plastic Man in
    this kilang i’m working on right

  16. Banji
    30 Jul 07 4:50 pm

    dr no, syahidatul, ninonoi & chazz – 🙂

    alfattah – really.. then hopefully u can do what u dream. maybe editted a funny pic like this heheh

    pocket – plasticman? why? ure not doing yoga rite? 🙂

  17. Noushy Syah
    30 Jul 07 7:11 pm

    Ohh..Banji, no wonder….it’s not my cup of tea, that’s explain…

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