Summary – If the world is listening, what would you say?

I was invited to become one of the contributors for World United Bloggers (which generally means I can submit entries there). I take this as an opportunity for me to make more friends and expose myself to the many different ideas or point of view from the representative from around the world.

I’m still monitoring how the whole blog is being run. What’s the blog strategy to achieve what’s aimed. As I earlier stated in my post – Tips for first day at work, we cannot started trying to change everything. We must first observe the culture, adapt and learn as much as possible before anything.

I am curious though… Please tell me what you think.

If you were given one chance. Only one chance to talk to the whole world. And not only that, the whole world is listening. What would you say?

Are you going to promote Malaysia? or you will attempt to talk about peace, and love? Or you will try make friends first? Really… please think about it and enlighten me.

I’ve already submitted my first post there. The same post is attached below as I really think you, my fellow friends deserve the same appreciation, if not better.

Title – Connecting in BlogGreeting.. This is my first post as a contributor. I’m banji from Malaysia and it’s an honor to be here with all of you. Don’t worry I’m not going to bore you with my details.

First of all, compliment to the blog starter, the idea of one blog to unite us all is amazing. So what else would I say in a first post?1) I salute all of you
If you can see me typing this, I’m actually giving all of you who read this a standing ovation. You each is authoring your own blog, but in the name of unity and love, you took the time to write for WUB. Not many people around the world want to do this.
2) WUB is all blessed NOT ONLY by people who blog, but those who leave comments.
Every body can blog, you just create an account, type away.. But not everyone reads, take the time to understand the message and connect to the author by leaving comments.Kudos to all WUB members, you are all actively participating. This is not an easy thing to do. Most of the time, entries are very hard to understand. But you try your hardest to figure out the message. This itself shows that you are very committed to achieve what WUB’s aim. Not only you do that, you appreciate the author by leaving comments. Appreciation or acknowledgment is in my opinion, another key to unity. As this will allow every one of us to connect with each other.
Conclusion – It is my humble opinion that connecting with each other is one of the many ways to unity and love. It doesn’t always need to be comments to entry, a simple hi at the shout box will be more than enough.

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  1. eduardo waghorn
    02 Aug 07 8:57 pm

    Nice blog, I found you through WUBA…Greetings from Chile, visit me if you want and make your comments:)

  2. filantera
    03 Aug 07 12:42 am

    maybe about how our culture somehow can change the world?perghh susah tu hehehhe tp i was thinking bout pay it forward kinda thing. so lets start a new idea, and perhaps anybody who read it can start it at their own

  3. Banji
    03 Aug 07 2:18 am

    eduardo – thanx for the visit, i’ve been to yours. 🙂

    filantera – hm pay it forward is really a brilliant idea, I haven’t watch the movie myself. but I know the idea generally. hm we somehow had a lot of that, but in different form, like these tagging culture in blogs, those forwarded email that say u need to forward it or die.

    The spirit is there, We just need to start somthing that actually help people.

  4. k o r o m y s t
    03 Aug 07 5:27 am

    Neat text. See? You were able to capture the interest of someone from Chile! xD

  5. banji
    03 Aug 07 7:22 am

    koromyst – alhamdulillah for that, another new friend made 🙂

  6. lin
    03 Aug 07 8:24 am

    salams.. interesting writing u have here, very sincere and true to the heart..

    what would i say to the world.. i wnat them to know that Islam is not a bad religion at all and it is not wise to judge the whole community by just the act of a fee individuals.. and before anyone judge anyone.. they should first listen and understand to the other person’s needs, rather then just jumping onto conclusion..

    hehe.. i tot i would just write a line or two.. now i am carried away.. keep it up.. nice blog u have here.. 🙂

  7. Banji
    03 Aug 07 10:00 am

    in – assalamualaikum to u too, i appreciate the comment.

    Islam really has been misunderstood. The thing is, even us the muslim can sometime misunderstood Islam. Maybe to begin with, we need to not only further learn about Islam, but to potray it through our way of life.

    Really simple to say, but God knows how hard it is to do.

    Please come again and share your thoughts here. Really appreciate that

  8. Jim
    05 Aug 07 2:34 am

    It is my humble opinion that connecting with each other is one of the many ways to unity and love. It doesn’t always need to be comments to entry, a simple hi at the shout box will be more than enough.

    i am with u on this
    we need to understand the various cultures in the world

    and learn to live and let live
    i wish there was no religion as IMAGINED by John Lennon

  9. Banji
    05 Aug 07 3:37 am

    jim – of course i cannot agree to that, but u are entitled to ur opinion 😉 cheers

  10. syahidatul
    10 Aug 07 8:32 am

    A blog can be your second family.

  11. Banji
    10 Aug 07 12:25 pm

    syahidatul – are u meaning to say that other bloggers are family? thats a very noble thing to do

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