Hey it’s Sunday. These are some pictures I found on the net. Generally they show the extra length people would do for their job. Enjoy! 🙂

“Remember!! you drop one box and you’re dead!!”.. this guy take the warning very seriously 🙂

Inter coach services excellence

Transporter’s transporter

Rail Damage Detection Manager 🙂

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Appreciated action :

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  1. pocket
    05 Aug 07 12:05 am

    and to think us doing overtime for two hour at the kilang without getting paid is lousy kan…
    there are others who are less unfortunate. 😀

  2. Banji
    05 Aug 07 12:43 am

    🙂 in a way it is always good to look at the less fortunate to be more thankful to what we have.

    but working overtime without being paid is wrong legally. u should do something bro

  3. Jim
    05 Aug 07 2:26 am

    i was curious about u
    so i dropped by

    i am from India
    met u at WUB

  4. Jim
    05 Aug 07 2:27 am

    inter coach services is India right?

  5. Banji
    05 Aug 07 3:19 am

    jim – welcome jim, i do notice u as one of active contributors there. thanx for dropping by.

    and yes i believe the inter coach is from india, are u an expat there?

  6. lin
    05 Aug 07 11:29 am

    and come to think of it.. i regret that i have ever grumbled for being lowly paid.. look at my job description.. lazing around my workstation, and having coffee whenever my heart desires…


  7. filantera
    06 Aug 07 12:56 am

    what about getting paid for surfing net hehehhehe

  8. Banji
    06 Aug 07 2:15 am

    lin – alhamdulillah, at least we have a job rite.

    filantera – eheh show some photo of the work done, ill put it up

  9. Jim
    07 Aug 07 10:11 am

    Jim is not my real name
    its Saby

    i am born and bred in India

  10. Banji
    08 Aug 07 1:30 am

    hi saby 🙂 nice to have u here

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