Summary – Leave the pointless question alone

There is one question as old as the time itself. It had been discussed again and again in each generation of mankind. But still nobody can come up with a satisfying answer. The question is – Which comes first, chicken or egg?

You may think it is funny but yes, it was really asked again and again when the person asking know exactly that there is no answer to it. So my question to you now, why do we need to ask the question in the first place?

To be funny? Acceptable, but to what end?

For the sake of science? Unless you have better option or supporting prove, it is better to leave the question alone.

So if I think that the question is not supposed to be raised, why do I raise it in this blog? Aha!!!

My point exactly. There are a lot of pointless question out there. Those without any satisfying answers. One that I want to highlight is the favorite question of which is better, man or woman?

Let’s assume we are not taking any side in this. For once, we are not defending either man or woman. What is the question supposed to achieve? to prove that one is better than another? Then what? Yes, there is a lot of male chauvinist and feminist out there. Are we going to be one of them?

In my opinion, these people are no different in term of stupidity than a racist. Why I call them stupid? Because when they were born, were they the one who choose to be a boy or a girl? If the choice is not theirs to make, who give them the right to to say one gender is better than another.

It is very true, that even now, one gender is treated as if it is inferior to the other. If this happens, by all means fight for your right. But please don’t go to the same level as the stupid people who consider themselves superior.

It is very true, that there will be bad apple in a gender group. Have a look at ourselves. Do you think it’s fair if you were called a thief, simply because there is a person next to you who is caught stealing? In the end…. it all boils down to the individual.

A man killed another man. Is it fair to say all man from the beginning of time have the tendency to commit murder?

A woman killed another woman, Is it fair to say all woman from the beginning of time have the tendency to commit murder?

Conclusion – Sexist are far worse than a racist, sexist consider themselves superior than the other half of the world. You hate racist? Then hate sexist even more. Don’t be one.

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  1. Pocket
    05 Aug 07 10:16 pm

    waaaa.. one nice issue to talk about but quite a hot issue to talk publicly. and in blog… its public.
    my opinion would be…
    one serves the other just right…
    in one point man is better
    in another,woman is the answer…

    anyway…its egg first…
    why? cause there’s this one trynosaurus rex gave birth to an egg that hatch to a chicken.heh
    can kaaa??

  2. filantera
    06 Aug 07 1:01 am


    agree wit pocket, in one area, women are better, in other area, men are better, but in most area, just tell them that there are better…hhahaha

    egg and chicken?
    the answer is, non of them. chicken are created from different cell, differ, mutated and grow to be bird family. and from this family, some grow to be flying up high, some stabilize on the ground… thats genetically speaking lah….

    basically chicken first.

    but who cares anyway….?

  3. Banji
    06 Aug 07 1:26 am

    pocket n filantera – thanx for the input. even between my brothers the answer is different. fortunately for us we are neither an egg or a chicken, if not we will continue defending our stand to the end of time. thats exactly my point. the question shouldnt be asked in the first place.. nothing good can come fr it.

  4. Banji
    06 Aug 07 2:01 am

    its true that in some area 1 gender is better than the other.but BEWARE this is exactly how sexism starts.started nobly with d intention to identify strength n weakness,but when 1 gender is told that A is smarter than B,B will think he/she is being label as stupid.then ego kicks in.. n everything starts.

    so unless u can allow urself to be labelled inferior or stupid in the name of research,better dont do la.the result will mix
    with emotion.


  5. Pocket
    06 Aug 07 9:41 am

    dey filantera!
    mana ader.. logik la telur dulu…
    kalau tak mano dtg nyer ayam..
    basically dinosaur gave birth to a chicken egg… thats more logic la ..
    sajo jo nak cari pasal 😀

  6. banji
    07 Aug 07 6:40 am


  7. Jim
    07 Aug 07 10:09 am

    guys who ask these questions have a lotta time on their hands

  8. Banji
    08 Aug 07 1:28 am

    jim – which question jim? sexist or the chicken? 🙂

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