Summary – Charity is never about money

Today is the day. The charity at Darul Izzah Orphanage. It will be from 10.30am to 1pm. Again, if you can make it, let’s..

So why am I so excited about the event.

1) This is my first charity I joined. I have been on the receiving end for a long time already. I believe it is about time that I be on the giving end instead. I cannot offer a lot of money to these poor children, What I can do is to go there and help out the event. So that everyone will be as comfortable as possible, so that the children will be happy for at least today(I am quite good with children hehehe),

2) In Islam, You get “pahala” just by touching the orphan on the head, in other word, by giving a pat on the shoulder, or by any means to show that you care for them. Imagine, just by mere caring you will be appreciated by Him, what if you lighten up their day. I am not in any way looking for ways to get “pahala”. But, if Allah love the act, it must be something good, right?

3) In addition to all that, I will be able to get to make new friends. Strangers that actually connected via keyboard and monitor. Why? Don’t I have enough friends? No… I like to smile at people and have them smile at me back. 🙂

(Yerp like what you are doing there… 🙂 )

The point of this post…

  • I am not trying to show off that I am a very noble person when I go tocharity. I highlighted it in this blog so many time to encourage other people joining in. One of the many small things I do to help out.
  • Charity does not mean you will have to gather 100 friends, giving out money, etc… As long as you touch somebody else’s life, in any way… you will be appreciated (by HIM)
  • So let’s be a better person. You and more importantly me. (A self advising post)

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