Summary – Don’t worry on things we cannot control

I have missed two days of posting. 🙂 Sorry, well as the saying goes, we can always plan.. but in the end He will decide how everything will happen.

Does this mean that all our plan in our life is pointless? and that we might as well do nothing and let everything happen, since in the end He will decide for you?

Eheh even we know immediately right that this is wrong. Allah had never taken away our right to choose. Instead we decide everything for ourselves. It is only how things happen is decided by Him. We choose a road to travel, whether or not that road will suffer major traffic jam is never in our control. We decide to eat, however how our body react to it, digest it is totally beyond our control. But we still need to travel to go to somewhere. We will never get anywhere if we don’t travel. We still need to eat, whether or not we will still feel hungry afterward is totally up to Him,

Now that we clear that up, why oh why should we be bothered by those we can’t control. We are going to office, when suddenly it rains heavily and flood the whole area. we will not be able to go to work, and the boss might scream at us afterward. Think logically… what else we can do? Can we get to the office any other method? No? then call the boss, tell him what happen. Why do we spend the rest of day worrying about getting scold tomorrow… when we know for sure, there’s nothing we can already do. Isn’t it better if we spend the day off with the family happily. At least you are getting something out of this, a happier family.

My point is simple…. always try to control our wandering mind. Things go wrong, you have done everything humanely possible. And there’s NOTHING else can be done. Why spend your energy worrying until it upset everything, your family suffered, your work quality deteriorated, your stress level increased.

Other application that I may think are as follows

  • Traffic jam, there’s nothing you can do about it, please don’t cut queue through the emergency lane.. I will hate you for that 🙂 so why curse and get angry. Do something else maybe rehearse for Akademi Fantasia audition by singing the song in the radio, or come up with idea for your blog.
  • Your friend have a misunderstanding with you, and you had tried to reconcile by apologizing (eventhough it’s totally not your fault) for for about 3 months already and still he don’t want to talk to you. Why worry and blame yourself. You cannot control people’s feeling. move on.
  • etc

Don’t you agree that we spend a lot of time doing basically nothing (worrying)?

————— Personal Note ————————–
Do you remember the time I mentioned to you that I made a terrible mistake in my line of work. I accidentally authorize the cutting of wrong tube in a boiler. The manager was furious. And for the first time, he screamed at me in front of other people. I was so stressed at the time. The only thing come up to my mind is me being sacked from the job. Seriously very stressful. Of course I had called up contractors to repair the damage, yet my mind is torturing me with all the negativity. For about 1 hour I feel like that when I think the last thing I could do is to write an apology letter. I admit my mistake and claim that I will take full responsibility.

He called me in the evening. And to my surprise instead of being sacked, he said that he had shown my letter to his superior (who was by the way there) and the superior was actually very impressed with me taking the responsibility. However he said that this is a very expensive lesson to be learnt and not to be repeated. I nodded appreciatively.. Fuuh lega! 🙂

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  1. Pawana Malam..
    27 Aug 07 5:08 am


    so much things can simply made us stress and yet there so much things that can always make us grin or giggles as well..

    its all about mind and how u control the mind setting, rite?hehhe

    thats why we said and smile…simply smile..tadaaa…

  2. Banji
    27 Aug 07 7:49 am

    correct, a smile is a very effective stress reliever. however i really believe to change we need to do it at our thinking level. then only the smile will be comforting, my 2 cents

  3. filantera
    28 Aug 07 12:43 am

    heheheheheh just taken my first EL in my life

    so easy rupanya, tp hari ni byk keja

    thanks for the post banji, learn a lot from it. the matters of yesterday(in the train, remember?)

    i cant change that, so just live with it

  4. Banji
    28 Aug 07 1:08 am

    first emergency leave in ur life-wow

    🙂 yup certain things that we cant control like no ticket home, we have to redha n move on. but never give up easily. we must do everything we can before we play the ‘redha’ card 🙂

    good to have u back bro

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