Summary – Accuracy can only be achieved from multiple point of view

I once heard that almost 70% of our interaction is based on sight. The remaining 30% is based on hearing, smell or touch. The figure is not important, what’s important is that our ability to see is generally what we rely on to live and to learn. Don’t you agree?

However relying only on sight is not accurate. A man draw the number 6 on sand in front of another man. The second man will see number 9. In short, in order to get an accurate picture, we will have to see everything from all possible point of view.

This topic can be elaborated in so many ways. But I’m more interested in this section, where we have only RM10

If we look at people who have RM1000, we will feel humble. We know that the RM10 we have is nothing compared to RM1000. We shouldn’t be bragging to these people about our RM10. Instead we should learn from them on how to get that RM1000 and improve ourself

If we look at people who have on 7 cents, we will feel thankful. If we think, we are unfortunate, that’s a living proof that we are actually blessed. And instead of whining of only have RM10, we should learn how to not only use the money wisely, but also how not to end up like that fellow.

What would happen if we only look in one direction? In the first case, we will be so passionate to chase that RM1000, we will forget more important things in life. We will forget to help others by donating because for us, every cents count to reach that RM1000.

In the second case, we will be so satisfied with what we have for the rest of our life. RM10 for us is more than enough since there are other poorer people around us. We will not dare to venture new things and we will lose all interest to be better, to have better life.

I don’t think the two extreme cases even exist. But I do believe that we sometime tend to look from one point of view and ignore the rest. We actually need to see our life in all point of view and find the best compromise.

An excellent example would be to appreciate the peace we have in Malaysia but still working to improve the life of Malaysian, maybe by giving the best service when working etc.

Please don’t just whine.. Everyone can do that, It helps create awareness yes, but that’s it. Ask yourself… What can we do about it?

————— Personal Note ————————–
There’s so much we can improve in this beloved country of ours. First of all, I noticed that we often take a stand in politics without actually knowing head or tails. For example, there is political party A and B. If our family is all in favor of party A, it is most likely that we will end up supporting party A. We shut all information from party B entirely. This in my opinion is not an accurate way to take a stand. Learn everything about both parties A and B. Go to both political campaign and mix with people from both parties. When you have all the information, judge them yourself and then make the decision. Don’t you think it will be better this way?

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  1. Noushy Syah
    31 Aug 07 9:46 pm

    Banji..hey, good mone,

    …out of topic…your blog is getting better and better, alongside with the 50th anniversary of nationhood,seriously I think you organize very well section by section!! Congratz dear!!

    2 heads are better than one!

    LIfe is full of tough decisions to be made,hasty decisions may not always be the right one…

  2. Banji
    01 Sep 07 1:07 am

    noushy – thanx noush for the kind words :). still a lot to be done. and i appreciate all feedback from friends visitting

  3. Pocket
    01 Sep 07 2:41 pm

    its just like the vdo of UFO sighting i’ve shown u the other days. one point of view would be,
    waaahhh!!! alien!!.. we are not alone…
    another would be :
    hummm…nice wire work… there’s a lot of filmography engineering involved in this…

    and another would be :
    Tipunyaaaaa!!! nampak sangat tipu…
    (apo yang tipu… pun dia tak tau)

  4. banji
    01 Sep 07 5:32 pm

    pocket – different people believe different things. However, since we can neither prove it is true nor false, it is always better to be open to other possibilities

    Like maybe there is aliens, or maybe we just reached that level of technology 🙂

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