Summary – An important factor to solving problem that we often forget

I think I found out why we are so stressed when handling major problem. 🙂

Ok, I’m sure most of us are good problem solver. We handle problems on a daily basis, from as big as how to live our life to as small as to how to kill time while waiting for a tv show to start. We knew almost every trick on how to manage stress. And had had lots of experience handling it.

But still, why when we were faced with a problem, those major ones like debt, bad in-laws or evil boss, we often stressed out when we cannot solve the problem as fast as we can. I think I know why…

I really believe that one of the contributing factors is due to the television we watch. First of all, I’m not saying that television is bad and must be banned for the sake of humanity :). This is just an opinion.

Almost all television series especially sitcoms will show the problem faced by the husband and wife, or parents and children. Most importantly, it also shows how the problem is solved within the 20 minutes show. Maybe, just maybe.. we are actually influenced by this, and we expect all our problems to be solved in the shortest time, hours top. We are now lacking one of the key ingredient to problem solving, which is patient.When parents faced their rebellious children, they expect the children to be obedient almost instantly. They have no patient what so ever to slowly advice the children. They expect results immediately. We all know, for those rebellion type, the harder we go against them, the harder they will rebel.

When a husband found out that his wife is seeing another man, he immediately scolded her, and those stupid ones may even resolve to divorce. Simply because we lack the patience. In Islam there are ways to resolve marriage associated conflict, advising, sleep separately, third party etc.

These two examples show how patience is sometimes needed in solving problems. There are other situation that may need prompt action, but that would be discuss in another time.

Maybe that’s why we can see the older generation is more patient than ours. Hm..

Conclusion – life is not a show on a television. Some problems need time and patience to be resolved.

————–Personal Note————-
Ramadhan is a very good tools to recover back the patience quality we may have forget. Be patient to break the fast, Be patient when somebody flame you, Be patient when you know there’s nothing more you can do.  

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  1. aRa
    11 Sep 07 5:52 am

    Solving problem are not stressful actually..It’s all in our mind to handle it..I used to be so stressful in solving my problem but thank’s 2 someone that introduce me 2 THE SECRET..

    Adeh..i ni pengangur yg terhebat ni..Agagaga..i’ve been unemployed for almost 3 years now..and i never work working experience..Some say that not working are enjoyable..DAAAAA????It’s more stressful then working..

    But i’m ok with it now..Thank’s 2 the help me..Problem can be settle but it need times.. Just think of the +ve way on settling it..

  2. Banji
    11 Sep 07 6:45 am

    aRa – correct me if im wrong, but ure saying that this SECRET is actually helping u to solve the problem stress free? that is great! i wonder if u’d like to share the secret with us…

    so can i ask… are u currently still unemployed?

  3. wilda
    11 Sep 07 11:37 am

    this is my major problem..i’m a perfectionist..i want everything to be perfect..and SETTLE FAST..hahaha..that’s why my closest frens and family (especially my mom) always asked me to ‘cool down’, sabar, relax.. hehehe..teringat time kecik2 dulu slalu kena pulas telinga ngan mak..

    so now kna blaja bersabar..kna tanam dlm pkran, x sumer mslh leh selesai dlm sehari..betul x?

    (baru lepas tgk citer manja lara td, selepas 3, 4 bulan bermaslah dan konflik-kalau x silap, akhirnya semua bad guys mati n kna tangkap..hampir semua masalah selesai..jd x semua cerita happy ending dlm sehari..ada gak yg makan berbulan2, mcm citer nih..hehehehe)

  4. Banji
    11 Sep 07 2:28 pm

    wilda – to tell u the truth.. I am a perfectionist too. everything must be in order. but maybe i’m just part-time perfectionist. only in a part of the time hehe

    hehe the mrs is also a big fan of this manjalara. dan mmg cite tu satu contoh yg baik yg sesetengah masalah berbulan2 baru selesai.

    contoh yg lebih extreme mungkin ialah sembilu kasih!! hehehe penat nya tengok cerita tu, tak tengok pun.. tengok sedutan pun dah penat

  5. aRa
    11 Sep 07 3:12 pm

    well…it’s not stress free 100% la..Agagaga..I’m a bit calm when i have from the time that i didn’t practice THE SECRET..kelam kabut..huru hara..and selalu depress..

    I’m not good in explain thing 2 people(not a good teacher) tapi u leh dptkan the secret kat kedai buku..and if u mls nak baca,DVD documentary pun ade(i tgk documentary)..check out ade la ckit2..

    Yerp..i’m still am unemployed..aiyooo…

  6. Banji
    11 Sep 07 3:52 pm

    aRa – I think I’ve seen an explanation of it in Oprah few weeks ago.

    Ok.. will go and check it out. but it will be helpful if you can describe some of the inspiring ideas there 🙂

    (cuba korek rahsia)

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