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Summary – How can I make LessonInLife.com more useful for you? – A Survey

First of all I would like to say thank you for all the support you gave to this blog. Having you visitting this blog and chatting with you guys has always been the high of my day.

It is my highest priority to improve this blog on a daily basis and hopefully your visit here will be as comfortable as possible. Thus if it is not too much trouble,I would like to ask you to participate on this survey and help me making the blog more effective and better.

I don’t like to lead such discussions too deliberately but I find that the discussion is better if I give a few general questions to stimulate the conversation. So here are some areas you might like to comment on:

1) Topics

  • Do you have any topics you would like me to blog on?
  • What are hated / loved topics so far?
  • Other suggestion?

2) Posting / Entries

  • Are there too many posts, not enough, just right?
  • Is it dull without pictures?
  • Is the articles too long?

3) Design

  • Graphic’s too much?
  • Loading time to slow?
  • Maybe these keywords will help — layout, right Column, font and colors.. Any comments?

4) Blog Feature

  • Anything to add that will make our interactivity and your reading better?
  • Some keywords to help you comment.. chatbox, advertisement, top commentators and top chatters etc

5) What frustrates you about LessonInLife.com?

6) What is it that you like about LessonInLife.com?

7) Services And Tools

  • What additional way this blog can be beneficial to you .. services? consultation? community? etc

8) Other Ideas and Feedback – anything goes, big or little.

/end survey

Any feedback, suggestions, dreams or ideas that you have are welcome. While I can’t promise to put every suggestion into place I make a commitment to you to read anything you have to say.

All that I ask in return is that you be honest, courteous and constructive with your feedback. I understand that in the end, it is totally up to me since this is my blog. But to tell you the truth, I never consider this as MY blog. This blog has totally no value if there are no friends adding in ideas and share experience. It’s basically ours. I’m just the person with the login password 🙂. So any comments (good or bad) are highly appreciated.

So it’s over to you. Feel free to either leave your feedback in comments below or to share them privately with me via email

————–Personal Note————-
This survey will last for two days (which generally means, tomorrow Sept 16th, I will not be posting)… In the meantime, I can start doing that long time pending tag 🙂

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  1. iEn
    15 Sep 07 9:50 am

    loading semua ok ja.. design pon oke.. aku pakai size 800. no problemo punyor.. bleh baca.. hauhauha

  2. intankamaruddin
    15 Sep 07 12:03 pm


    Something fresh.
    With facts and evidence.
    Written in personal tone. And emotions.

    Haha. Hope it helps.

  3. intankamaruddin
    15 Sep 07 12:12 pm

    Oh ade soalan yg perlu jwb ye.

    1. I love to read abt ur encounters at work and home. For me, blogging is abt personal thingie. And share it benefitly wit ppl.

    2. Pics n frequency of entries r just fine.

    3. Graphics great. But i prefer softer colour, like white.. etc. Colour influences ppl mood when they read ur blog.

    4. Features are great!

    5. Nothing frustrating.

    6. I like ur language. And the way u elaborate. Good topics.


  4. aRa
    15 Sep 07 2:58 pm

    everything is ok..no need 2 change..but i do agree with Intan abt the personal thingie..Agagaga..love read abt people’s personal blog..u can gain experience from it..well..sharing is great..

    Love ur personal note.. 😉

  5. banji
    15 Sep 07 4:01 pm

    ien, intan & ara – thanx for the feedback.

    seriously I’m taking note 🙂

  6. UncleJ
    15 Sep 07 6:31 pm

    banji dok kat estate ker? if yes…do write about ur life there..must be very interesting…betul ke ni? kalau salah , maaf ye..

  7. Banji
    16 Sep 07 1:35 am

    uncle – alhamdulillah, mmg rezeki kt estate. menarik jugak idea uncle tu, nanti sy usahakan..

    guys, anything else.. please add in

  8. Name : Soleh
    16 Sep 07 7:16 am


    I think some visitor may not know what it mean by immortal, perhaps Banji can put tme meaning of it at the right side of the blog…just a suggestion..

  9. Banji
    16 Sep 07 8:00 am

    soleh – thats make sense.. ill describe the whole concept in the disclaimer asap,. thanx bro 🙂

  10. syahidatul
    16 Sep 07 12:39 pm

    Hmm.. I would say that the main reason for me to always have the interest in clicking to ur link is because of ur daily update… altho i need to always try (within my own daily schedule) to keep visiting here often, but don’t worry it’s not a burden. in fact, it’s fun to always come here and always leaving with some knowledge and lessons in mind.

    u’re doing a good charity work. =)

    and because ur topic entries are always interesting, related, and informative… there’s always something here that everyone can get – if they take the time to read.

    other soft factors like ur friendliness, openness, giving out, and appreciativeness make me like this place more.

    and of course ur intelligent views and ideas.. and ur fluency which is really nice and fun to read.

    i admit that i don’t hv much time to spend to always read everything u write here everyday. i’ll come here and read most of the time but have not much time to comment, so i’d like to apologize.. 😀 i would like to if I hv the ideas and time.

    hurm, for a constructive feedback, i’d like it better if ur chatbox is modified to a wider and longer box. and make the colour more cheerful.. hehe.. the colour looks kinda dull to me. 😀

    pictures are nice and they were good for the initial impression for each entry. 🙂

    i’d say thumbs up. keep writing. 🙂

  11. wilda
    16 Sep 07 2:11 pm

    semua org punya selera berbeza..yg mana nampak cantik bg A, mungkin kurang cantik bg B..

    utk blog banji, for me, the layout is ok..tp masa first time dtg jenguk, x sangka topiknya kedewasaan, sedangkn layoutnye keremajaan..(kanak2 atas bulan)hehehe

    tentang contents, memang best.. setiap kali ade kelapangan, saya jenguk sini dulu sblom g blog lain..sbb saya konfiden yg mesti ade entry terbaru..bcos u update daily rite? 🙂

    topik2 sumer ada kaitan dgn semua org..x bosan baca, ditambah pula dgn cara huraian yg menarik..

    ha..lg satu.. cerita personal banji di hujung setiap entry tu yg buat cerita lebih menarik..

    yg paling best, u apreciate ur readers..x ramai bloggers begitu..itu antara sbb pembaca sperti saya selesa singgah sini..

    kesimpulannya, bg pendapat sy, selera saya cuma kurang dr segi layout blog ini, but like i said just now, mcm mane cantik kita anggap blog kita, tentu masih ade yg x berkenan..selera berbeza..yg penting pd isinya..

    kalo banji x tukar pape pun, i will still be ur regular reader.. 🙂

  12. julia
    16 Sep 07 2:14 pm

    u know what banji.. ur blog is awesome la.. byk info diketengahkan.
    page loading pon ok..
    macam yg uncle cakap tu.. cuba cite sket life kat estate. =D
    tak ramai planter yg berblogging nowadays.. u je setakat ni yg i jumpa.
    i suka singgah sini
    entry dia pon seronok baca.

    goodluck !

  13. Banji
    16 Sep 07 3:03 pm

    🙂 thanx for the inspiring words… terasa berbaloi menulis bila ada org suka membaca, insyaAllah selagi diizinkan Dia, kita sama2 majukan blog ni dan hopefully kita pun boleh lebih saling mengenali in the process. terima kasih sekali lagi ye. really appreciate feedback2 semua.

    syahidatul – ur comment on widening or lengthening the chatbox and the dull color are noted. 🙂 thanx

    wilda – mmg theme tu banyak memberi first impression yg salah heheh tapi mungkin masa mula tukar dulu, berhajat nak bring down the seriousness tone.

    Anyway terima kasih atas komen tu, to tell u the truth, mmg bercadang nak tukar theme yg lebih matang. sbb gambar tu mcm dah ambil banyak space utama.

    julia – terima kasih atas komen dan support tu. tapi pembetulan, saya ni bukan planter. skdr kerja kilang kelapa sawit 🙂 ehehe tapi tu la, still hidup dlm estate. dan tanam pokok cili keliling rumah, so bleh la dikira planter 🙂

  14. Noushy Syah
    16 Sep 07 7:08 pm

    The title of your blog so catchy for me-immortal wisdom, which explains on your contents of writing…a thumb up for it.Yeah rite, me too, strongly recommend for a mature graphics.

    You established a very good rapport with others, that make people keep visiting your blog bcoz you valued your visitors…and not to deny of the good topics/well elaborate/simple language.

  15. banji
    16 Sep 07 11:21 pm

    noushy – thanx for the kind words and your endless support. insyaAllah if I can find the time, I will redesign this blog. Hopefully before Raya. 🙂

    Hopefully! 🙂

  16. filantera
    17 Sep 07 2:12 am

    arghhhh terlambat to comment

    anyway for me, its all gud bro! nothing to comment, but maybe heheheh low down the serious key will be better…ahahah

    “where is my sunday jokes post hahaha”

    neway congratz!

  17. banji
    17 Sep 07 5:22 am

    filantera – serious key… ok, will try, tapi tu la certain2 topic nak tak nak kena serious. 🙂

    thanx bro

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