Blind n Rabun
Summary – Our POV is sometimes hazy.. Seek others’

Thank you to all those contributing in the survey held on Saturday. It’s always a good thing knowing where we can further improve ourselves. I still need more feedback to accurately renovate the whole blog.. So for those who have other things to add, I’d really appreciate it.

I believe all of us can agree, that if we are so accustomed to something, doing the same thing day in day out. We will not be able to see anything wrong with it.

Some will be so attached to what they hold to, they are willing to fight for it. Defending it to the end, even though the truth is, the thing is not worthy to be fought for. Wow that’s very abstract of me.

Take me for example, I am so addicted to blogging, that I go to great length with the theme (the boy on the moon). At first it was a mere experiment, trying this and that… after a lot of time spent, I’ve decided that this is just perfect. (I guess the idea of changing the theme will be so tiring, that I convince myself it is perfect).

The truth is, I completely agree with some comments from friends that the theme is somewhat holding me back. It gives the wrong first impression, and there’s not that much room for me to improve. For those who did come up and highlighted this, I salute you.

It is true that every person’s opinion is different. Yours will definitely be different from mine. But now.. that is exactly why I needed to hear your opinion. To hear the other side of the whole story, to see the blog from other point of view. Whether to accept it or not is totally a different matter.

My point is simply this… every now and then, seek advice from others on the matter you believed the most (principles, loved ones etc). Most of the time, it will be very enlightening.

I guess we all have had experience of being blind. So blind that we ignore the truth. (loving someone so much, that we fail to see he/she is a bad person, being so proud that we assume everyone else is wrong etc)

Care to share your similar experience? 🙂

————–Personal Note————-
In my mill, there’s a new assistant started working last March. He used to work in another company. The first thing we did when he reported for duty is to have him go into the mill, and give us 20 things or more which he think is wrong. He came back… presenting to us about 30 items. Things like why some machine sounds weird, why our boiler seems to be very poorly controlled. My manager was smiling. I obviously not. Because those items are happening every day that I’m already so used to it I didn’t notice them anymore.

Luckily the manager also didn’t notice it eheh.

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  1. UncleJ
    16 Sep 07 6:09 pm

    banji..u know why i keep on coming here everyday? I really like ur writing style and the topics too are so informative…u dont act ur age, banji, really.
    and the bestest part is, yours is updated daily…even on weekends..blogger tegar sejati! hehehe

    wa respek lu bro!

  2. banji
    16 Sep 07 11:14 pm

    🙂 *blush

    first of all, thank you for taking the time coming here. it’s really an honor. I will try my best to improve the blog both contents and readability.

    i’m not acting my age. 🙂 hopefully ure not saying that I still behave like a teenager heheh… (joking.. i get what u mean.. thanx)

  3. inah
    17 Sep 07 12:58 am

    really like this topic..being blind..hmm..for is blind =)

  4. Banji
    17 Sep 07 1:41 am

    inah – ya la, terlupa pulak frasa cinta itu buta..

    yg peliknya dlm drama tv tu, banyak kes suami dera isteri, bila tanya isteri kenapa x report, sbb sayang.. x paham

    erk off topic

  5. filantera
    17 Sep 07 2:13 am

    hheheh love is blind……

    about the fact that many women are being abused by hubby but still didnt report……

    well, unfortunately, that is love………..

  6. aRa
    17 Sep 07 3:52 am

    Nice topic..Love is blind..i get blind 2 once and still am..i guess..Agagagaga..I used 2 have a bf that enjoy beating me up..abused me and i keep on quite abt it..Until 1 powerful day..agagaga i pukul dia balik smpi 1 mgu dia demam..PADAN MUKA!!!and we broke up..

    I am still blind now but more alert when it comes 2 abusing..No more abused..

  7. banji
    17 Sep 07 5:17 am

    filantera – hm sbb tu penting utk org lain yg nampak, sedarkan org yg bercinta mcm tu.

    tambah pulak budak2 cinta monyet.. lagi kena tunjuk jalan 🙂 kan senior2 kan ?

    aRa – enjoy beating u up? lega hati bila dgr ara belasah dia balik, 🙂 org mcm tu mmg elok diperlakukan mcm tu…

    diri kita, kitalah yg kena jaga. org lain boleh jaga, tapi diorg pun kena jaga diri sendiri…

    hebat pengalaman ara tu, harapnya banyak yg kita boleh sama2 belajar

  8. Diha
    17 Sep 07 1:08 pm

    yep banji.. sy pon suke melepak jap bace your blog.. good infos you got.. hehe..

    but then ade satu ayat tuh *being so proud that we assume everyone else is wrong*, erm, diha tak brape faham. does it mean diri kite sendiri yg terlalu bangga diri sehingga kan kite tidak menerima pendapat org lain? is that what it means?

    mak n abah always say,diha nih degil. suke buat ikut suka hati. i admit that. yes mmg, degil kdg2 tuh. sbb tah la. kdg2 sy sendiri tidak paham diri sendiri. and yes, kdg kala i pon ignore the truth. takut pada realiti hidup kdg2 tuh. tak tau cane nak ubah.

    whatever it is, sy mmg suke read ur blog. keep it up banji. =D

  9. intankamaruddin
    17 Sep 07 1:38 pm

    yeah keep it up..

    being blind… agak scary lah. takut tak sedar. sampai tak termintak nasihat :-p

  10. Banji
    17 Sep 07 3:48 pm

    diha – *being so proud that we assume everyone else is wrong*

    betul la apa yg diha faham tu, kadang2 kita terlampau bangga diri sampai dah takleh terima pendapat org. contoh mungkin mcm manager saya, kdg2 dia pandang rendah dgn org2 bawahan dia, sbb ye la dia educated dan experienced, kdg2 langsung takleh terima buah fikiran org. tu contoh je… manager sy tu alhamdulillah very rational 🙂

    sifat degil tu penting jugak.. kalau kite asyik ngikut org je, apa beza kite dgn kerbau tarik bajak kan?

    kite manusia kena ada pendapat sendiri, dan kalau kite percaya pendapat kite tu betul.. kite pertahankan. still kena selalu open mind, dan boleh terima kalau org lain boleh buktikan pendapat kite salah.

    jadi, berdegil lah secara hikmah, meaning… biar degil bertempat tu pendapat saya lah, dan harapnya lebih jelas maksud entry tu 🙂

  11. Banji
    17 Sep 07 3:50 pm

    intan – insyaAllah, selagi kita ada kawan yg baik, diorg akan sentiasa mengingatkan kita. sebab manusia ni dah memang bersifat pelupa

    mungkin sebab tu kita kena cari kawan yg baik 🙂

  12. wilda
    18 Sep 07 1:44 am

    about using the template of a boy to enlighten the serius mood tu, betul gak ek…kalo serius sgt pon x syok..hehehe

    berbalik pd topik, “being so proud that we assume everyone else is wrong”, ini bg sy, ‘perasan bagus'(mcm contoh banji td; manager tu) begini selalu ingat die dh perfect, sedangkn bnyk lg perkara yg perlu dibetulkn..
    but sometimes, org yg begini x sedar dgn perkara ni..sometimes it’s just a matter of over-confidence..sahabat2 disekeliling perlu beri bantuan..cuba buat sesuatu bg menyedarkn..mmm..mungkin mula2 sukar sbb die akan berpegang pd pendpt sendiri, but mcm kerak nasik, lama2 boleh lembut jugak kn..that is why we need frens..that’s what frens r for,rite.. i think i am always in this case..please advice me if i crossed the line :)semua manusia ada kelemahan masing2.. (alamak dh melalut kuar topik..huhu)

    tentang love is blind tuh,i agree with filantera..itulah hakikatnya..sekali lg, dlm kes ni, kita perlu org2 sekeliling yg peka utk bantu dan sedarkn if ever we r in a ‘tak-kisahla-kena-pukul-ke-kena-dera-ke-yg-penting-aku-sayang-dia’ situation..mungkin mereka anggap semua itu pengorbanan utk loved ones..dh bnyk kes begini d m’sia,kn?

    maaf banji, saya komen pnjg2..huhu..kelas cancel hari ni 🙂

  13. banji
    18 Sep 07 1:14 pm

    wilda – takpe.. mmg bercadang nak tukar 🙂 ada cadangan?

    betul kata wilda tu, org mcm manager (contoh) sy tu, mmg dia ingat dia perfect. sedangkan nobody is. tapi ada satu lagi jenis org, which is a perfectionist. 🙂 org yg strive to achieve perfection in all things. rasanya sket sebanyak sy pun mcm tu, tapi tak le kronik, sampai semua mesti tersusun rapi. just kalau buat apa2 mesti buat yg terbaik. puas hati.. hehe

    pucuk pangkal nye.. dlm hidup ni kena pandai pilih kawan. biar yg membantu dan bukan yg merosakkan 🙂

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