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Summary – Commitment is like “Bara Api”I guess it’s very true what our Prophet Muhammad said before. Generally translated as “Holding on to a commitment is like holding a burning-red stone (bara api)” The pain is not on the holding the stone, but on the time we can hold the stone.Hundreds of examples can be picked from Ramadhan, but the truth is.. thousands more can be seen from our everyday’s life.

  • Exam week – any seconds pass by we are reminded automatically to grab a book and study, but when the exam is over, the sight of book itself is demoralizing (good ol times hehe)
  • When the Department of Environment is coming the next week, I am able to work non-stop preparing all the documentation, and oversee the mill compliance (And not for just one day, for the whole one week…) but when nobody’s coming.. heh 🙂

So how do you hold on to that burning stone? Here’s a few ideas

1) Celebration should be both a cooling down and warming up period to another set of work. Celebrate a bit and start back the work. What we are actually doing now is .. after exam, we will celebrate and declare hate-war to books. (I even remember one of my friend got so angry at his book, he threw it down from 3rd floor. Then after he cooled down, he went down and pick it back up. One emotional boy)

2) The aim must be clear. The reason we always stop committing is when we no longer think the work is important. Believe me.. there’s no other reason. The only way is to remind us of its importance. Call up dearest mother and ask how much she had spent for our study. Or go watch that TV3 drama where it shows how people who didn’t pray suffer in hell (Always work for me.. but tomorrow must watch again :p)

3) The keyword is “now”.. The “past” is basically the only items we can never get back in the whole universe (even 1s before.. look another second go by, there’s another hehe) and the future is just like a food on a trolley coming to you. It means nothing unless it reach you. And by the time it reaches you, it is no longer a future.. it is a “now”. In short… we only have “now” to do what ever we want with our life. (I suddenly have the urge to clean up the kitchen). Why I highlighted this.. is because one of the most vicious commitment destroyer is …. (yes you guess it right) Procrastination.

4) There’s a fighter in all of us. We generally called it our Ego. Make use of this ego… Remember the “bara api”? tell yourself that if you fail to hold on to your commitment, you will be the same as the rest of people, losers! you are not a loser. You are a fighter.. a “Pendekar”.. no soft whisper will bring you down. Flame that ego.. If suddenly you felt like skipping one prayer because you are plain lazy, immediately imagine the heat in your palm. That should work

Hm I wonder how YOU stay committed with your works? please share?

————–Personal Note————-
Yesterday, the mrs and I went to the clinic for our scheduled monthly checkup. According to the nurse, if she fail to come, they will call us up and maybe come to our house for visit. My first reaction was WOW! that’s very committed of them. That’s not all, when they see that there were so many mothers waiting, one nurse even asked the mrs and a few more mothers to join her for a healthy diet briefing. I’m really impressed.Hopefully it will not be a one month thing.

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  1. filantera
    24 Oct 07 8:48 am

    huhuh bara api………

    talking about commitment kan!

    i think, the solution for holding this bara api is, to love holding them! yeap…. (okay, i am in this mood kay , nak komplen tru fon jer hehe)

    if we love to study, after exam, maybe now when we are already working….still ada urge nak cari buku, or atleast ebook, ot maybe some article kan!

    if we love to pray, we feel the urge, tak sembahyang terasa tak bestnyer, cam tak mandi pagi pegi keja, camtu….then bara api will be nice to hold……

    if we love our partner dearly, bawa dia ke klinik is just as fun as going to zoo kan!what if personal notes tu written like this:

    “yesterday bawa mrs pegi klinik, the nurse tu cakap, kalau tak dtg, diorg akan call or maybe dtg umah…Hello!!! mcm laaa i tak tau kena check setiap bulan!macam laa takde klinik lain nak pi, then ada several mother kat situ gak, the the nurse bleh plak ajak gather nak bagi ceramah pasal makanan kesihatan…….ye la tu, nak kipas laa tu…alahai benda y ang dia cakap tu ada dlm pamphlet laaaaa…….mcm laa nurse tu slim sgt ! ”

    okay, admitted i hate myself writing the above statement hehehhehe tp thats the reality when love is not in the heart………………………………………………….

  2. 24 Oct 07 12:44 pm

    a very well written point. 🙂

    mcm org bercinta kan cakap, lautan api pun sanggup kurenangi. berenang tu… bukan setakat tapak tangan, banyak lagi permukaan kulit kena api.. tapi sanggup gak hehe

    hm baru nak faham apa yg dimaksudkan dgn personal note altered tu, maksud filantera… kalau tak sayang kan isteri, akan mula lah rasa cranky dan semuanya nak dikomplen dan terasa susah. am i right?

  3. filantera
    24 Oct 07 2:24 pm

    yup, takut plak org salah faham hehehe…..

    tp tula, benda bila tak disukai, yang best pun terasa tak best….

  4. 24 Oct 07 7:39 pm

    🙂 tapi tu la.. susah jugak nak sukakan something, kalau dah mmg tak suka. kan?

  5. 24 Oct 07 9:40 pm

    hmm.. commitment tu akan dtg sendiri kalau rasa suka terhadap sesuatu tu ade.
    ala, mcm org bercinta, hujan ka, ribut ka, kalau nak kuar berdating mesti jadi punya. macam tula commitment ni.
    how am I stay committed? simply if I love it so much I won’t let myself ‘ponteng’ from doing that thing.
    probably, that’s what people call obsession, but actually I’m proud of it 🙂
    and tell you the truth, it ain’t easy to stay committed. tak caye, cuba try join IIUM angklung club, hehe…

  6. 24 Oct 07 10:56 pm

    azuwachan – bila dah passionate about a thing, walaupun susah… takde yg menghalang kan.

    mcm blogging gak, pernah baca dulu.. when we don’t enjoy blogging, just stop. 🙂 blogging is hard work.. and u should only do it if ure having fun with it

    boleh tolong emailkan borang iium anklung club tu? heheh mcm le berbakat main muzik. dulu belajar main gitar, reti le satu lagu… 10 tahun lepas tu, masih reti satu lagu tu jugak ahhaha

    seronok bila dgr org yg passionate about the thing talk about the thing… 🙂

  7. 25 Oct 07 10:46 pm

    hehe… what I always stand for is,
    Once you got it, don’t let it go. Just grab it and do it.
    And love it. Then the thing called commitment will come automatically.
    Tp malangnya ramai rakan2 yang tak pernah nak mengerti diri sendiri tp cuba nak memahami orang lain. Sedih, kan??
    So bang Banji, bila anak abang dah keluar, dah besar, let him/her do what s/he wants, tp dalam batas2 yang tidak melampaui agama dan undang2. Let him/her learns about him/herself first before they learn about others, ok??!
    hehe.. mcm dah ada pengalaman plak 🙂

  8. banji
    26 Oct 07 12:22 am

    Interesting idea… insyaAllah akan dijadikan entry.

    tapi pasal anak dimasa depan tu, rasanya kita tak leh salahkan mak ayah kalau terlalu jagakan anak, tgk sendiri skrg… pergi beraya pun boleh kena rogol, dunia dah makin gila…

    dan kalau biarkan anak2 buat keputusan sendiri, tanpa sebarang panduan… terlampau risiko.

    tapi betul la apa yg azuwachan cakap, kena bagi kebebasan yg terkawal pada anak2, kalau tak bagi dia akan cari sendiri dan itu selalunya lebih membahayakan. tapi keyword nya ialah terkawal… biar dia belajar dari kesalahan dia, tapi mak ayah tahu. banyak sy kena belajar lagi ttg parenting 🙂

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