Summary – Defining you or Redefining Priorities

Yesterday, I’ve posted a question on what message would you like to give to yourself in the past if it is possible? What do you want to change? I personally thanks fellow friends answering :). The answers provided can be further discussed in so many interesting ways.

1) First way – Nothing should be changed
What we are now is the accumulated result of what we experience through out our life. For example, during our life, we had an incident where we found a golden necklace lying on the street, what we did with it will determine the person you are now. either an opportunist who sold the necklace and enjoy or an honest person who know what’s his/her and what’s not.

Anything in life is connected, that’s for sure. The person you are now really is shaped by your experience, good or bad. And if anything changed, you will be entirely different.

2) Second way – The message shows what really important in your life
Another way to look at this message from the future scenario, is appreciating what really matter in life. Let us assume we are 80 years old, and we are actually dying. What would we be thinking then? What do we want to do/have at the time that we would willingly surrender all our wealth in the world to get it?

  • More time – to do what?
  • See and hold your children – Why don’t you take the opportunity when you are well and young?
  • Say “I love you” to your wife – She still don’t know?
  • Apologize to your parents – Why do you have to apologize in the first place, don’t you appreciate them?

Usually, when we are at that moment, we will finally understand what’s the most important thing in life. And we will wish with all our heart to go back in time and change our priorities. Don’t you agree?

If you do agree… what’s stopping us from receiving that message from the future? and act on it now? (Just pretend that we received the message.. 🙂 )

————–Personal Note—————-
I still remember being by my grandfather’s side during his passing away in 1994. That was the first time I had such experience. I was very very sad.. my grandfather had always been my closest friend and when it happened all I can do is to recite the Surah Yassin endlessly. I can’t bear to see him so I just recite and recite.Hopefully when my time comes, I will have no regret and that everything I want to say has been said, everything I want to do has been done. Amiin..

Losing the one we loved has never been easy, right?

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  1. filantera
    27 Oct 07 11:41 am

    hehe while i was driving yesterday, this thought come to my mind………….

    kalau nak post warning to us in the past, or to give a very useful advise to ourselves back then…ada caranya!!

    ive found it!

    simply, give the advice to ourself in younger version!………………………..our children……..the children on earth.

    may they not repeat our mistake……………….or to repeat it greater ways!!!!

  2. banji
    27 Oct 07 12:59 pm

    filantera – that’s a great find bro 🙂 who’s better to inherit our wisdom and experience if not our children

    As a matter of fact… that’s exactly why is founded 🙂

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