Summary – What would you advise yourself?

Yesterday I watched a movie – Paycheck, starring Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman. Basically Ben helped created a device that allow him to see the future. He sees himself die, but the problem is after he’d done with his work, his memory will be erased. So how could he prevent it? He actually send himself items to help him escape everything that will kill him. Interesting…Now I have two questions for you, I really appreciate it if you could help me by answering them.

If you could send a message to yourself back in time to any moment in your life, (in writing of course). What would you advise yourself?

  • Don’t fall in love with this soon-to-be bad guy
  • Study hard in the first year
  • Appreciate your mother and don’t fight any words from her

I can understand if you don’t want to disclose the answer. The message will be too personal. But I really appreciate those who do..

Unfortunately time machine doesn’t exist. But I still believe if we are about to die, we will start thinking of things we should, or shouldn’t do, things we should appreciate more (like parents, spouse, children, solat etc).

Now imagine you are very old, what message do you want yourself on the 26th October 2007 get? and most importantly.. Will you listen?

————–Personal Note————-
I read Stephen Hawking’s public lecture on the beginning of time and how time travel is mathematically possible. Personally, I like to think time travel is possible, even though I don’t think it is. If it is possible, then what we are doing right now has no actual value, because “now” is simply a past for the future. And we all know a past cannot be changed. So if time travel really is possible, what I want to do is not important since it is already written what I will do. If I am deciding to kill an animal now, it is not important since those in the future already know what I decided. The whole value of living actually collapsed with time travelling.Headache? so am I… so am I 🙂

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  1. filantera
    26 Oct 07 8:52 am

    if i can fly back to the pass……..mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    1988: i will ngorat that girls next door ( u know who la kan banji :P) more efficiently

    1990: i will ask myself to be careful crossing the road

    heheh basically, takde apa nak di ubah,. bersyukur dgn all the mistakes i have done before………….it really help me being who i am right now……….

  2. 26 Oct 07 9:19 am

    Salam Lebaran to Banji… Huaaa….nice advice for yourself..hehehee..

  3. azuwachan
    26 Oct 07 12:18 pm

    “If you could send a message to yourself back in time to any moment in your life, (in writing of course). What would you advise yourself?”

    I don’t know la bang Banji. Things do happen without us knowing the consequences. Each that happen actually give impact to our path of life. Good or bad, we decide.
    So if I could have the chance to send a message to myself in the future or the past, hmm… let’s see.
    Probably I would tell myself to stick in what I believe, to choose music education rather than engineering (I was an engineering student before FYI) and English Literature, for example. I would tell myself to choose UITM or ASWARA rather than UIA.
    However, like I said, what we chose today will effect the path of our life. If I really listen to the message, probably the positive effect is I would be a professional musician nowadays. But the bad effect is, maybe I have so little knowledge about Islam, since here I need to take minor Islamic Revealed Knowledge and many of my friends who came from religious schools who had taught me so much about anything I didn’t know before.
    So which one is better, I wouldn’t know. And until now I would never knew about it.
    In making choices in life is a complicated matter. Life is so unpredictable, even though we had planned it so perfectly and complete, but I bet there must be once or twice that the plan will go wrong, and if that happen then you have to plan again.
    Don’t you think it’s annoying?? For me, yes.
    So the conclusion is, I would never send a message for me in the future or past. Life is enjoyable with its unpredictability. So have fun!! 🙂

    mak ai, panjangnye saye tulis!! hehe…

  4. 26 Oct 07 12:20 pm

    filantera – cinta tak kesampaian kan hehe 🙂 dah takleh nak bayangkan dah muka diorg pun skrg, kalau jupe tengah jalan pun tak sure kenal lagi ke tak.

    ttg eksiden tu, mmg antara experience paling tak besh. tapi sejak ari tu, im a more careful driver, both bicycle and car 🙂 so ada hikmah gak

    shakirah – salam lebaran kembali 🙂 erk advice yg mana ye? yg tiga tu contoh je huhu

  5. 26 Oct 07 12:29 pm

    azuwachan – hehe takpe, alang2 kita menulis biar sampai org faham 🙂 so panjang2 dialukan

    I couldn’t put it in a better word, life is enjoyable with its unpredictability.. the idea that we woke up and not knowing what will happen is very refreshing.

    But I have to raise a quote from (erk I don’t know where exactly this quote from)

    “There is no failure… only different result.”

    There will be choices throughout our life, more than often we have to take a stand, choose one and live with it. But it is never a failure to choose. Like you said, if you choose music as your major, most probably you can be a proffessional musician, but with the course in UIA, you are gaining other thing in life, like Islamic Knowledge. (Just a different result).

    But seriously speaking, from what I can read from your blog, it really shows that even in UIA, you still excel in your music study, coming to the top of your class. Not only you are slowly on your way to becoming proffesional musician, you learnt other stuff as well. So Congratulation!! congratulation for knowing what you want and work hard for it! 🙂

  6. 26 Oct 07 7:32 pm

    Salam banji,
    Yang di tulis : Payee/Taxable entity tu ke ?
    Saya isi nama penuh saya.Dan pengeluaran adalah melalui PayPal.
    Dalam blog yang lama ,ada saya nampak widgetbucks Banji. la ni letak kat mana? Bagus tak pendapatan widgetbucks Banji ?Harap kongsi pengalaman.

  7. 26 Oct 07 10:41 pm


    for msg to the past, i’d like to tell myself – “you’re doing fine, don’t be too doubtful of yourself, and wait for better scholarship in any warmer country!”. Haha.

    for msg to be sent on 26th oct (is that today?) – i dont have any idea. Lol.

    Banji, are you really interested in knowing abt other ppl’s personal experience and thoughts like this? Or you just put a question so that ppl would comment later? Why do you want to know huh?



  8. 26 Oct 07 10:56 pm

    Ahmad – ok terima kasih atas info tu, sy belum ada lagi paypal account. masih tengah research 🙂 pernah dapat payment guna paypal?

    Intan – it must be freezing cold there in Russia hehe, but surely there’s a lot of hidden hikmah u being there?

    as for your question, Yes… I am interested. I believe everyone has a message or two for ourselves back in time, but I also know that some of the answers maybe too private to be shared. That I understand…

    For these friends (with private message), thinking about the message itself will surely provoked more important questions, like what really matters. Maybe that’s my hidden agenda 🙂

    In short, it’s always interesting to know people better 🙂

  9. DaPocket
    26 Oct 07 11:46 pm

    message for me on
    26/10 : buat report tuu… jangan duk ralit rehat sangat…

    1996 : Good Choice… but commit to it.

    1990 : Pegang Filantera kuat kuat… hahahah

  10. banji
    27 Oct 07 12:35 am

    DaPocket – dah pukul 12 ni… ape cite report tu 🙂

    1996 : good choice? hm mcm ada idea apa benda, tapi takleh nak confirm, ur study in rpkj ke?

    1990 : hahah ye la, ngeri lak bila pikir betapa dekatnya hamba Allah tu dgn tayar lori isk

    All – thanx for all answering! 🙂

  11. 27 Oct 07 1:01 am

    yeah. provoke people to think 😀

    thanks for answering too! heheh. and provoking us to think.

  12. 27 Oct 07 10:09 am

    intan – hopefully everyone will benefit… Especially me 🙂

  13. 27 Oct 07 10:41 pm

    the RPKJ thing…

    turns out that i couldnt finish the report for i’ve fallen asleep on the couch after ‘heroes – 0205 fight or flight’

    banji nak heroes?
    i’ll send a disc from 0201 – 0206 … OK?

  14. banji
    28 Oct 07 12:56 am

    hm mesti la nak… tapi heroes hari tu pun mcm takleh tengok la kat dvd player banji ni. ntah apsal…

    takpe lah, tgk kat tv je la nanti 🙂 thanx !

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