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This is a continuation of the previous post on Redefining Priority

I heard this from a forwarded email and rewrite it for better understanding. Imagine you have a box for your computer. This is what you are supposed to pack, a set of computer, some CDs and unlimited amout of blank diskette. How do you pack?

1) Blank diskette first, CDs and then computer?
2) CDs first, computer and then blank diskete?
3) Computer first, CDs and then blank diskette?

If you start packing your blank diskettes first, the box will be filled with diskettes. How do you want to pack the computer or the CDs then?

To properly pack, we must pack the important ones first – the computer. Then if there is still some space left, pack the CDs. Blank diskettes is the least important because there are a lot of them and they are all blank.

Life is like that, we must first entertain the most important things in life, which are family, spouse, children etc. Then only we check on our career, friends, blogs, etc. The least important thing in life is like popularity, ego etc

———— personal note ————-
I have to admit, that when I started this blog.. sometime I spend more time with the blog than with my family. (At the moment there’s only the mrs, later only there’ll be family 🙂 ), So I sincerely apologize to the mrs that if there is at anytime she feels neglected. There’s no way I am like that. She is the most important person in my life.. Period. Even so, it is she who is the most supportive of me throughout my journey to blog. I really appreciate this..p.s. The original story actually involves a jar, stone and sand.

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  1. 29 Oct 07 9:46 am

    SOunds familiar…hehhehe..

    Indeed..know your priorities..

    Blogging is addicted, do you believe that? Perhaps you make special entry or similarity to Blogging and addiction, you’ll be amazed to know that regardless gender and age, many are addicted to it..the question is, is it a good or bad thing?

    To me though I’m also one of them, but I do have my quality time with fmly/friends/and the loved one’s…period.

  2. 29 Oct 07 10:17 am

    Hm I have to change it from the original jar/big stone/sand story because much easier to describe the size of computer cd and diskettes 🙂

    Blogging being addicted, I believe we are all the living proof of that. Being addicted is very similar to being passionate. But I guess addiction can be bad if you fail to recognize which is the more important things in life

    Good for you that you still allocate that quality time for your loved ones 🙂 Any secrets?

  3. 29 Oct 07 1:02 pm

    i have wondered before… why aren’t you spending more night time with ur mrs? hehhehe.. instead, u’re online at 12 am and 1 am blogging… tak terasa ke wife… 🙂

  4. 29 Oct 07 1:38 pm

    itu dulu… masa mula2 nak kick start the blog, hopefully skrg dgn host sendiri ni, boleh buat auto posting 🙂

    have i mentioned how supportive she is? 🙂

  5. 29 Oct 07 4:25 pm

    mmg mentioned.. tapi, ermm *thinking*

  6. 29 Oct 07 6:02 pm

    ntah apa le yg difikirkan tu 🙂

  7. 31 Oct 07 12:36 pm

    Blogging is addicted..Masa memula start dulu..i don’t know what actually should i blog abt..Lastly after some advice of a friend..dia ckp bgs abt ur perkembangan..coz ye la..i dah berjauh ngan kwn2..that the way 2 keep in touch..Agagaga..

    Now..i get addicted with blogging..klo sehari tak berblog..mcm tak complete lak a day..Agagaga..Blogging helps me control my feeling actually..Bila stress..blogging la help me..Belasah je la nak mrh someone tapi 2 la..tak mantion la nama dia..Agagaga..

  8. 31 Oct 07 1:33 pm

    aRa – selalunya mcm tu , masa mula2 mmg kita tak tau nak tulis pasal apa, tapi lama2 kita akan ada konsep sendiri, time tu baru menarik 🙂

    update ttg diri sendiri mmg antara tujuan asal blog diciptakan kan? org semua interested to know.

    mcm aRa dan musim menggong nye 🙂

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