I’m sorry for yesterday.. Unable to update and to reply your message. I was in KL sending my mother back. Her MC was over.. She’s going to buy a blood pressure digital meter and hopefully she will be able to monitor her diet and bp level better

With the intention of not spamming my own board…

Gina – kristin kreuk datang… 🙂 aiseh muka bangun tido ni hehe. smlm ke kl, ari ni dah start kerja dgn jayanya

iEn – nampak sgt tak menarik, sempat tido 🙂 sila sila, kat archive tu sunyi

azuwachan – cian diputuskan dari internet… jgn marah2 sgt, marah dua tiga hari cukup la. oh ya email diterima.. terima kasih!

UncleJ – alhamdulillah, seminggu sekali tu jenguk2 la sy kat sini 🙂 dah lama jugak tak dgr curahan pengalaman uncle kat sini…

faez – baca thru archive atau dah boleh jumpa page navigation tu? apa pun… terima kasih atas support tu 🙂

Noushy – yesterday’s monday is a rainy one. And I didn’t bring my umbrella, so working sexily soaked heheheh

taqeyyabella – alhamdulillah sihat… walaupun kena ujan sket smlm. taqeyyabella? tak ujan kat sana?

wilda – take ur time… dah kerja keras utk xm, u deserve the rest. ulasan wilda ttg do u know who u really r tu mmg tepat. itulah yg nak dihighlightkan 🙂


thanx to all visitting… You’re the best!

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