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Summary – 4 Decluttering Categories

If you google the word “declutter”, I’m sure you will be surprised at how many tips there are in the world. Well there are going to be an additional one today.

Declutter is basically when you clear your table. Imagine your room.. you have a bed full of cloth on it, a computer desk with food and some magazine. a side table with everything.. you can’t even see what color is the table. Imagine now… your room has only a bed, computer desk and the side table. Wouldn’t it be more relaxing?

The tips described are based on my experience and of my personal opinion. There are only 4 categories – Being Used, Useful, Beautiful, Etc.

Now check every items in your room… even that small paperclips and categorize them

1) Being used

  • These are items that you used almost everyday. Computer, books and pillow fall under this category. Bear in mind, that items that has not been used for more than 2 days is not to be put under this category.
  • Items under category “Being Used” must be made available and accessible at all time. Meaning, you should be able to see them at all times. So put them back in a proper place.

2) Useful

  • These are items that you seldom used but they are useful nonetheless. Typical examples are like radio, nail clipper, handphone charger etc.
  • All items under this category must be hidden. They must be put in a box or a place but it must be hidden. One thing about hiding a useful item is we must always know where to find it when we really need it. So make sure all boxes are properly labelled and hidden in a known area. Remember the keywords are hidden but accessible. 🙂

3) Beautiful

  • Beautiful items are meant to be seen. But too much of them will just make it ugly. For example you have 100 photo frames. If you put it out, then there will be no place for everything else. So for beautiful items… there are only two keywords to follow – Minimal and rotation! Rotate your items. For example, just put one frame on the computer desk (minimizing), and another on the side table. Hide the other 98 frames in a box. Tomorrow, take out two frames and replace the one on the computer desk and side table.. Now simplicity is beautiful don’t you think?

4) Etc

  • Everything else… I mean everything else is etc. Throw them away, or if the items had some sentimental value, take digital picture of them. Then just throw them away. Old novel can be given to friends, Old clothes can be donated etc.

Do you see any problem with the categories? Something I might have missed? Do tell and let’s patch the hole together..

Now this is Decluttering Tips #1 🙂

———– Personal Note ————-
Decluttering is never about cleaning up. It is more on simplifying life. By doing so.. we will immediately know what is important in life. A quick exercise – declutter your desktop screen… 🙂

Eh I’m supposed to write personal stuff here. Well the wallpaper I’m using is of last year’s Aidilfitri. The first Raya with the mrs in the family. Next year there will be another new member in the family, eh two new member in the family 🙂

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  1. filantera
    22 Nov 07 8:13 am

    u know wat, reading this entry terus urge me to clean up my table hahahaha

    and i did!

    well i guess ur mrs , my sis in law is fall in three categories…being used, useful, beautiful! kekekekkekekke jgn maraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. banji
    22 Nov 07 5:34 pm

    filantera – good for u… let’s do that again next week 🙂

    anyway, the mrs is never belong to any categories.. being in one is suggesting that they are more than one “the mrs” 🙂

    the idea of more than one “the mrs” is painful… (kena cubit huhu)

  3. 23 Nov 07 12:16 am

    Agagagaga..i have a lot of things on my computer desk..Aiyooo..everyweek kemas tapi the next day kotor balik..Ade make-up desk tapi nak make-up depan pc mcm2 la atas meja..

    I byk sgt item being used ni..Agagaga..memandangkan ngangur dok rmh…smua being used..Agagaga..even kamus..(i suka baca kamus..find new cool words yg jarang org pakai)..

    K la..need 2 clean my desk..agagagaga..

  4. 23 Nov 07 12:31 pm

    aRa – agaknya makeup dpn pc tu guna webcam kut huhu 🙂

    suka baca kamus? wah tak ramai org yg berhobi mcm tu, dah sampai huruf apa?

    hari ni pun nak cuti, sbb nak kemas rumah sket.. dah mcm zoo

  5. 24 Nov 07 9:21 am

    i remembered those time when banji use to read kamus n brag about those word in side. still remember the word la banji….
    Jabbering 😀
    when u kept on talking pointlessly 😛

  6. banji
    24 Nov 07 2:09 pm

    DaPocket – heheh yes I do attempt to read dictionary when I was younger. And I give it up at the word J heheh

    hopefully blogging and jabbering is not the same 🙂

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