Summary – Grab that digital camera and let them go

I am human after all, and human farted hehe… Last entry I was explaining the importance of memories. In my effort to cherish memories, I’ve collected quite a lot of items my entire life. I bet you too must have memorabilia of your own. Maybe the first gift from your loved ones, or your birthday present from “Darjah 2” (Primary School) etc.

Believe me, I have a bag full of those. But.. over time, I found out that the bag is very troublesome to be carried around everytime I moved. (From schooling to university to working). So one day, I make a decision to get rid of all of the items. Everything… But of course after I take pictures of them with my digital camera. In other words.. I am digitalizing my memories to be saved in my pc.

That’s the whole point of this entry. Let go of your stuff. Yes, the items are all important and emotional. But they are taking up spaces. Digitalize them using your camera and save it in your pc. You will see that life will be easier and less clutter without all the items. You can even put password to your folder to keep anyone from prying.

First step to a more organized and less-cluttered life

Do you collect items of memories? and if you do, what would be your most valuable item of all?

————- Personal Note ————–
Just a sneak peak of some of the items I collected. Nothing interesting, but they are some of my valued treasure

Jam Tiruan

I bought this imitation of Omega watch, for RM30… Actually it cost much cheaper than that.. And in 4 months or so, the watch was rusted 🙂 (Padan muka)


My first wallet in my life, bought I think in 1990 🙂


My sister Mira was about 4 years old, she was enjoying the sweets when I asked her for one, and I told her that I like it very much. Later that evening, I travelled back to KL and suddenly I noticed that sweets was put in my bag… She wanted me to have them hehe 🙂

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  1. filantera
    21 Nov 07 8:55 am

    so terharu tgk bekas coklat itu hahaha

  2. Syikri
    21 Nov 07 9:12 am

    Your idea definitely seems so practicable yet there is one thing you should notice: “Please backup your folder otherwise you will not see your pictures of valuable things once again. Despite the fact that you have already put the password to keep anyone from prying, I highly advice you to backup the folder.”

    P/S: What a brilliant idea!

  3. 21 Nov 07 9:55 am

    Aye, good write up, mate.

    I would also suggest to store those digital images online, as personal hard drives are likely to fail once their life time is up, can also do backup on optical discs such as DVD too!

    Nowadays, I find myself digging through old photo albums and feeling the urge to digitize all those photos of yesteryear.


  4. 21 Nov 07 11:10 am

    haa…terharu nye.. iskkk.. baik nye kakak die.. macam kak kite.. sume kakak mmg baik kan.. 🙂

  5. 21 Nov 07 3:45 pm

    ehehehehe….I suka collect things..Tiket ex-bf nye kotak rokok pun i simpan..Agagagaga…of course la dah empty(semua brg2 yg ex²-bf i bg i letak lam kotak..tak buang pun kecuali my 1’st love..agagaga)….even kertas soklan SPM 1999 pun i masih simpan..2 me..all that are memories..easily forgotten but once u take a look at those things…u’ll remember back ur memories..

    Kita mmg harus pandang kehadapan…future tapi jgn pernah lupa masa lalu kita..krn masa lalu la yg sbnrnya mengajar kita and mendewasakan kita..Terlalu memandang ke hadapan akan bt kita senang lupa diri sekali sekala pandang kebelakang tok ingat kembali asal usul kita..supaya tak lupa diri..Uhuhuhuhu…jgn nampak antu dah la ek..Agagagaga..

  6. banji
    21 Nov 07 5:36 pm

    filantera – heheh mmg. yg buat terharu tu, sbb lama jugak baru jumpa coklat tu, by the time, coklat pun dah cair 🙂 still that’s a very nice surprise

  7. banji
    21 Nov 07 5:39 pm

    Syikri – thanx for the reminder. Definitely we need to do backup when it comes to all things digital 🙂 In the end, the whole idea of digitizing the memories are for it to last forever. thanx again bro

    Do you have anything from our yesteryears?

  8. banji
    21 Nov 07 5:44 pm

    Deimos Tel`Arin – Thanx Deimos, that’s a very good idea, backup’ing the files online. I never consider this before, simply because I am on dialup, and it’s very torturing to upload 🙂 Still online storage and DVD are some of the best way to backup

    I have about 5 album each with about 150 photos (I guess)… and yes I too plan to digitize them. Just in case the photos are ruined with time. Should start slowly

    Welcome to the blog Deimos 🙂

  9. banji
    21 Nov 07 5:48 pm

    tic – erk.. mungkin ada salah faham disitu. mira tu adik sy… lebih kurang 4 tahun yg lepas. skrg dia darjah dua hehe sbb tu yg rasa terharu sgt. kanak2 lepaskan apa yg dia suka utk abg dia 🙂

  10. banji
    21 Nov 07 7:03 pm

    aRa – dihighlightkan… ex2 bf.. heheh gurau je. seronok simpan barang2 ni ara, tapi tu la… lama2 jadi mcm beban lak nak bawak kesana sini, tak bawak.. nanti org kat rumah tgk mcm sampah, buang lak. tu yg digitalize gak tu.

    tak pandang belakang, boleh eksiden woo terus jadi hantu.. (unsur2 tahyul) hehe, kena seimbangkan lah ye ara. hidup sebaiknya dimasa kini, pandang ke masa depan utk harapan dan toleh ke masa belakang utk pengalaman 🙂

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