Summary – 5 Shopping Mistakes

Based on my buying-the-laptop the other day, these are some of the mistake I believe we often do when shopping for an item. (You can’t get a more direct introduction than that hehe)

1)Buying at the first shop
Here’s the scenario. There are a lot of shops selling laptop, you approach one and you were given quite a good offer and you take it. This is mistake #1. There will always be better deal at shop #2 🙂

2) Buying because you’re tired
Pc Fair or shopping complexes are huge places. Because of this, most of the time, people will buy things at the last stop, just because they’re tired to go back to shop #27. In my opinion, if you’re tired, just take a rest. Buying things when our mind is clouded is a big mistake. We could end up buying a massager chair instead of a laptop 🙂

Last Friday, there was this one seller who actually use this trick. He clearly said that there will be a mysterious gift waiting if I bought from him, and he said that he will only tell me what the gift is when I come back after my surveying. See… if I did come back, I will be very tired, and those offer will look very tempting

3) Buying because you plan to buy
The scenario: You had actually planned to buy this laptop, and even took a day off just to properly survey. But it turns out the laptop you’re looking for is not available. What would you do? People often do the mistake of thinking he must buy something since he had spent the time. So since the laptop is not available, maybe he bought a new wardrobe.

Never buy for the sake of buying. If the items you’re looking for is not there, postpone the whole shopping until it’s there.

4) Fail to use your buying power
When you have the money, act like you’re having them. Ask question, be demanding and haggle. When you’re actually buying, you will have that power. Use it.. because the seller will be using their power, which is trying to make you part with your money thinking that you are actually making profit out of them

Haggle.. hm I will do another topic specifically on this 🙂

5) No research
This is the biggest mistake done while shopping. You have to research, irregardless of what you want to buy. You need to know :

  • what you actually want
  • what you actually need
  • what you should expect

You can’t go wrong, Google will be a great way to start

– I wonder –
Any other mistakes you can add in to this list?

———— Personal Note ————-
One thing for sure, shopping is really a great way to enjoy yourself, with that much purchasing power. hm next item on my things to buy would be a house, which probably will be achieved in 4-5 years from now. Hope so… 🙂

Anybody selling? 🙂

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  1. 11 Dec 07 4:43 am

    Ahh.. Penat taip comment. Terpush butang back pulak. Huh.

    Type again. I agree on point fifth. Dulu I bought a creative mp3 player on impulse, it broke down in 2nd week, only then did i browsed on net, to see that it was really a spoilt product, many ppl hd been havin the same prob.. Lucky me the shop then let me choose any player I wanted in exchange..
    Later on, when I needed to buy new cam, it took me veeery long time, almost half a year.. Then finally I decided on Sony T30 – a product of thorough research and cracking review reads – that became one of my VERY precious items. Sgt berbaloi….

    So my suggestion — berusahalah buat research before beli. compare features, harga n evythin. Baru puas hati sgt2.. 😀

  2. 11 Dec 07 1:12 pm

    ahaks.. 5 shopping mistakes!
    bout the laptop thingy, btol la tuh.. hehe.. kedai lain biasenye ade yg offer lebih bagus.. tapi org kate kire nasib la bile kite stop at that kdai n beli things from that kdai.. 🙂
    aii, semakin umur saya meningkat, sy jadi makin boros!
    hehe.. but usually bile nk beli sesuatu, sy suke survey dulu..buat 2 kali survey.. sbb slalunye bile kali kedua survey, mesti tak jadi beli..hehe..

  3. 11 Dec 07 6:20 pm

    Aiyooo…i rasa i penah ckp..i ni kedekut ckit..hohoho.. When it comes 2 buying something…10x fkr..i want the best…So bila “i want the best” research nye bukan main!!! Survey nya pun bkn main…Tnya kwn pun bkn main…

    Klo misalnya nak beli kat KL..i akan tnya my friend yg ade kat KL..and even my sist…Tempat mana bgs beli sekian2 brg..Then…br p survey sdiri brg itew..Bila dah puas ati…br beli…

    Br2 ni ade beli pen..signature pen…I rasa minah 2 dok curse i la..nyumpah2..Hohohoho…I ngan byk tnya…Ngan cerewetnya…Tak nak mcm itew..tak nak mcm ini..Muka salesgurl itew pun dah berubah…tapi bila i beli lak pen iteww..dia senyum..hohoho..

    Hurmmm…bila la dpt shopping lagi ni…Hope masa my trip 2 KL end of this month dpt shopping…Hohohoho

  4. 11 Dec 07 10:18 pm

    well…i’m finally finished payin my Camera…
    which i bought it like 3 weeks before the price goes from 2999 to 2600… dang.
    n when u bought using those 12 times payment… the price actually becomes high. 278rm per month for a year.
    which is 3.3k…
    but all and all.. luv the camera… n plannin on buying a new lense for it next year.
    Just there’s a thought that the thing can actually be much much cheaper if u know how .

    so …research is the answer.:D

  5. banji
    11 Dec 07 11:13 pm

    intan – terima kasih tak give up jugak bagi comment 🙂

    research mmg yg paling penting, sy pun after research dapat tau yg laptop ni problem dia ialah nak cari driver utk windows xp, so antara syarat ketika beli ialah tokey kedai tu mesti boleh bagi sy driver tu.. senang kerja hehe

    so mcm intan cakap, utk kepuasan hati yg sgt2, research lah sepuas2 nye. bukan senang kan nak dapat duit

  6. banji
    11 Dec 07 11:16 pm

    diha – utk org yg terbeli kat kedai yg pertama, elakkan dari bertanya lagi kat kedai kedua… terus balik 🙂 baru tak sakit hati

    ttg survey kali kedua tu, hehe sy lain lak, makin disurvey makin kuat lak hajat nak beli tu . kena force diri sendiri balik kerumah pikir dulu. then baru tak jadi

  7. banji
    11 Dec 07 11:22 pm

    aRa – i remember.. ttg ke stingy an ara 🙂 ala duit bukan benda yg mewah utk kita, so kena le berjimat cermat kan?

    ara akan ke kl ujung bulan ni? nak beli apa le tu?dah survey abis2an dah?

    rasanya mmg promoter tu akan sumpah2 kalau kita interrogate dia tapi tak beli apa2. hm hati2 kalau shopping kat petaling street. kat sana, kalau kita dah tawar harga, dan seller tu setuju, pastu kita tak beli… boleh kena pukul. kalau boleh jgn kesana kay

  8. banji
    11 Dec 07 11:26 pm

    DaPocket – for me.. from what I can see the money spent is well worth it, you really use the camera.

    about that price drop, 🙂 what can we do, we will never know the future, so just redha saja lah

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