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This story I picked up from the net quite a long time ago, and thus I believe most of you might have come across it. However, for the benefit of those who haven’t read it, I’m going to rewrite it here

In a small village, there lived a farmer and his daughter. The farmer somehow had owed a huge sum of money from the local money lender, and he wasn’t able to pay him back.

This money lender however had a crush with the farmer’s daughter and saw the situation as a chance for him to marry the farmer’s daughter. So he proposed to the farmer, to allow him to marry his daughter, or pay up. The farmer obviously disagreed.

The money lender then suggested to let the decision to fate. He will put two stones in two empty bags, a white colored stone and a black colored one. And the daughter will choose one bag.

If the bag contained a black stone, the girl will have to marry the money lender and the debt will be forfeited. If the girl end up with a white stone, she doesn’t have to marry the money lender but the debt will still be forfeited. But if she doesn’t choose any bag, the farmer will be thrown into jail.

The farmer finally agreed. The money lender bent over to pick up two stones, however as he picked them up, the sharp-eyed girl noticed that he had picked up TWO black stones and put them in both bag. Which means, which ever bag she chosed, she will have to marry the money lender.

What would she do?
a) choose anyway.. at least her father will be free of debt
b) dispose the cheating money lender, they will still be in debt but at least they are not tricked
c) etc

– I wonder –
What would you do?

————– Personal Note ——————
self sacrifice… that’s a very noble thing to do. but how many can actually do it? Is sending the mrs to help her sister can be considered as self sacrifice? heheh

It’s bachelor day no 2, what I’ve been doing? 🙂 no la, I’m not the clubbing type, safe to say.. I am spending my day by indoor, with my new baby (the laptop).. tweaking it heh… I’m so a geek

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  1. 13 Dec 07 2:32 am

    if i am that girl, and i have no lover, i will choose ‘a’.

  2. 13 Dec 07 8:01 am

    if the man is good enuf to guide the girl, then the girl should sacrifice herself. but, if vice versa, then why the girl girl should sacrifrice her entire life just to marry the man? the girl just shud told the man that he was cheating. ohh.. i hate THE MAN!!!

  3. filantera
    13 Dec 07 8:20 am

    cant wait to see the ending

    my choice?

    shoot the MAN!:D

  4. 13 Dec 07 11:10 am

    I agree with choice no.1. To save my dad I will probably choose to marry the guy.
    But, self-sacrifice isn’t easy to act. When you have so little time to figure out the problem, most probably you’ll act according to your instinct.
    So as a girl who is quite smart I think (based on the storyla kan), most probably she choose to marry that guy. Or plan something to reveal that guy’s bad intention.
    That’s what I think.. heheh.. 🙂

  5. banji
    13 Dec 07 1:12 pm

    amirahsyuhada – choosing A is self sacrificing, not anyone will be able to do that…

    moon – hm yerp, that man definitely deserve to be hated 🙂 if he’s in love with the girl, he should pursue it the gentleman’s way right? and not thru cheating

    filantera – eheh shooting the man will only create more problem, first we need to have a gun 🙂 anyway, that’s still a creative answer

    azuwachan – I agree, who else deserve our sacrifice if not family right? Marrying that guy is actually my first choice when I first stumbled with the question.

    The story will continue tomorrow 🙂

  6. 13 Dec 07 10:27 pm

    my two cents would be…
    marry the man n poison his dinner…
    marry the man n stab him during his sleep…
    marry the man n cukur his money hahahah…

    actually wanna know how’s the ending??

  7. banji
    14 Dec 07 12:16 am

    DaPocket – 🙂 I’ll finish the story in today’s post

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