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The Crime Scene

Summary – Feeling betrayed

My raya mood is spoilt by today’s incident. An incident of betrayal. At least I feel like being betrayed. It happened last Thursday. Some of the palm oil produced by my mill was stolen. I was informed about it on Saturday.

The culprit was unknown. But I could see footsteps with some oil traces along the way until the fence of the mill compound. And there were footsteps on the other side of the fence indicating that this was a two person job.

I am then unofficially promoted to be the CSI of the mill, examining the crime scene and interviewing the witness. Luckily I watched CSI. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today my investigation is complete and the result really spoils everything. There are two prime suspects to the crime, a supervisor and a lab sampler. A few people saw them behaving srangely on the day. To spare you from all the confusing details, the supervisor was seen to drive the shovel transfering the oil and park very near to the crime scene. Normally, the work of transfering oil should be done during the daytime and not 4am in the morning. The lab sampler was also seen at the place.

This is what I meant by feeling betrayed. I am actually a friend to these two. Chatting during breakfast and laughing at each other’s joke. If it is true that they were the culprit (Innocent until proven guilty), I felt like they were actually taking advantage of my friendship with them. One thing I hate most is when people take advantage of other people. Seriously I hate that attitude.

Nevertheless, I haven’t called them up to explain. There is still no prove that they actually did it. I actually had made a plan with 2 workers that I can trust. One will be observing the two’s behavior and if he sees the shovel being parked at strange place, he will immediately call me. And we will try to catch the culprit red handed. I’m very sure that the stealing will stop for a couple of week until everyone forget about the incident. But I intent to catch them in the act,ย soย i’llย wait

– I wonder –
Have you ever had the same feeling as mine? Feeling betrayed?

———– Personal Note ————–
Unfortunately I can’t pursue the investigation because I am now on leave. Today at 1 pm I will start my journey back to Kedah for the Hari Raya.. (Suddenly my raya mood kicks in.. excitedly happy again hehe)

Please pray for my safe journey

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  1. filantera
    19 Dec 07 8:31 am

    Wah CSI?!!

    a great story, but as u said before, innocent till proven guilty is indeed true, what if, people are very jealous with the two ‘unsub’ or the supervisor and the sampler, and they created story?

    its all politics inside and outside

    cant wait to have u here la banji! safe ride and godspeed!

  2. 19 Dec 07 12:25 pm

    Aiyooo…ur mil ni kat mana???coz i nak list u in my csi agent…Hohohoho…I oleadi have CSI NY…CSI Raub…CSI Simpang Renggam and me myself CSI Kuantan…hohohoho…wanna join the club ;p

    Hurmmm…kena curik ke???I balik kg br2 ni tarak la benda kena curi…but someone told me…ade minah ckp buruk sal i…Memula tak percaya and nak p siasat la btl ke tak..bila ter”accident” terdgr sdiri…sakit gak ati…

    Mcm tak percaya ur own cousin leh ckp mcm 2..i will never trust her again..NEVER…

    Banji….safe journey back 2 Kedah…Biar lmbt asal selamat…

  3. 20 Dec 07 6:10 am

    If one day… the two friend of yours came approaching your side and ask…
    ‘abang… kami kasi dalam 20%, abang lupakan lah kes ni buleh kaa… kami ada anak bini nak bagi makan… gaji mano la cukup…’
    tte buleh ker?
    but i know u … n i know your answer already.
    but still i need to ask ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. banji
    20 Dec 07 9:56 am

    filantera – innocent till proven guilty.. itu yg kena stress tu, anyone can point finger, but when it comes to accusing someone of a crime, one should be very sure with all the evidence before making the move..

    catching the crime red handed is so difficult

  5. banji
    20 Dec 07 9:58 am

    aRa – ada club? hehe mine would be CSI negeri sembilan then ๐Ÿ™‚

    minah tu ur cousin ke? hm mmg sakit hati kan bila org yg kita rapat rupanya is the one yg tikam dari belakang. depan kita baik je, tapi belakang kita huh..

    skrg dah sampai kedah! merayakan dgn laptop dulu heheh

  6. banji
    20 Dec 07 10:01 am

    DaPocket – isk.. definitely not in a thousand years. satu sen duit haram tetap haram, tak kisah la kite belanja utk bukan benda makan ke kereta ke… perbelanjaan tu sendiri dah haram,

    I think that should answer your question right? looking forward to tomorrow!

  7. 21 Dec 07 5:25 am

    betul lah, ppl react in strange way sumtimes. tk tau whom to trust. like, tup2 tibe2 kite discover roomate kite mencuri duit kite selama ni. hahahah.. (yeah i had acquantainces proved to be thiefs) of coz la benda tu buruk, but somehow there shud be an explanation y they’re doing dat.

    mb dorang anggap benda tu kecik je. curik minyak klapa sawit, ala banji xrugi pape pun, gaji die tetap jalan. hahaha..need to let them know how it really stands to u, ur view n how it affects ur day.

    but diz case showed dat ur a good and lurus man. gud2. maintain.. bcoz the world’s gettin crueler n ppl may have to sacrifice principles to survive.. ๐Ÿ™‚ rite or not?

  8. banji
    22 Dec 07 2:53 am

    intan – kalau pencuri tu org yg kite tak kenal paling senang kan.. kalau yg rapat, mmg susah. ntah dia pinjam ke, ntah dia ingat dia punya ke.. tapi apa pun, curi tetap curi

    dan mcm intan cakap, masalahnya bila diorg ingat kita tak kisah, setakat dia nak ambil.

    cuma bila pasal curi minyak kelapa sawit company, mmg terang2 lah salah. cuma takleh nak dibuktikan je lagi. tapi still rasa la mcm diperbodohkan je selama ni bila kita gelak2 dgn dia, tolong dia

    erk ttg sy good and lurus tu, mungkin berdasarkan kes ni, intan boleh buat assumption tu ๐Ÿ™‚ terima kasih.. harap2 nya masin mulut intan tu… amiin

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