Hi there… So much had happened in these few days, and by the end of the day, I’m so tired I fainted until the next morning.. So my thanks to all of you who drop by the blog 🙂

However, you will have to excuse me for not posting today. The reason is because today is….

MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

You can all enjoy your public holiday now… 🙂

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  1. 25 Dec 07 1:03 am

    Ho Ho Ho…Happy Birthday..Hohohoho..Banji…jgn wisau..after ur bday..the laugh would turn back to normal..Hohohoho…

    Thank’s 4 the holiday…Hohohoho…Mine would be soon..Tguuuu… :p

    Anyway…May all ur dream come true and being bless by Allah…Amin…

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. 25 Dec 07 10:46 am

    to banji, his birth day song would be like this…
    we wish u a merry birthday
    we wish u a merry birthday
    and a happy new year

    epi besde banji…

  3. 25 Dec 07 11:34 am

    salam, banji.

    I dropped by to wish you a Happy Birthday… turning 30 izzit? By the picture there. 🙂

    A year older, is a year wiser. But don’t forget, it is a year nearer to death. Anyway, may Allah grant all your prayers… AMIN.

    p/s: so what gifts do you get on your birthday today? 🙂

  4. 25 Dec 07 1:27 pm

    Happy happy happy birthday Banji!!
    semoga dipjgkan umo dan murah rezki..
    Amin!!! 🙂

  5. banji
    26 Dec 07 1:47 am

    aRa – Waiting for your birthday public holiday 🙂

    DaPocket – erk.. a very merry song 🙂

    syahidatul – yup, turning 30… suddenly I feel old 🙂 thanx for the doa, and the reminder… have to be very thankful for the time remaining..

    gift? hmm my in laws bought me a cake hehe yummy

    diha – aminnnn 🙂 thanx ya

  6. Beib
    26 Dec 07 2:40 pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY gurun guy..May ALLAH bless u forever..

  7. banji
    26 Dec 07 6:20 pm

    beib – erk gurun guy? hehe tak kisah lah, janji didoakan Beib 🙂 amiin

  8. 26 Dec 07 11:49 pm

    epi bufday banji! =D da 30 keeee? waaaa…. da tua rupa2nya.. hehehehe

  9. banji
    27 Dec 07 12:13 am

    moon – tq tq… hehe 30 muda lagi, masih tampan huhuh (denial)

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