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Summary – Daily resolution

Including today, there are still five days left in 2007. What are you going to do with it?

Resolution is actually what we aim to get with a one year work. We can plan in full detail on what to achieve. But whether or not we can achieve it will always remain a mystery. Why? because usually we will only know whether we had achieved our target (weight loss, promotion etc) at the end of the year.

But by then, it will be too late to do anything. Even if we had the time, we will lack the motivation to do so. So what should we do?

The only thing we can do is to not only come up with a one year plan, but to also come up with a daily plan, or a weekly plan. This way, we will know immediately the effectiveness of our plan every week and we can improve and review it accordingly.

I prefer a weekly plan because too much things to do to fit in a day.

– I wonder –
What are you going to do today which will help you in achieving your goals? This is the most important question we need to ask ourselves.

———— Personal Note ————
As promised yesterday, these are my resolution for 2008

Islam wise

  • Never miss Solat. All missed Solat must be Qadha within the same day
  • To download Islamic preaching and listen to it at least once every two days
  • To finish reciting the Quran (Khatam Quran) within the year, that means at least one page per day.

Family wise

  • To visit dearest grandmother in Kedah as often as possible (at least every 3 months)
  • Most importantly must learn as much as possible about parenthood, since there will be a new member in the family this coming May InsyaAllah. Need to buy a book on this.

Career wise

  • To study and sit for the steam certificate examination by July 08

Health wise

  • To restart jogging / power walking at least thrice per week

/end list

These 4 are at the moment the most important things need to be done. I’m sure you have a similar resolution. Let’s pray we will be able to achieve them 🙂

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  1. 27 Dec 07 11:37 pm

    umph… sokong banji for sharing his new year resolution.
    makes u wanna pulun everyday.
    Plans to achieve your goals?
    well i’ve once heard bout gun chart.
    [although u have to excuse me if i’ve heard wrongly]
    its a chart to monitor what is going to be done when.
    lagi lima Ujung Minggu to W Day.
    Fifth weekend : blk kg cuci semak
    fourth weekend : gi KL pementasan discussion
    third weekend : Submit 5K to the appropriate party.
    Second weekend : bla bla bla
    first weekend : bla bla
    W Day

  2. banji
    28 Dec 07 2:01 am

    DaPocket – pernah belajar jugak, siap ada software lagi kan ghant chart tu… mmg berguna utk project management,

    hm mungkin satu hari nanti boleh present mcm mana nak guna ghant chart tu 🙂 thanx for the idea DaPocket.

    p.s. pementasan discussion?

  3. 09 Jan 08 1:26 am

    Aiyoo…ssh tau nak tunaikan resolution ni…Selalu sgt tak smpi hajat..tapi this year kena disiplin ckit…i mean a lot…I rasa yg weekly plan itew was a good thing to share…I never though of it..Thank’s Banji..

  4. banji
    10 Jan 08 1:11 am

    aRa – The idea about the weekly plan tu come up sbb my 24 hour dah penuh, takleh nak isi dah utk perkara2 lain 🙂 so ngelat sket le, buat jadi weekly hehe.

    Still gunung yg besar is nothing kalau takde pasir2 yg halus ni kan, as long as apa yg kite cadang nak buat, kita boleh buat… objective kita tu sedikit demi sedikit dah tercapai, thats what i think

  5. 04 Dec 15 10:10 am

    I was not making rsoolutiens but I now think I need to reconsider! Remove the clutter, one small step at a time! Also thinking it is time to fix those small home repairs that keep turning up! Ready for some menu planning! Let’s get cooking!

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