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The interview was not on the 3rd but it is today 🙂 This is me just after the interview, and by the look of the smiley just now… I think I did great 🙂 (here’s another smiley)

When I was studying, from primary school, to secondary school and then to university, all I want to be is to grow up and finish studying. I am looking forward to work because I want to get over this studying as soon as possible.

This is where I make a fatal mistake.. I assume that I will no longer have to study when I started working.

Actually, when we started to work, the amount of things need to be studied will doubled. This is because we need to have certain knowledge for us to work efficiently. How can you expect a typist to do his work when he always forget the alphabets, right? He needs to remember, and not only that, he need to be able to offer more to compete with other typist, for example, grammar expertise.

And unlike those days, we now need to remember permanently what we study. There’s no more study for exam, and forget it after that. In my field of work, I need to make a lot of decision, and be responsible with it. if I make a wrong decision due to forgetting what has been learned, people might die or seriously hurt. That’s just how important it is.

Today’s post is dedicated to all student reading. And by student, I mean everyone since we all need to continually study our whole life to be better.

Never assume studying will be over once we got that degree or diploma or certificate. It actually just begins. And since we are going to be doing it all our life, why not we start loving to study. 🙂

– I wonder –
Do you have the same kind of thinking during your study years? That it will be over when graduated?

———— Personal Note ————-
It feels so good when you know you did well in something. Teh tarik on the house for everyone reading…. just go to any warung and order your teh tarik, then email me the receipt huhuh 🙂

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  1. 04 Jan 08 11:39 am

    hmm.. betol tu. I agree.
    Life is all about learning new stuff everyday. but most of us don’t really realize it.
    that’s why, in my opinion, it is very crucial tol ove your job. It’ll motivate you not only to do your job better, but also it’ll encourage you to always find something new and fresh in your job/career 🙂

    p/s: now I’m an Ass. Financial Controller of a big program in UIA that’ll be held this 18-19 Jan. 08. There are lots and lots of stuffs I learnt from my friends and our advisor. It’s challenging, yes, but I’m trying my best to do it. Pray for the program to succeed, yea??!

  2. banji
    05 Jan 08 2:14 am

    azuwachan – congratulation on the responsibility. you will definitely learn a lot when given such a big responsibility. And they are all will be your asset when you graduated. Don’t forget to get some certificate and put it in your resume kay

  3. 09 Jan 08 1:34 am

    Walaupun i blm keje but i do agree with ur entry…Life is all abt learning…No matter u’re working or not…u’re learning…I dok rmh ni pun learning gak…Everyday dok baca entry org…baca blog org..a good entry is a learning process…Learn for others experience…

    I leh buka buku balik tau sometimes if i read some interesting entry…

    Moral of the story…jgn pernah berhenti belajar…Agagagaga…

  4. banji
    10 Jan 08 1:05 am

    aRa – ilmu didunia ni hanya setitik je dari lautan ilmu Allah yg tak bertepi. takleh bayangkan la apa lagi yg kite tak tahu.

    tapi tu la, manusia dah wujud beribu2 tahun. tapi kita masih buat kesilapan yg sama, kan best kalau setiap kesilapan kita tidak diulangi lagi oleh org lain, dan kesilapan org lain kita boleh amik pengajaran. betapa matangnya kita time tu 🙂

    I’ve always been fascinated with this idea

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