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Summary – How to see beauty in things

Yesterday, Ms aRa had shared with us how beautiful animals are, even when they are just drawing

Believe me, when I tell you that, not many people can see the beauty in them. In fact everything there is in life is beautiful. We just need to know how to see things.

Let’s take a pencil for example… How do you see a pencil? This is what I think when I see a pencil. (Most of the time)

1) What it’s used for?
Writing.. with writing comes reading which according to Islam is the foundation of all knowledge. (Remember Iqra’?)

2) How it was made?
Apparently some wood, and carbon. which I read somewhere, that carbon is one of the most basic element found in everything. hm the pencil and I may be not that different after all

3) What will its future be like?
It will get shorter and shorter.. and when it’s no more useful, it will be thrown away. Suddenly I remember the autobiography essay written in Primary School. “Saya Sebatang Pensel”. I’m sure you too must have written the essay.

Life is also like that, it will not get any longer, and with time… it will be end. When the pencil are thrown away, nobody remembers it.

4) Why is it straight?
Only the pencil makers knows exactly why, but we can only assume that straight pencil will be easier to use. The same goes to our life.. Only our creator knows our true purpose, and the reason we are what we are. The pencil will never know its purpose if he asked me, since I am not its maker.

5) What inspire the first pencil maker to make pencils?
Maybe first they used charcoal, and when it is too hot, they wrap it with leaves and wood. I don’t know. but it is always inspiring knowing how people were inspired.

/end list

I can write endlessly, (near endlessly) about pencils. And what other things we can relate to it. This is in my opinion, the best way to view things. Not just by looking at the pencil and only saying, “that is a pencil”.

We need to go beyond our sight, and see the beauty of the pencil. And if you notice, almost everytime, it will come back to Allah, our creator. Which is exactly why, He said “To know Allah is to study His creation”

– I wonder –
Anything else you can add about pencils?

——— Personal Note ———–
“Saya sebatang pensel” (I’m a pencil) is somehow the most popular essay to be written when I was 12. At the time, an essay was supposed to be 80 words minimum. And it was then very hard to comply to that.

I’m not sure what can I wrote now in 80 words hehe

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  1. 14 Jan 08 4:45 pm soalan dr.yed dalam kelas the teaching of thinking plak..ape kegunaan barang2 yang kita selalu guna selain apa yang kita selalu guna…

    hmm..a pencil..

    aside of using it to write, we can use it to point at certain things. for example, when a teacher don’t have any thing to use as a pointer to point at the blackboard, we can use a pencil! hehe..

    besides that, we can even use it as a ruler when you don’t have what uncle said, it’s straight in shape,right?

    urm..what else ah? *thinking*

  2. 14 Jan 08 5:37 pm

    i have used pencils as a chopstick.
    Back in 1994, a malay guy who owns a pair of chopstick is considered as lupa diri. well at least i thought of it that way so i dont bother buying me self a chopstick. whenever i wanna have me self a cup of maggi, i would use the pencils. (Since i luv to have it that way)
    But one time … just to stop that act of treason to all pencil using community, i’ve non-intentionally used a colour pencils instead of the normal black hitam kuning pencils.
    My Maggi ayam turns purple.

    Banji… why do they put the charcoal inside the wood is not because of the charcoal is hot. but because the charcoal would make the hand dirty.
    or at least that is what i thought the reason is…

  3. filantera
    14 Jan 08 5:57 pm

    in other words, try to look the beauty part of it

    a strict husband, or maybe a bad tampered one, is married to a very nice young lady. people will start saying, tak padang langsung! isteri so solehah, husband, fuh, bebudak lalu dpn umah pun tak bagi(tidak ada kena mengena dgn yg hidup atau mati)

    maybe, just maybe, that hubby is beautiful in other way, he is created to serve his purpose, for other to make sempadan. and maybe, sbb dia gitu, the wife become lebih dan lebih baik…………..

    who knew……….

  4. banji
    15 Jan 08 1:04 am

    Fairuzniza – πŸ™‚ ada kelas ke? menariknya kalau boleh join.

    instead of cari kegunaan barang2 tu, tambah le pulak apa yg barang tu tak sepatutnya digunakan

    pensel utk cungkil gigi, korek telinga, buat dadu time peksa, practice karate, heheh

    banyak kan boleh kita fikir ttg pensel ni..

    hm ada apa2 yg menarik dlm thinking kelas tu, share2 lah kat sini ye:)

  5. banji
    15 Jan 08 1:08 am

    DaPocket – 1994 bukan ke kita tingkatan 4 ke? πŸ™‚ masa tu still guna dua jari utk ganti chopstick hehe

    But that story of a purple Maggi ayam is really funny. I bet u have eaten some of them before you realized it right? hehehhe

    About the charcoal, maybe you’re right.. Nobody knows πŸ™‚ we are free to imagine

  6. banji
    15 Jan 08 1:11 am

    filantera – that’s the whole message πŸ™‚

    Somehow that example you gave is very similar to our neighbour.. is it coincidence? heheh But it’s true la, people were given with the same conscience. If they did something bad, they must know that they are doing something bad. So we must sometimes give them the benefit of a doubt, that they may have good reason for what they did.

    Great example bro

  7. 15 Jan 08 2:35 am

    uncle..memang ada kelas. tu antara sabjek berat sem nih..the teaching of thinking..ajar kita cara macam mana nak guna thinking dengan betoi.. πŸ™‚

    i will, insyaAllah..kalau ada benda2 menarik..

  8. 15 Jan 08 3:43 pm

    Cerita pasal pencil…masa sekolahΒ² dulu teramat la selalu gigit pencil…especially masa nak dekat rehat..Agagagaga..not only me..some of my friend’s like a habbit sblm rehat..Agagagaga..

    Then masa sekolah rendah la biasanya..berangan pakai pewarna kuku…kaler la kuku with the pencil..Agagagaga…those happy days kan..bebudak..

    And pencil used to be my cucuk sanggul those days..Agagagaga..

  9. banji
    16 Jan 08 12:22 am

    fairuzniza – memang subjek berat. masa sy belajar lak dulu, just ada Analytical Skill And Critical Thinking, tapi subjek tu senang je, banyak ajar mind map je heheh, dan kitorg amik masa final year, so mmg lepak le final year πŸ™‚ main lukis2

    please do ya… share idea2 menarik

    aRa – nasib baik tak jadi mcm pocket, gigi jadi unggu πŸ™‚ mesti pensel ara dan kawan2 semua dah lunyai digigit heheh

    Seronok kan time sekolah kecik2 dulu, ntah apa tujuan gi kelas pun tak tau

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