Summary – Unconditional Love

I’m very sorry for not posting, it has been a very busy day these past few days. I’m preparing for my brother’s wedding.

It’s time like this that we usually understand what unconditional love means. Loving someone, and prepare to give everything we had just to make things work for him/her. Most importantly, there’s no rewards or payback insisted.

This is in my opinion of the greatest paradox in life. Allow me to explain..

When we talk about unconditional love, what exactly do we aim to achieve by talking about it? Most of the time we want to be on the receiving end of the unconditional love. Meaning, we really like it if there’s a person or two that actually love us unconditionally.

The only way we can be loved unconditionally by someone, is by actually loving that someone unconditionally. No other way. Here’s where it become interesting.

If we love someone with the intention to be loved, then there’s not “Unconditional”. In fact that is very conditional.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but there’s no way we can ask for unconditional love. We can only give it away.

So guys… let’s start with the family, Give away your unconditional love. If your mother ask you to drive her, do it with a smile. It’s the least we can do after the life-threatening experience she had when we were born. Never expect she will chip in with the petrol or toll.

Some people in life deserve that…

– I wonder –
Has anyone ever do the same to you, offering you help when there’s nothing he can gain back from you?

—————- Personal Note ————–
I’m sorry for the typo, but the wedding is not yesterday. It is actually today about 5 hours from the time I’m typing this.

The next day there will be a small feast at the bride’s house, and the next day after that (Sunday), it will be at my house 🙂

Anybody in Kedah? You’re invited 🙂

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  1. 08 Feb 08 2:28 pm

    DaPocket….Selamat Pengantin Baru…So banji,ur bro berapa kali lafaznye??Agagagaga..

    DaPocket ~ Muga bahgia selalu yek..hingga ke anak cucu cicit…

    Jauhnye Kedah…agagagaga…

  2. banji
    09 Feb 08 2:34 am

    aRa – alhamdulillah, sekali je lafaz 🙂 huhu time banji dulu pun dua kali, but I blame the tok kadi of course

    ala skrg kan ada AirAsia 🙂

  3. 10 Feb 08 9:14 pm

    hmmm… the unconditional love.
    it’s true, that love is priceless. it simply cannot be bought by anything, any time, any where.
    I also believe that if you really love someone, you should not expect any ‘payment’ back from him/her. if s/he is happy, that should be enough for you.
    and if you love someone, doesn’t mean that you have to be with him/her all the time, like getting married or something.
    like I said, if the one you love is happy with someone else, you should feel happy too.
    well, at least that’s what I believe.

    p/s: yet, the only thing I hope from the one I love is to know how much he means to me very, very much. I don’t have any idea if he actually knows, btw, heheh… 🙂

  4. 11 Feb 08 12:24 pm

    salam uncle..
    hmm, is there any thing that is unconditional in this life? i don’t think so…(cruel me)

    but in reality, unconditional love really doesnt exist. even if there is, i believe that there wud be only one in a million (or even in a billion). coz when we love someone, of course we want him or her to love us back in return. even if you’re not, it might only be just at the starting point. in the end, you’ll get tired and that’s the time when u’ll feel definitely dumb to love someone who doesnt love u in return.

    but different thing goes to our family members. we shud and shud love them unconditionally.

    well, i never encountered someone who befriends with me for nothing. at first, i wud think so but as time goes by, i’ll get to see the truth..especially when i hardy can say ‘no’ or ‘tak’ or ‘tak nak’.

    i don’t’s really hard for me to trust someone right now..i just do not kno who to trust…no surprise…hmm…


  5. banji
    13 Feb 08 11:29 pm

    azuwachan – That’s the thing.. but seriously, it is very very hard to do. Loving someone expecting nothing from him/her.

    I somehow believe unconditional love is only meant for family. When it comes to your special someone, you will want something in return. It’s just natural that way. Unless of course you’re in love with Jessica Alba hehe

    Anyway, about your hope that he will know how much you care about him. the only way is just to let him know. Believe me, man can be very clueless sometimes 🙂

  6. banji
    13 Feb 08 11:34 pm

    fairuzniza – I totally agree. With regards to that special someone, there’s no way you can be selfless. You will want something from him/her.

    Unconditional love is definitely all about the love for your family

    Hope you can find that someone you can trust. Living without anyone to trust can be very lonely. Trust someone.. and whether or not he/she will betray you, let it be. At least if he/she stay loyal, you now have that trusted friend.

  7. filantera`
    14 Feb 08 8:47 am

    huhuhuh lambat commnet sket

    love, simply, is not a thing that happen in a blink of eyes, instead, love is developed through out the years………..

    we may say , right now, i dont love her but in years to come, that may change.

    go out, love, hurt and love again. thats the way the world is. expect nothing but dun give everything.

    yess unconditional love is definitely all about the love for your family(copy paste only b’coz i am lazy:P)….but i have said this before to one man, “yess family come first, but we want the girl to be our family right!”

    lets celebrate it!

  8. banji
    15 Feb 08 9:05 am

    filantera – hehe that’s why there is an unspeakable rule that we should never compare our love to the spouse with our love with the family.

    Nothing good can come from it.

  9. Devon.
    19 Aug 11 3:29 am

    Love can be unconditional but it doesn’t happen alot, there are a lot of people who search for it their whole lives and still can’t find it.

    What is your opinion on an impossible love then??
    Like when a guy is married and gets into a ‘paradox of love’ with someone else?
    That’s unconditional but kind of impossible.

  10. Devon.
    19 Aug 11 3:34 am

    A paradox is unbelievably amazing, confusing and frustrating at the same time. Weird.

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