Starting yesterday’s at 6.00pm, my younger brother, DaPocket, is now someone’s husband. In other word he is now a married man. Today’s post will be dedicated to the function 🙂

Hantaran @ gift

“Hantaran” or gift from the groom to the bride

Maskahwin @ Dowry

“Maskahwin” or the dowry

The Convoy

The family members

The Mosque

The mosque where the wedding took place

Bride & Groom

The Bride & Groom (In white clothes)


Akad Nikah or the vow

Light Tea

Light tea after the ceremony – Laksa 🙂

Well, I’m sure there will be more pictures in DaPocket’s blog once he updated it. Anyway, what do you think of my first attempt to be the wedding photographer?

Today, there will be a feast at the bride’s house. Tomorrow (10th), it will be at my house. if you are available here in Kedah, you are invited 🙂

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  1. 13 Feb 08 8:56 pm

    Tahniah again pada DaPocket…

    Banji…bz yek…ke ikut honeymoon?? Agagagaga…

  2. 13 Feb 08 9:37 pm

    banji supposedly arrived in his home sweet home somewhat yesterday.
    Maybe his Laptop is not yet setup… or simply the internet connection is bad nowadays

    Banji…thanks to both of u for the support.
    Ara …. Thanks for the wish.

    Pocket… blogging from another point of view 😀

  3. banji
    13 Feb 08 11:23 pm

    aRa – hehe mana le boleh ikug honeymoon, kaco daun 🙂 mengambil nafas sebenornye.. ara pekaba?

    DaPocket – no problem bro, always there for u 🙂 Selamat Pengantin Baru

  4. 17 Feb 08 10:05 am

    Wah..Tahniah2..Kepada Pengantin..

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