Summary – The Basic of Meditation

Have you ever tried meditation? Do you even know what is meditation? 🙂 Well there are a lot of advance meditation technique out there. They even have book on it. So when there’s a book specifically about meditation, it usually must be important.

In fact, it is important. Let me get this straight first, you will not be able to fly with meditation, and you will not be able to communicate with spiritual being. The whole meditation is actually just a way for you to restart your day, without having to go to sleep.

Imagine you are waking up early in the morning, you are supposed to be refresh then right? That’s exactly what we want to achieve by meditating, that refreshing feeling. So now you know what to expect from meditation.

Ok, so what’s the rule? is it hard to do? I can guarantee you that it is one of the easiest thing to do. Let me show you the basic of meditation. Believe me, all the advance ones are based on this.

1) Close your eyes
You need to close your eyes to meditate. About 80% of our interaction with our surrounding originates from sight. So by closing the eyes, we should have 80% more success to focus on our meditation

So please… do not meditate while you’re driving kay 🙂

2) Breathe
This is it.. the big secret. Meditation is all about breathing. You focus just on your breathing. Feel the air you inhale, try to pause for while then exhale it back and pause a while before you start the cycle

Hear the air going in and out, nothing else. It will help if you don’t speak too 🙂

3) When swayed, hear again the breathing
This step is so important, I’m putting it as step 3. Your mind will wander when you meditate. What’s to blog? How long have you been meditating? etc.

Just remember, when your mind wanders, slowly come back to hearing those in and out breathing. No need to get frustrated. That’s just how our mind works.

So how long are you supposed to do this.. Take as long as you want. You will be surprised at the effect afterward 🙂

– I wonder –
How do you practise meditation? or calm yourself? Any other tips?

———— Personal Note —————
I know that most of you may already be familiar with meditation. Well, I just started learning about meditation a few years back, and it had done wonders to me. So this article is meant specifically to those who are not familiar with it.

Personally, meditation is a great way to start typing an entry. Things usually will be so much easier and ideas keep flowing from point to point. That’s how meditatin has helped me.

Care to share how it helped you?

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  1. 16 Feb 08 8:51 pm

    Meditation…. It does heighten my senses to unfamiliar noises and feeling that I’ve never felt before. Its quite an experience. But that kind of experience last as long as i’m still meditating.
    Which means, meditation does nothing much for me after the act…

  2. 16 Feb 08 9:12 pm

    does crying consider as meditation??? coz i always cry whenever i feel uneasy…after crying…fuh…lega…minda luas je rasa…

    i often cry infront of the pc while typing my entry…normally entry yg sodeh2 la…never tried meditation…Should try…feel the diff. kan…more rilex i guess masa buat entry…i should try…

  3. banji
    17 Feb 08 12:52 am

    3POINT8 – I see, that’s good to know, since meditation may not be the thing for everyone 🙂

    But your statement that it heighten your senses to “unfamiliar noises and feeling” does intrigue me. care to explain what noise & feeling you’re referring to?

    aRa – In the end, meditation is a way for you to refresh yourself. If crying does exactly that, then it is a meditation to you.

    I personally consider meditation as a way to go to sleep. Meaning, it should induce calmness. Do try it, and let us know if it helps kay ara? 🙂

  4. filantera`
    18 Feb 08 9:15 am

    i do meditate, its called the 13 breaths technique heheh

    where within 13 breaths, i should have gone to sleep……..whether i am sitting or laying:D

  5. banji
    18 Feb 08 5:50 pm

    filantera – Well, there are nothing more peaceful and refreshing than that 🙂

    For the sake of other people, I will be able to testify that what he’s saying is true. He really can enter the realm of sleep that fast hehe

    One of the biggest mystery of life

  6. 04 Oct 11 3:42 pm

    hey i want to share this to all of u that meditation is that way by which u can take a rebirth in which there is no pain.this process is all about to achieve peace but to learn the steps we dont hve to take guidance bec our minds are totally differ from we have to learn it ouself

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