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Summary – 3 Size Decreasing Method

I have countlessly stress that learning is the best way to grow. You should be able to learn new thing your entire life. Take the computer for example, the minute you buy one, you will see newer and better product in the market the next hour 🙂

However I must admit, I too have had quite a rough time during my study. I experimented with a lot of methods to make studying as effective as possible.

I think it would be best for me to share a method I created and I can guarantee you that it is one of the most effective method to study. At least one student would agree with me – My previous self

I didn’t actually have a name for this method. But if I have to name it, I will call it 3 Size Decreasing Method.

Step 1: A4 Sized Notes
The same as every method of studying. It revolves around reading notes. First you will have to copy everything there is to know about the subject on your A4 papers. Let’s take blogging for examples

By now you should have 20 A4 papers of everything there is to know about blogging. Bear with me, It starts from planning, name, hosting, free or paid, registration, first post, theme, widget, about page, traffic, network, advertisement, money making, and many other details.

If you can memorize all that, that would be cool. And this method will no longer be needed to help. However, if you can’t remember every details. Try step 2.

Step 2: Half of A4 Sized Notes
Fold your paper into two and tear them into half. You should have 20 half sized A4 paper by now. Great! all you need to do now is to summarize the whole 20 pages into these 20 half page.

The only rule is your handwriting should remain the same size.

You can do however you want, you can categorize the notes, or put it into note form, or just by drawing pictures. It’s all up to you. But no cheating. The objective is to summarize one page of information into half page of information.

The next step is important. Now you must read the entire new notes and with every page you read, try to connect the summary to the original notes on your full sized A4 papers.

Step 3: Quarter of A4 sized Notes
You know the drill. This time summarize all the information from your half sized paper into these new quarter sized papers.

Remember, maintain normal handwriting font size. using the same example – blogging, I would by now have these as my points

  • Concept Planning & Goal
  • Technical Planning
  • Writing Techniques
  • Appearance
  • Accesories
  • Networking Strategies
  • SEO
  • Traffic Optimization
  • Miscellaneous

I guess I just need 1 piece of quarter sized A4 paper.

Conclusion – The overall idea is to connect between summaries and the details. By collapsing the datas into summaries, we can expand them at will. And with some practice, all you will need is just to remember the summary and you can elaborate on the expanded ideas effortlessly

I’m not sure if this method is already being used or published by other people. But I can very well say that this is the best method I developed personally and used to study. You are welcomed to try

– I wonder –
You must have special methods to study. Care to share?

——— Personal Note ————
There are a lot of funny methods I see my friends practising. Once when I was in Form 5 (that’s about the age of 17), there was a friend of mine who actually studied at the grave. You see, my school is located very near to this royal grave. And that grave is very well lighted with fans and all.

When I asked, wasn’t he afraid? He said that he was terrified, too terrified that studying is the only way to distract him.

I know there’s a logic somewhere in there 🙂

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  1. filantera`
    27 Feb 08 12:24 pm

    gud point! but as my handwriting is like Dr pencen, so tak menjadi kut for me hehhe

    my way of learning is to teach somebody else heheh, learn about that topic clearly, and then go teach somebody better than u hahaha

    waktu SPM, i slept with my history text book on my chest, bangun je dah takde, so i assume, that buku tu dah bersatu dgn diri hahaah so no need to read anymore

    terus dpt C6

  2. 27 Feb 08 12:26 pm

    it’s good for my sis i guess.. not for me anymore.. gud idea by da way!

  3. banji
    28 Feb 08 1:41 am

    filantera – I was laughing really hard with your history-book-adsorbed story. haha good one 🙂

    I must add though, that your method of teaching others is really a good way to study. Knowing that the student is better than you, you will study hard. And that he/she will know immediately where you’re bluffing, you will study even harder


    yanz – I’m sure there are a lot of things you’re still studying. Maybe not for an exam kind of way but we still learning all our life. But I must admit that it is very hard to buy a book, reading the book is sometime a mission impossible by nature 🙂

    Feel free to redirect your sister to the entry 🙂

  4. 28 Feb 08 11:44 am

    this method is quite ok if you’re taking technical subjects or subjects that will need you to memorize.
    but for literature students, there’s no way for them to simplified the materials they are needed to read, because in the end they will be unable to answer perfectly a question.
    so that’s the challenge, but others often thinks that ‘ala, baca buku cerita je. bukan kena buat ape2 pon’.
    so that’s pity because to read 4, 5 thick novels in just one course of literature in one semester really need a big effort. tu baru sat subject, kalo amik 2,3 subjek literature in one sem??
    hehe… I just want to share my experience only. no hard feelings ya 🙂

  5. banji
    28 Feb 08 1:52 pm

    azuwachan – It’s quite true that the system work best for subject which require memorizing facts etc. But to tell you the truth, the idea of the system is actually the very foundation of how our brain works. If you want, you can expand the system to cater for other non-factual subject.

    I can’t give you a working example however on how to exactly do that, since I’m not an art student myself. But if your brain can adapt to the subject, why not a system that is brain compliance 🙂

    Never a hard feeling azuwachan 🙂 I actually like it when people can look at my articles in a new perspective. I can further improve them better

  6. 28 Feb 08 7:08 pm

    great idea!

    exam final kali nih nk cuba method ni 🙂

  7. banji
    28 Feb 08 11:44 pm

    wilda – All the best! insyaAllah you will do great, but of course la, kalau esok nak exam ari ni baru practice, kena banyak berlaku keajaiban 🙂

    Good luck!

  8. 05 Mar 08 12:25 am

    masa blajar dulu…selalu conteng dinding asrama(kai pencil aje..leh padam²) sbg note…Sblm tdo baca…bgn pagi baca…tapi hanya buat 1 sem aje…and sem itew my result agak bgs…i mean the best la dr sem² yg lain…masa sportcheck…lekat la pembalut hadiah kat dinding nak cover…agagagaga…

  9. banji
    05 Mar 08 7:14 pm

    aRa – agak2nya ada lagi tak note aRa tu skrg? sama jugak le cara study kita. tapi sy dulu tampal kertas je, sayang lak nak tulis (actually malas nak padam hehe)

    but of course, mcm ara jugak utk sementara saja

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