Yesterday was quite a day. I was in Kuala Lumpur sending my wife for medical checkup. She is now on her 7th month by the way.. 🙂 So as usual I drove back to my place very early in the morning.

Guess what, when I was at the toll in Senawang, a car rammed into my car’s rear bumper. That car’s driver pleaded to me that he only has RM100 (equivalent of USD$33). A mistake done, I, in the rush of going to work, decided to trust the guy when he said that he will repay the balance of the cost of repair later in the evening. We switched phone number, and as predicted, that guy just won’t answer my call until now.

It was still an exciting morning. Just after the guy drove away, I drove my car for about 2 or 3 minutes when suddenly I saw smoke coming out from my car. The temperature indicator had also shoot out to the maximum. It’s still very early in the morning, 6.30 am to be exact.. I was thinking to myself, “that’s another RM300 – 400 gone”.

To cut things short, I let the engine cool down, and went to the nearest petrol station to fill up my bottles of water. Fill up the dried radiator with water and drove to a car workshop. The foreman checked and found out that my radiator was actually fine. It’s only the hose that was leaking. Fixed that at RM50 only. And off I went to work. I arrived at the mill at about 9.30am.

Lesson Learnt From Yesterday

  • You abide with traffic rules doesn’t mean you can’t get into an accident.
  • In the case of car accident, try to ask for Identity Card number or name. (I don’t even think the name given to me is real)
  • Don’t trust people easily. If you’re not at fault, just go together to a police station.
  • Always check water in the radiator before travelling
  • The hose leak probably a sign that other part of the radiator will leak too. It has been about 8 years since the last change. Change a complete set. (Preventive maintenance)
  • Always have spare bottles of water in the car.
  • Try to know where the nearest workshop in places in your travelling path. Fortunately I know, and I can go there fast before any damages done.
  • Be active. The workshop actually opened at 8.30 am, I however called the owner and he helped by opening it early at 8am.
  • Always be thankful..

– I wonder –
Ever been in  a similar situation

—— Personal Note ——–
Somehow I feel very fortunate that the accident happened. I learnt what to do in the case of accident. The car also overheated at the city area which make it easy to find water and workshop. Imagine I got stranded in the remote area.

When bad things happened to you, all you can do is try to look at it in the more positive way. It helps..

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  1. 23 Mar 08 1:16 pm pun pernah ada xperience dilanggar dr belakang..disbbkn first experience, sy pun percaya bulat2 apa yg ‘org-yg-langgar-sy’ tu ckp..dia cuma bg no. telepon je. nama pun x tahu..huhu
    tp alhamdulillah, org tu beri kerjasama yg baik..setel dh semuanya

  2. 23 Mar 08 3:34 pm

    wilda – Alhamdulillah org yg melanggar tu org yg jujur.. 🙂 tapi kena ingat tau, tak semua org mcm tu.. I learnt it the hard way

    teruk ke keta wilda time tu

  3. filantera`
    24 Mar 08 8:55 am

    wah accidnt!!!:O

    yeap, all things happen to us has its own blessing!
    if the injury of the car is not serius, wait till u can come back to kedah la bro. its only cost around 100-150 for that.

  4. banji
    24 Mar 08 10:26 pm

    filantera – 100? now that’s cheap.. I’m not sure if the bumper will remain there when I travelled back to Kedah though 🙂

    I’ll keep that in mind by the way.. thanx bro

  5. 28 Mar 08 8:48 am

    Just found you through your comment at ZH. Congratulations to you and your wife! I haven’t driven in ages, but we were in an accident at one point when my oldest was about 10 months old. We were very, very grateful for the extra water in the trunk.

    Glad everything turned out OK, and way to be positive about it!

  6. banji
    28 Mar 08 5:29 pm

    Naomi – Wow.. it must be terrifying to have a baby on board during an accident. Thankfull everything is ok right? Sometimes I wonder whether these accident we’re having may be a sign for us to be more careful just to avoid more critical ones 🙂

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