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Summary – Sometimes, being skeptical is a must

Listed below are 7 situation where you must remember exactly how to respond.

1) When someone persuade you to invest money to gain more money

  • “How does the scheme make money in the first place?”

2) When someone give you freebie

  • “How will you benefit from this?”

3) When someone told you that you’re family

  • “How again are we exactly connected?”

4) When someone tell you he’s a police and demand to be allowed inside your house

  • “Which police station send you?” (And called the respective station to verify)

5) When someone says “I love you”

  • “What about me that you love?”

6) When a stranger ask you to hold on to his luggage while he’s going to the loo

  • “Anything illegal in there?”

7) When someone ask for your money to buy bus ticket?

  • “Where do you want to go? Let me buy the ticket for you.” (More about this experience here)

I know, all the replies do potray you as being very suspicious. But, I do believe, we are now living in a world where some people are making money from other’s honesty and kindness.

I was recently actually approached by a friend of mine to invest about USD50K (That’s RM150,000) and was promised a guaranteed income of 10% of investment every month until I die. Can you believe that? That’s like you received a total interest of 120% every year.

The first question I asked, is exactly like I mentioned above – “Where does the money come from?” and the answer given was very abstract and general, I’m not so sure he understood what he’s saying too. Thus I find it even harder to believe.

Conclusion – There’s nothing wrong with being suspicious / skeptical when it comes to strangers and money.

———- Personal Note ———-
There are some questions which you must know and give out the answer straight away. I remembered an episode of FRIENDS where Ross is teaching Chandler some tips on how to communicate with his girlfriend.

“When your girlfriend ask you is she fat? Don’t look up and down, just immediately say NO :)”

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  1. 27 Mar 08 4:52 pm

    This is really a good tip … i especially like the first 2 point

  2. 27 Mar 08 5:19 pm

    people are making money from people’s honesty and naiveness, its like those saying…
    ‘u see an opportunity, u grab it’
    but they’re just making this world a worst place to live.

    have to agree wit u on being skeptical is better.
    atleast u wont be cheated by those pirates.

  3. 27 Mar 08 5:33 pm

    β€œWhen your girlfriend ask you is she fat? Don’t look up and down, just immediately say NO :)” i love this.. lolx

  4. banji
    27 Mar 08 7:50 pm

    MicheGinny – Actually the first 2 points are the basis of this post πŸ™‚ I thought it is important that despite we are persuaded and almost tempted to try, we should ask the question first.

    Welcome to the blog MicheGinny πŸ™‚

    DaPocket – I didn’t think of that. Thank you. I guess there’s always many sides when you look at things.

    Grabbing an opportunity may not be a good thing in this specific case. In fact, I think honesty and naiveness should not be considered as opportunity even though many fail to recognise this πŸ™‚

    joshuaongys – I love the quote too, that’s why it stuck in my mind. πŸ™‚ Welcome to the blog Shua

  5. 28 Mar 08 12:33 pm

    i like all the tips.thanks!

  6. banji
    28 Mar 08 5:16 pm

    qemmal – Glad that you like it πŸ™‚ anything to add?

  7. ronnie
    02 Dec 08 12:49 am

    how about this to help an stranger out u go homeless so that person can get home

    this person is stranded in another country, he got no money no job no way to get home,

    the government will not help him the us embassy will not help him so \i am the only 1 to help him but there is aprice to pay the price is \i have to be homeless


  8. banji
    04 Dec 08 1:07 am

    Ronnie – Wow! you are actually helping a stranger but you will be homeless if you do. That’s very noble of you. But there must be a way where everybody wins, (i.e. both of you will not be homeless).

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