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I was actually writing another post when suddenly I realized something. Most of life’s problem can be settled by the keyword “more and less”. Hopefully this list will help elaborate the idea.

How to have a a healthier body?

  • Less unhealthy food, more exercise

How to get things done?

  • Less idling, more systematic work done

How to be more understanding?

  • Less talk, more listening

How to be a happier you?

  • Less negativity, more positivity

How to become rich?

  • Less expenditure, more income

How to have a meaningful life?

  • Less you, more others

How to achieve dream?

  • Less dreaming, more action

How to excel in exam?

  • Less wasting time, more study

How to be successful?

  • Less mistakes, more results

How to live longer?

  • Less dying, more living

/end list

You may be saying… Duh! ๐Ÿ™‚ But seriously when you think about it, it does make sense. It all boils down to these two term, more and less.

Allow me to explain. Let’s take example 2 – How to get things done. Don’t you think that the only thing that deteriorate our productivity is procrastination and lack of system? If we can minimize procrastination and build a more systematic way of doing things, basically nothing will stop us from getting things done.

Once we know this, we must go deeper, and ask how exactly can we reduce procrastination? What other system can we apply? Unfortunately the answers to that must be researched ourself.

So, what’s the importance of knowing this?

Guess what, even in its general form, we are actually halfway from solving our problems. We already know where to start. And knowing where to start is basically a solution to every problems on earth.

Try it with other problems / questions in your life. Maybe you can try to come up with the solution for these questions

1) How to make a person likes you?
2) How to be a good man?

———– Personal Note ———–
I’m currently in Kuala Lumpur, visitting my mother and taking the mrs to her now-weekly medical checkup. She is now 8 months in her pregnancy. We had checked via ultra sound to determine the gender of our baby, but apparently the little one is quite creative in hiding that vital part of his/hers. So we are still unsure of his/her gender.

Now we had given up checking and will just wait the news once he/she is born.

But, the mrs had bought quite a lot of pink colored baby clothes ๐Ÿ™‚

Photoย Creditย :ย Fran-Cis-Ca

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  1. 09 Apr 08 9:17 am

    How to be successful? More mistakes, more results!! how ’bout dat bro? hehehe.. we learn from mistake too ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. filantera`
    09 Apr 08 9:22 am

    how about
    LESS internet while working, MORE doc to complete!:P

    but sometimes………..LESS is MORE

    LESS bugging MORE space
    LESS ignoring MORE concern

    LESS working MORE relaxing

    LESS relaxing MORE working

  3. 09 Apr 08 12:33 pm

    I truly think this is my favorite post yet. Everything that is posted in here about less and more is correct. There are some things you should do less, like eating unhealthy, and things you should do more like exercising. I must start living by these hehe.

  4. banji
    09 Apr 08 3:20 pm

    chezzy cheese – would you want to hire a person who is doing more mistake ๐Ÿ™‚ I totally agree in learning from mistakes. But to be successful, the amount of mistakes should lessen with every lesson.

    filantera – nicely done! ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course there are variety of theories we can come up. The theory of less is more is actually one that has been established in so many areas, including blogging. The idea is to post less articles but with better quality. come to think of it,

    How to be better blogger?
    Less frequent Better (more) quality

    p.s. I personally love the irony of happy life and great life

    Evan Castella – Let’s ๐Ÿ™‚ hopefully we will be more focus in solving our own problem

  5. 31 Oct 08 12:34 pm

    I liked your take here. We can write pages and pages on how to create balance in our lives, but it really does come down to two words: more and less. The words may be simple, but they’re often the challenging but effective option.

  6. banji
    31 Oct 08 4:37 pm

    Sara – The two words really are the fundamental of it all. We just need to stop trying to find another way to achieve our goals. The answers are usually right in front of our eyes

  7. 04 Nov 08 12:29 am

    Balance is great …

    Nice site +_+

  8. banji
    06 Nov 08 12:33 am

    Axel G – Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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