Summary – When self improvement blogs doesn’t have any effect on you

There are thousands of self improvement blogs (SIB) in the world. And we may have been following them religiously. I wonder though how many will actually remember what has been read about 10 minutes later. It’s a disease actually to spend time filtering information (reading) and at the end of the day, no action was done. Are you SIB immuned?

We all know the value of articles posted in these blogs, and how they are often practical and valuable tips. However, when you are immuned to SIB, nothing written actually prove valuable to you. Listed below are 4 signs to look for to avoid being one.

1) Clueless Information Addict
I admit, I am addicted to information. It is very satisfying learning new things, collecting this and that over the internet. Clueless information addict will do exactly that, but they don’t know what to do with the information. We read 20 over SIB but in the end, we remain the same, without applying what we read? I know I’m one.


  • Regularly cut down your RSS feed. Only subscribe to those you really benefit from.
  • Learn the art of text scanning.
  • Set up a plan immediately to make use of the information you have.

2) Day dreamer
“That person is living his dream, this person is the very definition of success. If only I can be like him”. These are some of the most common things a day dreamer will think about. They will read successful story from successful people and dream about becoming one. There’s nothing wrong with that except day dreamer usually forget to work on their dream.


  • Change that day dream to goals and give deadline.
  • Work out practical means to achieve that goal. Baby step is the best way.
  • Keep track and review any mistakes along the way.

3) Brain Tired
There are always new things to learn in self improvement. However there are a group of people who just refuse to take note on things highlighted. It can be very annoying sometimes when thousands of bloggers had written on ways to improve productivity and then this person just refuse to work on the suggestion and still asking for other EASIER methods without even trying them.


  • There are no other ways. The only way we can be more knowledgable at things is to learn them.
  • There’s a reason why most bloggers have search function embedded in their blogs.
  • Start somewhere, and work from there.

4) God Syndrome
Some people do believe that there’s nothing more you can teach him, that if there’s anything.. you should come to him for answer. Yes, there are experts out there. But that doesn’t mean anyone else’s point of view is rubbish. It is a wonder why they even read blog in the first place.


  • There’s nothing wrong with being humble. Your authority will not deteriorate, in fact more people will respect you.
  • The same with other thing, you can only get better if you faced a better person.

Conclusion – The reason we visit self improvement blogs is to read them and try to get something from them. Most importantly is to learn practical tips to better our life. So what’s practical about this entry? To put it simply, when we can avoid all the 4 signs, we will be more goal oriented, be better networker, and hopefully be one step ahead to a better life.

– I wonder –
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