Indiana Jones

Summary – Minimalistic Life

Have you ever watched Indiana Jones where the whole structure is collapsing and he is rushing to get out of the place through a closing door. Of course he will made it just in time.

Can you see the scenario in your mind? Now imagine this..

Your house is collapsing and you’re alone in your house. You have 30 seconds to get your stuff before the door closed. What 10 items will you take?

This is so interesting for me that I actually set the timer in my cellphone and quickly run into every room of my house and scan for what 10 items to take. Try it..

Yes, I know. I can have so much free time sometimes

One interesting thing I notice is that when I really need to choose only 10 things to save, I am actually stuck at item number 6, I just don’t know what else is important after wallet, important documents, car keys, cellphone and laptop.

How about you? Were you stuck at a number? or can you easily decide all the 10 items?

Come to think about it, we really don’t need a lot of stuff to live. If not, I don’t even need to go through every room to complete the list.

Why then.. are we so stressed everyday to buy things? When the truth is we will usually not going to use it, or even cherished it.

I once saw an episode of Oprah where they highlighted one person who live in a custom made house. The house is only few metres squared in area. That is like a house the size of your kitchen. That person then said “If I ever buy an item, whenever I walk in my house, I will have to stop and decide whether that item will be put in the house or to be discarded later.”

– I wonder –
What do you think of the idea in living with minimal items?

——— Personal Note ———
I travel quite a lot everyweek to visit my mother in KL. And being a human that I am, I always forget to bring along my toothbrush, or charger among other things. So what I did, is to prepare a backpack, and put everything I will need for my travel.

Some of the items are as follows

  • phonebook (in case my phone stolen)
  • nail clipper
  • comb
  • fresh clothes
  • an extra phone (actually my first phone)

Now, unless I forget to bring the backpack, I’m set to go anywhere anytime 🙂

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  1. 14 May 08 8:16 am

    [You have 30 seconds to get your stuff before the door closed. What 10 items will you take?]

    This is hard. I don’t think 30 seconds is enough to collect 10 items scattered all over the house, unless the 10 items are already nicely packed inside a bag.

    If I am to pre-place 10 items in a bag for events such as this, I would say:

    1. Wallet (Cash, IC, Credit Cards etc)
    2. Passport
    3. Notebook Computer

    As for 4 – 10, I dunno.

  2. 14 May 08 9:07 am

    yup, you’re right. we don’t need a lot of things, in fact many of them were bought and in the end we did not use it.
    for me, if my house’s going to collapse in 30 seconds, I’m gonna save my mp3 and laptop. that’s it.
    sometimes I see my friends bring a lot of stuffs when we go travel, and it’s tiring. really, it is, huha~

    p/s: simplicity is the best– sometimes

  3. Pocket
    14 May 08 9:43 am

    in japan they have an earthquake kit.
    can be bought at the community centre,
    which have some food. torchlight, radio AM/FM
    (U dont need MD Player ofcourse)
    blanket and a few other things.
    so… a few more thing that i wanna include inside the list of your traveling pack banji…

    kopi segera,
    maggi in a cup (Just add in hot water)
    roti mayat!! heh
    some cash

    u guys forgetting one thing… taking out your wallet doesnt means that there s cash in it …

  4. 14 May 08 10:17 am

    We are stressed to buy new fancy things simply because we let money control us, not we control money.

    Financial independence – as some might long for – is really not about having all the money in the world, but having the intelligence to spend money wisely.

  5. filantera`
    14 May 08 10:24 am

    i guess my list will be
    1. maktuk 😀
    2. wallet
    3. car keys……..

    others……….. i can buy:P

  6. banji
    15 May 08 11:21 pm

    Deimos Tel`Arin – Pre-placing the items is a great idea 🙂 We will almost always forget the most important thing during an emergency

    Azuwachan – agree.. simplicity is the best. Most of the time, people will think they will need all those thing to survive, when actually we really don’t. One thing I’m still working on is the number of clothes to bring 🙂

    Pocket – I think we can have one of those earthquake kit here. Not for earthquake but for travelling.

    And about that suggestion of extra things to be put in my travelling kit, I will definitely do that. Thanx bro

    Jenz Iggo – A good point. It is an illusion really that we control money, when the fact is money control us. We buy using credit card, and in the end we are striving just to pay off that interest applied on us

  7. banji
    15 May 08 11:30 pm

    filantera – 🙂 everything else we can buy.. Always a good way of choosing valuable from the rubbish

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