Today I wrote two entries, one about Debottlenecking Your Life and another is this. Being a blogger I have only one bottleneck – my internet connection.

I’m currently using a GPRS modem which runs at 5kB/s maximum. Most of the time I only manage a speed of 3kB/s. There’s so much I want to do but I can’t due to this.

I can’t even visit my friends’ blogs without spending 3 to 4 hours loading them. And of course I can’t be randomly surfing to discover new interesting blogs.

Watching videos or listening to podcast has never been into my to-do list. And I must say, I am very interested to venture into this Vlog and podcast.

I read in the newspaper the other day about Wimax. And how it can provide a fast wifi-like connection not only in starbuck but to anywhere in a city radius. Now that would be interesting, don’t you think?

Imagine downloading a 1-hour movie in 1.5 minutes! Can I ask, what will you do with that kind of speed?

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  1. 12 Jul 08 4:51 pm

    I think I’m going to stay in KL for a long time, with that access…hheehe..just kidding. I just hope Penang will have such a connection soon.-smile Banji-

  2. 12 Jul 08 8:08 pm

    Soleh – I will even consider migrating to Penang if it’s available there 🙂 Internet has become one of a necessity for me now

  3. 13 Jul 08 9:07 am

    why not u try the Celcom Broadband ?
    i’ve went to check the thing and its 499
    for the modem, 98 ringgit for the monthly
    How is the speed, u have to ask those
    who have tried it.
    i think its faster than 5kb/s as per mentioned
    cant back that up though… no proof hehehe:)

    but being able to download a movie in 1.5 minutes
    will definitely let me download McGyvver the whole
    series in one day 🙂

  4. 13 Jul 08 1:11 pm

    get a streamyx my friend.. lousy but better than 5kb/s… =)

  5. 13 Jul 08 2:18 pm

    i tried streamyx, its fast, but sometimes meragam2 ikut mood. hehehe. i just switched to wireless celcom broadband, modem 799 (promotion price) and bulanan bil celcom RM98. so far so good, as long as there’s 3G and gprs. if no 3G coverage, it will be quite slow. but insyaAllah, makin bnyk tempat akan ada 3G so no worries. 🙂 however in my oppinion, streamyx is still the best. lousy but better. no problems to watch youtube and such.

    banji, if i have that kind of internet speed, i definitely will change my blog into a Vlog. no need to type what’s on my mind, just say it out loud, and load it to my Vlog. (and hopefully i can improve my public speaking skills) haha.

  6. 14 Jul 08 12:40 am

    DaPocket – I was thinking about it when I first change to Digi. Due to my working nature which is in estate by the way.. I’m not expecting 3G here. So I’m hoping Digi with Edge will help.

    Always love McGyver series. One trick I remember until now is how he prepare a carpet underneath the door and push the left key the other side. The key will fall down on the carpet and voila, the door is now oper 🙂

    Mohd Ismail – Unfortunately my place is 1 km farther than its range. 🙁 So can’t subscribe to streamyx. Nice to have you here Ismail

    Wilda – copper based broadband will always be the best. Wow, you are thinking about vlogging 🙂 Cool… I think with 3G you can start doing that right?

  7. 14 Jul 08 4:49 am

    Aiyooooh…1 hour movie for 1.5minute!!! best siot…i would love to have that kinda speed…fuh…sungguh senang nak surf the net…but for sure msti mahai kan if ade…Streamyx ni tak best ar…selalu down je line…to crowded i guess…dah ramai sgt pelanggan…

    Hi bro…how are u…sorry morry bab tak selalu singgah and comment…How’s ur baby???

  8. filantera
    14 Jul 08 12:20 pm

    yuup, kalau tak tgk movie in the net is a big LOST laa kan………

  9. 14 Jul 08 5:32 pm

    first time here..
    banji.. kenapa blog banji macam surat kabo elektronik..?

  10. 14 Jul 08 11:06 pm

    fuuhh… kalo dpt aa internet 5mb/sec syok giler dpt download movie byk2.. hehe…
    tp kdg2 tuh bila mende jadi terlampau senang we tend to take it for granted, eh??
    hehe.. tp okla kan kalo ianya mengarah kepada kebaikan 🙂

  11. 14 Jul 08 11:46 pm

    aRa – harapnya tak mahal lah. kalau mahal siapa le yg mampu kan… dan harap2nya ISP berkenaan ada baca rayuan ku ini.

    The baby is now here with me. Can’t get enough of her 🙂

    Filantera – eheh with that kind of speed, I don’t think we are going to download any movie, we will just stream the movie online

    bendul – selalu nampak kat blog DaPocket 🙂 surat kabo elektronik? care to explain?

    Azuwachan – ada betul gak.. bila kita ada too much of something, we will start taking it for granted. Apa pun… how I wish to be given such speed 🙂

  12. 15 Jul 08 12:42 am

    Filantera did said that ‘not watching movie in the net is a big LOSTright’
    well i say having great speed in internet is always a CHARM in blogging

    muik!! o.O

  13. banji
    15 Jul 08 1:29 am

    DaPocket – I just get it 🙂 was wondering also why the capital letter hehe

  14. 15 Jul 08 8:42 am

    ohh sorry.. it’s about the layout, so familiar.. look similarly like some news pages in the net.. (if i’m not mistaken)

  15. banji
    15 Jul 08 11:56 pm

    Bendul – oo ok, ingat kut contentnya 🙂 Thanks for the feedback

  16. 19 Jul 08 2:36 pm

    3G?? X way!! Mmg ikut mood, tgh2 download or surfing, or chatting, tau2 ckp sendiri….

  17. banji
    19 Jul 08 3:10 pm

    AkakPokPek – huhu mesti sakit hati, bila nyembang sorg2. dan kadar sakit hati tu akan bertambah secara exponential dgn lebih lama masa nyembang hehehe

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