I just heard the news that PC Fair is going to be held next week at the usual place. For my fellow friends reading that’s not in Malaysia, PC Fair is an annual event where you can find the cheapest discounted price for all the computer accesories. I usually go there just to brush up on what’s new in the gadget world.

This time, I have another mission. I read in TheStar the other day about free trial of Wimax at the PC Fair. I want to test it out and see whether I am satisfied with that kind of connection. You should too if you’re planning to change later on

And I have so many questions to ask the representative about Wimax. I actually wrote it down in an A4 paper 🙂

One thing for sure, with this trial, I think Wimax will be launched very soon. And when it does it will be as common as GPRS connection nationwide, plus 100 times faster!

Please excuse my excitement, It’s very hard to contain when you’ve been patiently working on turtle-slow connection for years.

Anyone planning to go there too? If you see me, do say hello. I will be there on the 1st August at KLCC, most probably in the evening 🙂 See you there.

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  1. 27 Jul 08 4:59 pm

    1st of August is Friday, i’m working full time from 8.30am – 5pm, so i’m not sure whether i’m going at night or not.
    Hope to take a look on the Wimax thingy..=)
    Banji will you take the Wimax free trial ?

  2. banji
    27 Jul 08 6:21 pm

    Make Money Blogging – My off day every week is fortunately on Friday. The mill is running 24/7 so somebody will have to take the Sunday shift. I am hoping that on Friday, not many people will be there, thus can try longer hour 🙂

    Yes, I will try that wimax there. How about you? maybe on Sunday?

  3. 27 Jul 08 7:16 pm

    banji : When the PC Fair will be closed ? Friday – Sunday ? If 3 days maybe i can go on Saturday or Sunday =)
    Wimax Free Trial is allow you to bring back the Wimax device for testing right ? I still not sure yet, i will let you know if im going ^^

  4. banji
    27 Jul 08 7:46 pm

    Make Money Blogging – The event will be from 1 to 3rd of August, I always try to avoid Sunday, because that’s where the place will be jampacked with people. 🙂

    But, the last day is also the day when all the prices will be crazily slashed 🙁

  5. 27 Jul 08 8:50 pm

    dang!! if i’m seeing u there bro, i’m definitely saying hello.
    if not, i know i’ll be getting a phone call from mama…

    WiMax trial pack!! waahhh… try it out first and do tell us
    how does it goes. cause am definitely will be getting dat
    after my Lappy is on my lap.
    (which is if according to plan… somewhat about early 2010)

  6. 27 Jul 08 10:37 pm

    I read about your need for a faster Internet Connection – okay just to let you into my situation. I have just been tarsnferred outstation. My area is totally out of Telekom’s reach which means Internet broadband is impossible and Wimax is eons away from my place – which GPRS would u recommend and do we get to pay monthly or we have to pay 12 months in advanced for these GPRS packages 🙁

  7. 28 Jul 08 12:02 am

    DaPocket – I remember myself saying that exact same thing, getting a laptop by 2010, before I knew it I have a receipt for a laptop in my hand. For us bloggers, laptop has rapidly becoming a necessity, since we are always on the go and we need some access to it

    However, a plan like yours is always the better option, you must consider that new promotion this coming December 🙂

  8. 28 Jul 08 12:14 am

    Deejay – I have gone through exactly the same phase, being outstationed with no access point, and I have done quite a lot of research to decide. Allow me to share with you

    It has been long, so I’m not so sure what’s the condition now, but I recommend you using Digi or Maxis for your internet connection. Here’s why

    1) If you are located as remote as you explain, I don’t think you will be receiving any 3G connection any time soon. So Celcom is out, since they only offer 3G, HSDPA and GPRS. Most probably you will end up with GPRS. However, their connection is one of the most reliable.

    2) Maxis has all the three, GPRS, EDGE and 3G. The connection is also reliable. but the problem is due to its pricing. I’m not sure about this, but if you can afford it. I recommend this more than Digi

    3) Digi has only GPRS and EDGE, I’m using this currently and I must say that the only thing that is bugging me is its coverage. Due to their network structure at a lower frequency than Maxis (IIANM) I always get EDGE at one point, and if I move my modem by a few cm, it can change altogether to GPRS.

    You can try it by the way, just buy a Prepaid simcard, and insert it into your GPRS modem, top it up exactly RM150 and surf away. For prepaid user, you can actually use unlimited bandwidth with RM150 per month. Try the connection out for a few weeks, and if you are satisfied, go ahead signing up with postpaid which cost you RM66.

    There’s no need to pay for the whole 12months with either Prepaid or postpaid.

    Conclusion – If you can afford it, choose Maxis, if not choose Digi

    p.s. Don’t give up on this wimax just yet. It is said that by year end it will cover almost 25% of Malaysia, and furthermore, comparing with EDGE which only covers around 10km radius, Wimax, is covering at a max coverage of 50km. I’m putting my hope on this 🙂

    Hope this helps

  9. filantera
    28 Jul 08 8:45 am

    woooo we at kedah wont have that experience……so far away from technology.
    but do share the experience ya!

  10. 29 Jul 08 9:39 am

    Insyallah.. if brkesempatan.. will shout ur name loudly bro.. hehehe!
    c u there!

  11. banji
    29 Jul 08 3:12 pm

    Filantera – no worry, you can always go to Penang’s 🙂 About wimax, I’m sure SP and AS will have an accesspoint, basically you are included

    Cheezzy yanz – See you there too 🙂

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